• Protesters blame SA Zionists for violence in Israel

    “Anyone who supports Zionism or who fraternises with Zionists is a racist and is complicit in illegal activity."

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  • South African Jewry under fire

    This week, the South African government called on the Jewish community to condemn Israel and turn its back on the Jewish homeland, following a week of deadly riots at the Gaza border and high drama in the region.

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  • Animosity and extremism at Cape Town Palestinian solidarity march

    “South Africa should kick out the Israeli ambassador in Pretoria and shut down all trade with Israel. There is no place in South Africa for anyone who condones Israel’s actions. The government should investigate the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD),” shouted Tony Ehrenreich, provincial secretary of the Congress of SA Trade Unions (COSATU) at the anti-Israel protest in Cape Town on Tuesday.

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  • Is there any solid ground in this quicksand of rage?

    South African Jews can be forgiven for being confused about Israel and South Africa, both of which concern them immensely. The abiding feeling is a conflict of loyalties.

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  • ANC condemns murders of elderly Cape Town Jewish couple

    During the darkest days of apartheid, Rosalie Bloch sheltered families of detainees and apartheid activists in the lounge of her home in Mowbray, Cape Town. On Saturday, her body and that of her husband, Aubrey Jackson, were found in that same lounge, after they had been tied up and killed in what police are saying is a robbery gone wrong.

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  • How to keep your wits in a trigger-happy world

    Hate him or love him, US President Donald Trump provokes debate on just about everything, the latest being his theatrical pro-gun speech to the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Friday. South Africans listening to it should be worried about guns in their own country, which comes second only to America on gun-related homicides per capita in the world.

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Video of the Day 


Chief Rabbi reiterates his call of a year ago for Jacob Zuma to stand down in this Pesach Video, likening the SA saga of today to our flight from Egypt 3329 years ago. “With that freedom comes a voice” he says. He will be marching in Pretoria on Friday.  

    • ChiefRabbi

    Shavuot - Always Receiving

    May 17, 2018 Go comment!
    The year was 1935, and the Spanish government was making elaborate plans to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Rambam’s birth – seemingly a great honour and a proud moment for Jews everywhere.
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    • Shavuot

    Shavuot Listing

    May 17, 2018 Go comment!
    A listing of all Shavuot events around the country
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    • Torah2

    The stories behind our Sifrei Torah

    May 17, 2018 Go comment!
    A Sefer Torah is not only about the liturgy on the page; it is often also symbolic of a person, event or history that needed to be remembered. This Shavuot, we look at just some of the many special stories behind the South African Jewish community’s Sifrei Torah.
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    • wheat

    Shavuot customs around the world

    May 17, 2018 Go comment!
    Of the three “pilgrim festivals” – Pesach, Shavuot and Succot – Shavuot is the only one without any defined rituals attached. As a result, customs have developed and adapted over time, leading to a fascinating array of activities, foods and observances in marking this festival around the globe.
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