• Israeli apes draw the crowds

    There are four young Israelis living in Pretoria who have caused quite a stir – not least of all because they are housed at the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (NZG). Three of them hail from Tel Aviv, and one from Jerusalem. And, their every move is monitored as they are on constant display, with people coming from all over to see them.

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  • South African emigres deeply shaken by Pittsburgh shooting

    The Tree of Life Congregation community of Pittsburgh was participating in the worldwide Shabbos Project last Saturday when a gunman opened fire and killed 11 congregants in the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in American history. This was confirmed by a number of ex-South African Jews in Pittsburgh, including Dr Marlene Behrmann Cohen, who lives in Squirrel Hill – ‘ground zero’ of the attack.

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  • Farewell Moses, people’s journalist, and staunch defender of Israel

    The community has lost one of its real-life heroes with the sudden and tragic passing of social activist and pro-Israel lobbyist, Moses Moyo, last week.

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  • Hitler-loving activist in ANCYL leadership race may apologise

    Former student leader Mcebo Dlamini, who said “I Love Hitler” and made other inflammatory remarks three years ago, is the frontrunner in the race to find a new African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) leader.

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  • King David teen breaks international dance ceiling

    When Jordan Smith, a 17-year-old pupil at King David High School Linksfield, took up break dancing at the age of 10, it was simply for fun. He did not expect that seven years later, he would compete in the Youth Olympic Games and be ranked amongst the top 10 young break dancers in the world.

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  • Community rallies in support of abused Parktown boys

    The “house mom” of Parktown Boys High in Johannesburg has appealed to the Jewish community to be in court when the judge passes sentence against the man found guilty of sexual abuse.

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    • whatsapphero

    Voice note victimisation leads to education and apology

    Nov 08, 2018 Go comment!
    A Grade 12 pupil at King David Victory Park in Johannesburg received a horrific anti-Semitic voice note on WhatsApp this week from a Treverton College pupil. The outcome, however, has been a very swift process of reconciliation and reflection for the perpetrator and his school.
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    • Foodforthesoul

    BDS golf-day antics led to cancelling charity event

    Nov 08, 2018 Go comment!
    The Houghton Golf Club has stepped up security in the wake of cancelling a Muslim charity golf day last week that was believed to have been sabotaged by Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions South Africa (BDS SA).
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    • BA0B512C-C316-4D79-8D6A-1F94E0C50784_w1023_r1_s

    Anti-Semitism comes from right and left

    Nov 08, 2018 Go comment!
    Modern anti-Semitism, or the “Israelisation” of anti-Semitism, is a curious alliance between the “hard, regressive” left and political Islam. Karen Milner, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand, explained this to shul goers at Greenside Shul in Johannesburg last weekend.
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    • AkivaTor

    Israel to pay attention to diaspora needs

    Nov 08, 2018 Go comment!
    Israel must prioritise diaspora Jews’ needs second to its own security. This, says Akiva Tor, the head of Israel’s Bureau of World Jewish Affairs and World Religions, is most important in light of spiking anti-Semitism levels, and the global increase in political extremism.
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Shabbos Project

Video of the Day 


Chief Rabbi reiterates his call of a year ago for Jacob Zuma to stand down in this Pesach Video, likening the SA saga of today to our flight from Egypt 3329 years ago. “With that freedom comes a voice” he says. He will be marching in Pretoria on Friday.  

    • RabbiLandau

    The ultimate blessing

    Nov 08, 2018 Go comment!
    On the first night of Pesach in the Jewish year 2171, Yaakov Avinu, the studious, devoted servant of Hashem, followed his mother’s prophetic advice and tricked his father, Yitzchak, into giving him the blessings of the first born. His older brother Esav, the talented, brilliant trickster and murderer, was furious, and bent on revenge. Yaakov was forced to flee, while Esav resided in comfort.
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    • Rabbi Deren

    Pittsburgh’s Jewry needs us more than ever

    Nov 01, 2018 Go comment!
    In 1943, my great grandfather, Rabbi Sholom Posner, was sent by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Pittsburgh to secure the foundations of the fledgling yeshiva school.
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    • ParshaKievemanShemos

    Time for ourselves

    Oct 25, 2018 Go comment!
    The past few weeks have been replete with Jewish holidays. From days of awe to days of joy, we experienced mega doses of holiness, joy, and inspiration.
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    • Parshas Ki Tetze - Rabbi Yossi Goldman

    Journey to serenity starts with accepting what we cannot change

    Oct 18, 2018 Go comment!
    Every rabbi has an airport story. In fact, some rabbis tell so many incredible stories of providential encounters on airplanes, that I wonder if it is physically possible for them to have travelled on as many airplanes as they have stories!
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