BDS is up to its old tricks again

In a new blog today, online editor ANT KATZ accuses BDS’ Desai - whom he labels the “uber-spin-doctor” – of preying on the political & historical naïveté of his target audience by feeding them selective info that works for his failed playbook but “certainly won’t pass muster with the inteligencia.” Ant speaks to what he kindly refers to as BDS’ four huge “untruths” in a media release they sent out on Friday. Read why Ant makes such an emphatic claim and how he justifies it…
by ANT KATZ | Dec 22, 2013

The “uber-spin-doctor”

The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions against Israel in South Africa (BDS-SA) campaign issued a press statement late on Friday afternoon in what can only be described as trying to pick up lost ground in recruitment of membership and another poor attempt to embarrass Israel and have an impact on SA/Israel relations.

6-Ant Katz blogpic

LEFT: Ant Katz

BDS-SA has been very quiet since their “Shoot the Jew” campaign backfired on them so badly some months back and seem to have engaged an old trick of theirs - ostensibly to gain mileage while Jewish communications practitioners are unable to respond to their manipulation of the truth until after Shabbos.

BDS’ old trick of issuing selective information will only resonate on the political and historical naïveté of what it seems to have decided is its target audience. Offering selective information that works well for its failed playbook certainly won’t pass muster with the inteligencia.


Find out what BDS’ four huge ‘untruths’ are: READ ANT’S FULL BLOG




  1. 2 David Fachler 23 Dec
    Dear Ant

    I have only managed to skim through your article on BDS, and as much as I disagree with that disgusting movement one has to be fair to them on one point. Apart from publishing my opinion piece in the paper Haaretz ran a front page article publcising the contents of the letter which I found, so it was strictly speaking a news piece. The Mandela foundation are obviously embarrassed about this discovery, but there is nothing sinister or conspiratorial in it.

    Please feel free to email me for any more information
  2. 1 Gary Selikow 23 Dec
    The Nazis in germany also strated with economic boycotts of Jews. Make no mistake-the aim of BDS in genocide of every 
    Jew in Israel down to the last child
    #furtehrmore [Now, now, such generalisations are silly -ED]  is an active propagndist for the Palestinians so it is mistake to say that Hasbara should be left up to Israel only


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