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Sifrin’s view on Mideast peace, ‘makes me sick to my stomach’

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".....amidst the harsh reality of a century old conflict in a region engulfed in turmoil, with terrorist group Hamas still vowing to eliminate Israel, and Iran Russia and the US embroiled with their own interests. And with the most right-wing government in Israel's history, still building settlements."
by Choni Davidowitz, Johannesburg | Nov 02, 2017

These words written by your  columnist Geoff Sifrin, in his latest article on achieving peace in the Arab/Israeli conflict, literally make me sick to my stomach. Throughout his column he equates the unspeakable slaughter of scores of Israeli men, women and children by Arab murderers with issues such as building settlements and “cruelty” at checkpoints.

I strongly submit that before your newspaper prints any column by anybody with opinions regarding bringing peace between Arabs and Jews in Israel, the following facts be considered:

Why keep a population within your borders that dreams of your destruction? Why indulge an implacable enemy? Indeed, to do so is criminal, Throw the Arabs out. Those who oppose this normal, sane logical response, guarantee the wholesale slaughter of both Jews and Arabs.

They fail to understand the most fundamental law of political physics. Two nations, each claiming ownership, can never occupy the same space at the same time.

These ideas are not merely logical, but eminently Jewish. In other words, permitting murderous anti Semites to dwell in Israel, is not only suicidal, but halachically forbidden.

Self-restraint in the face of terrorism is not only militarily insane, but Jewishly immoral.

Finally, caving in to pressure from international states, is not only embarrassing from a nationalist perspective, but smacks of lack of faith in G-d.

I would ask Mr Sifrin and like-minded people, from which sources they base their opinion on bringing peace to the Land of Israel. My sources are from the Torah. There are laws of Shabbos and there are laws of Arabs.

If a Jew studies Tanach, midrash and halacha, he will discover G-d's opinion on how to live a national Jewish life in the Land of Israel. Any other opinion should never be tolerated in a newspaper of your excellence.

May I remind Mr Sifrin that the mitzvah of building settlements in the entire Land of Israel is a mitzvah equivalent to the entire Torah.




  1. 3 LJ 06 Nov
    So you are against a peace process then?

    Quite frankly people like you make me sick Choni, you have the absolute unbridled cheek to say that a man like Mr Sifrin makes you sick( And make no mistake it is Mr Sifrin to you. Sifrin makes it seem like your golfing buddies) Yet you would happily throw all political diplomacy out the window?

    What is your solution exactly? Kill Arabs? Thats not a solution. Well it is if you are a card carrying member of the 3rd Reich but not so much if you are a Jew and sensitive to these kinds of things like genocide. 

    There has to be dialogue or else when peaceful solutions become impossible violent revolution becomes inevitable

    May I suggest reading a few books about the subject?
    However if you choose to close your eyes and block your ears to the accumulated knowledge of the last 2000 years then I suppose morally your off the hook and thank the lord you only have to read one book. 


  2. 2 Rafi Plotkin 07 Nov
    Hi Mr Sifrin is entitled to his opinion and your attempt to silence him is a reaction of a prejudiced,narrow minded troglodyte.
  3. 1 nat cheiman 14 Nov
    of course we are against the peace process. Go and ask Hamas/ Hezbollah if they want peace. 


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