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Farewell to a giant, Maurice Ostroff
Morrie Ostroff, who passed away in Israel yesterday, was a giant in the world of advocacy. So much so, that fellow expat SA journalist David Kaplan was asked to write obituaries for Jewish Report and Jerusalem Post, and Rolene Marks for the Times of Israel. All have been published today. “Who isn’t familiar with his well-researched epistles appearing in esteemed newspapers and blogs around the globe?” asks David Kaplan.
Farewell to a giant, Maurice Ostroff, While most residents at retirement homes may feel they have, ! The sad passing of Maurice Ostroff on Monday at the age of 90 brought to an end the tenacious spirit, in their ancestral homeland. RIGHTMaurice Ostroff with his children, from left, Lesley, Danny, in deciding between another multimillion dollar F16 or Ostroff, “Our Mo” should have won hands down, ), and Judge Henry Shakenovsky. FRONT ROW: David Kaplan, Annette Milliner Giladi, Maurice Ostroff and Charles
Ostroff encourages Survé to show responsibility
Maurice Ostroff says he appreciates Dr Survé's purported guidelines, treats them as sincere until proven otherwise, and draws his attention to the manner in which they are ignored by some Independent editors. This after what Maurice feels was incorrect Nakba Day content published in the Cape Times. “I am a subject of the critical May 13, Cape Times article by Zaachira Suliman titled ‘How 750 00 (sic) people were forced into exile,” writes Maurice, “and I trust that this response will be published in compliance with the requirements of the Press Code.”é-on-irresponsible-journalism
Ostroff encourages Survé to show responsibility, It was indeed encouraging to read in the May 5, South African Jewish Report, an assurance by Dr Iqbal Survé, chairman of the group that controls The Star, Cape Times, and other publications, that editors have been given clear directives to include all points of view and to ensure they do not come across as partisan on any issues, adding: “We, of the Press Code. RIGHT: Dr Iqbal Survé is asked by SA expat in Israel, Maurice Ostroff, to walk
Ostroff’s open letter to Alon Liel, et al
Dear Alon Liel, I too, would sign your letter urging British MP’s to recognise a Palestinian state if… Read what the eloquent expat-South African Maurice Ostroff has to say and see the video of HAMAS leader Meshaal replying to CBS in July that he does not recognise Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State.
Ostroff’s open letter to Alon Liel, et al, I refer to the letter initiated by you and signed by 363 Israelis reading: "We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence, you . Maurice Ostroff is a founder member of the international Coalition of Hasbara, items by Ostroff on this website.
Maurice’s e-mail tête à tête with Haaretz’ editor
Maurice Ostroff has been having a tête à tête with Haaretz editor Ehud Ein-gil all week. Ostroff, an expat SA Zionist and prolific writer, lives in Herzliya & is a keen follower of SAJR Online’s editor Ant Katz. He thought the SA Jewish community would enjoy following this (ongoing?) web war. We agreed – SA Jewry will find some elements of each man’s arguments compelling – and Maurice’s tenaciousness fun too.ête-à-tête-with-haaretz-editor
journalism again Sent by: Maurice Ostroff, Herzliya, Israel on Monday 9 December 2013 @ 12h13 To: Ehud Ein, , senior editor, Haaretz To: Maurice Ostroff on Monday 9 December 2013 @ 18h51 Dear Mr Maurice Ostroff, Sent by: Maurice Ostroff, 10 December 19h17 To: Ehud Ein-Gil Thank you for your prompt, of censoring opinions” Sent by: Ehud Ein-Gil, senior editor, Haaretz To: Maurice Ostroff, did not – now you certainly do. “I repeat my challenge to you…” Sent by: Maurice Ostroff, 11
Await Sec Kerry's framework proposals
On 8 Nov President Obama sent an inspiring video message to the Rabin memorial rally in Tel Aviv. Now we wait for Kerry's proposals...'s-framework-proposals
Await Sec Kerry's framework proposals, MAURICE OSTROFF Writes from Israel: As we await Secretary Kerry's framework proposals it is highly relevant to recall President Obama's urging of Israel to follow in the footsteps of the late Yitzchak Rabin and that it would be a breach of faith to disregard Rabin's legacy. On November 8, 2009 President Obama sent an inspiring video message to the Rabin memorial rally in Tel Aviv. In concluding he said: "Let us all fulfil his [Rabin's] legacy
Creating peace of mind with home care
Beth Protea retirement home in Herzliya was an innovative start-up in every aspect. Now, former SA expats in Israel have come up with a new model.
9595223 or Lynn 09 9595222 or send an email to Maurice Ostroff
Let’s be worthy ambassadors for Jewry
Confronting the problem of online racism continues to be a dominating subject in the media, with many public figures and commentators adding their voices to the debate.
to light. The late Maurice Ostroff, a former community member who settled in Israel, was an outstanding
The Lancet brouhaha & scientific integrity
The Lancet, one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, and its owner both stand to lose much of their lustre if a serious controversy is not resolved very soon over publication of an objectionable unscientific open letter. Retraction will ensure their integrity by warning readers that when it is discovered that material containing unreliable or inappropriate content has been unjustifiably published and it is obvious that the Lancet's high reputation will be seriously tarnished if this offending letter is not retracted.
will publish it. The offending Gaza letter and Dr Horton’s visit to Israel By Maurice Ostroff M.Sc, -retaliation-hamas-tell-gaza-horror-return-home Maurice Ostroff is a founder member, Report Online. CLICK HERE to see 16 more items by Ostroff on this website.
Israeli current-espionage against US 'unrivalled & unseemly'
SAJR Online correspondent in Israel, MAURICE OSTROFF, blogs about a Newsweek report by Jeff Stein earlier this month on American counter-intelligence officials who told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees at the end of January that Israel's current-espionage activities in America are "unrivalled and unseemly," going far beyond the activities of other close allies, such as Germany, France, the UK and Japan.'unrivalled-unseemly'
Israeli current-espionage against US 'unrivalled & unseemly', MAURICE OSTROFF tackles JEFF STEIN of Newsweek who alleges that Israel spied on Al Gore during his visit to Jerusalem 16 years ago How does Mr Stein know this? Believe it or not, his story which would have been appropriate for April Fool’s day claims that an anonymous Secret Service agent decided to take a long, slow time, . Maurice Ostroff is an ex-South African Israeli, a regular contributor to this website and a founder
, Dean, thanks. The astute MAURICE OSTROFF set out to prove that the media had misled the UN Sec

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