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    • Rabbi Mendel Epstein HOME

    Divorce rabbi gets 10 years

    Dec 16, 2015 Go comment!
    FBI says the rabbi boasted about using a cattle prod, other tools to pressure recalcitrant husbands to grant gets to agunot, without which they can't remarry
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    • Deisi IsRaction HOME

    Watch Olga’s US TV interview from Monday

    Dec 02, 2015 Go comment!
    US Jewry clamouring to host Olga Meshoe… Again! So impressed was US Jewry when Deisi International COO Olga Meshoe, a fervent Christian Zionist, went on a fundraising tour there earlier this year, that now she has been invited to return next May. And some of the biggest US Jewish organisations are now clamouring for her time to talk on American campuses. This past Monday evening, US national Jewish Broadcasting Services broadcast an interview of Olga by Shahar Azani taped during her May trip. Check it out…
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    • ORT UK Natie HOME

    Philanthropist Kirsh honoured by ORT UK

    Nov 30, 2015 Go comment!
    The wold’s 435th-wealthiest person, Natie Kirsh, was honoured by ORT UK earlier this month for his philanthropic and charitable work. Interestingly, both ORT and Kirsh received Jewish Report Achievers awards in 2013.
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    • School bomb HOME

    Jewish primary school evacuated by bomb squad

    Nov 22, 2015 Go comment!
    A Jewish primary school and house were evacuated after a suspicious package was found there last Friday (pictured at left). Pupils and staff and neighbours were sent home early and the police detonated a “suspicious package” - a suitcase - in a controlled explosion after cordoning off the street at the back of Gateshead Jewish Primary School in England.
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    • France-19-HOME

    Bibi meets French ambassador at conference

    Nov 19, 2015 1 Comment
    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu met French Ambassador Patrick Maisonnave (PIC: -Marine Crouzet/ French Embassy) yesterday (Wed) ahead of the J-Post Diplomatic Conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel which both were scheduled to attend, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, and said: "In Jerusalem today we stand with the people of Paris. The people of Israel stand with the people of France. Ambassador, this is not a figurative stance, it's not just lip service.” Read what else Netanyahu said and more on the attacks…
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    • Paris4

    Paris’ 350 000 Jews put their lives on hold

    Nov 16, 2015 Go comment!
    Nobody knows how many, if any, Jewish residents of, and/or visitors to Paris, were among the over 500 killed or seriously wounded in the tragic events of the past weekend. But one thing is for certain: After the events and post-Shabbat, French Jewry and the State of Israel rose to the occasion. And Jews around the world were probably the single-most group of people who could share with Parisians the immensity of their empathy.
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    • JNS

    India strengthens alliance with Israel

    Oct 21, 2015 2 Comments
    In the first-ever official visit by an Indian head of state to Israel, President Pranab Mukherjee arrived in Jerusalem this week to discuss a wide range of issues including the negotiation of an extensive free-trade agreement, bilateral co-operation in agricultural and other technologies, and expanded counter-terrorism co-ordination.
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    • Steven Gruzd

    M-East: My enemy’s enemy is my friend

    Oct 21, 2015 Go comment!
    At the end of September, Russian warplanes began aerial bombing raids in Syria, adding to the already complex dynamics of the Syrian civil war, which has raged unabated since 2011. What prompted this intervention? What does it say about Russia’s place in the world? And what does this mean for Israel?
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    • comp Ian Craig

    Forget knives, let’s have more car-rammings

    Oct 19, 2015 1 Comment
    Disappointed in the ‘failure’ of stabbings, Hamas asks West Bankers to drop their knives and instead commit car-rammings to ensure higher Jewish casualties.
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    • Pew Survey

    US Jewry's strong call to action on Pew

    Oct 14, 2015 Go comment!
    A whopping 60 per cent of US Jews who have married since 2000, chose non-Jewish spouses. This was just one of many shocking statistics that emerged in the biggest survey of US Jewry to date, contacted by the highly respected Pew Research Centre in 2013. The study caused an enormous mind-set shift among US religious and communal leadership. Now, on the second anniversary of the publication of the study, the US Jewish leadership has published an extensive assessment of what has to be done to try to reverse the current trends.
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    • 2a-David Saks stats

    ‘Truth’ belongs to those who shout loudest

    Oct 14, 2015 2 Comments
    Time will tell as to whether Britain’s Labour Party, following its unexpectedly heavy defeat in the May elections, has committed electoral suicide by choosing the dogmatic, old-school ultra-leftist Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader.
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    • SAJR question-mark

    SA’s foreign policy described as ‘bizarre’

    Oct 07, 2015 1 Comment
    US academic flummoxed by how we do politics in SA and J Peter Pham of the Atlantic Council Africa Centre in Washington DC, couldn't resist writing a blog on the website ahead of this week's upcoming ANC NGC – Read on to find out what about that NGC discussion document confounds US academia and read the (reasonably Israel-friendly) document for yourself, and don't miss: BAPELA GETS THE AXE AHEAD OF ANC'S NGC, also on this website.
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    • mulder-dr-pieter

    Mulder: only first-hand perspective can aid Mideast solution

    Sep 26, 2015 1 Comment
    Freedom Front Plus leader Dr Pieter Mulder, who recently visited Israel and the Palestinian territories as part of a fact-finding mission - consisting of leaders of opposition parties in the South African government - highlighted the complexity of the Middle East issue in an even-handed opinion piece early this week in the Afrikaans daily, Beeld.
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    • Angela

    Can the US trust Europe on Iran?

    Aug 14, 2015 Go comment!
    Among his rationales for opposing the nuclear deal with Iran, US Senator Charles Schumer said that he did not trust the three European Union partners to punish Iran should it violate the terms of the accord that offers the Islamic Republic sanctions relief in exchange for scaling back its nuclear activities.
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    • Obama

    Iran: Shouts of 'dual loyalty' and 'dog whistles'

    Aug 12, 2015 Go comment!
    RON KAMPEAS IN WASHINGTON writes that "The dredging up of the dual loyalty charge - that lawmakers who reject the Iran nuclear agreement and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is lobbying against it, are more closely aligned with Israel than the United States - illustrates just how tense the debate over the deal has become." Read this well-informed op-ed on the issue...
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    • Madiba UJW

    SA contingent was felt at NGF

    Jul 22, 2015 Go comment!
    History is neither always just nor kind. Among the great Jewish leaders of the 20th century, the name of Dr Nahum Goldmann should loom large alongside greats like Ben-Gurion, Brandeis and Wiesel. Yet his name means precious little to most Jews today.A remarkable visionary & extraordinary leader, it is fitting that the one Jewish space that carries his name is the International Nahum Goldmann Fellowship (NGF) - the flagship programme of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (which he founded).
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    • Madiba misquote HOME

    What Madiba actually said & what he meant

    Jul 22, 2015 3 Comments
    The speech by President Nelson Mandela that is at the centre of so much misquotation and out-of-context usage, that the BDS-driven narrative has become the conventional wisdom on the matter. The speech was, in fact, delivered on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in Pretoria on 4 December 1997. Jewish Report has elected to publish the speech, complete and verbatim, so that the incredible affinity of Madiba towards the entire Middle East is remembered and quoted accurately.
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    • JTA

    US/Iran: What happens if deal is in place

    Jul 08, 2015 Go comment!
    Years before it is deemed a success or a failure, a nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers could unleash far-reaching changes in the region.
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    • Clegg Johnni

    (Sir) Mick Davis to be knighted by QEII

    Jun 17, 2015 3 Comments
    South-African-born Sir Michael Lawrence "Mick" Davis has been honoured for his work on the Holocaust Commission in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 2015. Davis has both British and South African citizenship. Also see a link to our story on other SA and world Jewish leaders who made the Queen's list. Johnni Clegg was another of those who were honoured. Davis, who has been called the most influential Jew in the UK, was in SA recently, sporting his new slim, trim and stylish appearance which surprised many of his 'homies'
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    • Napolitano Janet UC

    Being anti-Israel can be anti-Semitic: US

    Jun 12, 2015 Go comment!
    Monday was the fifth anniversary of the US State Dept coming up with its own definition of anti-Semitism as it felt Europe’s was too parev. Last week, the US pro-Israel definition was provisionally adopted on the University of California’s 10 campuses, with a community of 400,000. This move is set to cause a major setback for BDS which may even be banned on the campuses. Anti-Semitism watchdog, Amcha, says there is a direct correlation between BDS activity and anti-Semitism on US campuses.
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