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Ant Katz is currently the editor of this website. He has spent almost his entire working career in community media at every level. Born and bred and educated in Joburg (an Old Davidian Linksfield), Ant ‘emigrated’ to the Eastern Cape in the early 80s where he started a number of community titles between PE & Plett & became involved in the Struggle by training & employing families of emigrant cadres & sharing information he obtained by virtue of his position back offshore through the same channels. In ’92 Ant sold his stable of titles to Times Media for whom he then worked in various capacities and as directors of various companies. In 2003 he branched out into the world of digital community media consulting and 2009 he built and launched  (SEE MORE BELOW).

Talk about putting your foot in the pigsty…

by Ant Katz | Nov 12, 2014

Piggy, piggy, what palookas.

Pah… looo…kas!!

Being the online editor of this website, I couldn’t bring myself to run this travesty as a news story. Firstly, because none of our users, here or overseas (32.5 percent are from outside SA), of any religion or education level, anywhere in the world, would actually believe it to be true. And, secondly, because I would far rather blog about it so I can be subjective and call people idiots and imbeciles without having to apply the normal constraints of professional journalism.

Last week on Monday, the palookas that call themselves the provincial executive committee (PEC) of the Western Cape branch of the SA Congress of Students (COCAS) had held a PEC meeting and then issued a media statement.

This is fair dinkum.

Wherever I have used inverted commas it is a verbatim quote, where add bold italic type, it is an idiotic one at that.

The media release starts as follows:

“Following PEC sat this weekend.” (sic!) “We covered many issues…” essentially, Matric, Zionism and political contestation.

Due to media frenzy(sic!), much “misrepresentation and attention seeking from the paranoid racist board of White Jewish Deputies” we found it necessary to elaborately (sic!) address the ‘Stop the Pigheaded (sic!) Woolworths’ and the ‘boycott Woolworthless campaign’.” (sic!) “In light of this we decided to dedicate much of this statement to the Palestinian solidarity campaign, to avoid further misrepresentation of our views.”

Well, excuse me. What colour of people would the palookas like to see sitting on a Litvak Jewish Board?

From here on in, I will only cover our future leaders’ references to Palestinian solidarity Jews and pigs' heads because, unlike these palookas, I don’t comment on issues I am not well-versed on.

They seem to hold those who are against the Palestinian solidarity movement as being responsible for spreading “Baseless rumors (sic!) of suspension (sic!) of Western Cape COSAS Chairperson”.

“The program of Palestinian solidarity was a provincial program and no one can be suspended for this. We have received no correspondence from NEC (sic!) of COSAS and therefore dismiss claims and media comments of a suspension as unlawful, unprocedural, baseless and not communicated to Western Cape. We are a militant radical organization (sic!) and we therefore do not grandstand in the media, the culprits who have made these claims should step forward and identify themselves.

"We will not allow factional, Zionist, conservative and counter revolutionary individuals to intimidate our radical chairperson Cde Siphakamise Ngxowa. We are an organization (sic!) not some shabeen, if organizational (sic!) procedures are not followed then these attempts have no legal bearing. We are well aware of the national COSAS politics at play surrounding comrade Cde Siphakamise Ngxowa and will not allow people to be suppressed because of factionalism or Zionism.

"Cde Siphakamise is a front runner (sic!) in the race to be president of COSAS and we know that there are some NEC members, led by the current president of COSAS, who are hell bent (sic!) and (sic!) stifling democracy in COSAS through bogus and baseless suspensions. We support cde (sic!) Siphakamise to be emerge (sic!) as president of the COSAS and will no (sic!) allow factional interference in matter of discipline (sic!).”

So far, so good… sort of

South Africa’s future leadership then go on to tell us who they would like to see in various Western Cape and National leadership positions. Okay. So far, so good, again.

Then, their “Palestine solidarity” rant begins in earnest. Please note that I have chosen to leave in capitals what the students wrote in capitals. Whether they wanted to make points strongly or forgot to switch of the cap-lock or were so deep in hate and fervour that they noticed not, I cannot say.



Oh boo-bloody-hoo! Shame, the boykies and girlkies are upset. What are they saying here? Are the future leaders of SA retailers suggesting Woolies should have taken out full page adverts and TV spots? Do they have any idea how much they sound like spoiled children who get given an emphatic no in the supermarket because they want the whole display of sweets?

Now for the best part. They say what they had expected after they had hidden the pigs’ heads and nothing appeared in the media... such naiveté from the kids!

“Media coverage:

“We are very disappointed in how the media have failed to give balanced coverage of the militant and radical actions of COSAS Western Cape in our campaign against the PIGS at Woolworths

“The media has not covered our statements but seem fixated on pictures and short catchy headlines instead of focusing on the Pig-headed Woolworths management, who continue to arrogantly defy the clear call of South African consumers for Woolworths to cut all ties with the Apartheid state of Israel.”

Well, excuse me, students, but Woolies seem to be surviving very well, thank you. What “clear call”? A few paid activists and their rent-a-crowds do not represent any sort of “clear call” to this writer.

Back to what COSAS has to whinge about…

“The complete failure by media to hold Woolworths accountable for its shocking and relentless racist support of Israeli Apartheid and murder of Palestinian children is glaring in many sections of the media. Media must not pretend the murders in Gaza did not happen.”

Does that nonsense even deserve my time? Surely not, back to their next rant...


“Pigs heads and some resources needed for this campaign have come from Jewish people” …whom we refuse to name but we love them anyway for the donations...

“The gathering of racist white people and armed white militia or ‘security of a special kind’ was organized (sic!) by the DA and their Israeli funders.” …what?! How did the DA get drawn into this?

“The illegal and unpermitted public gathering, which aimed to portray Jewish people as victims… is a mockery to South African black people.” …please tell me what ‘illegal and unpermitted public gathering’ you may be talking about? Those by #BoycottWoolies?

“The Jewish people in South Africa were with us in the struggle against Aparthied, but this racist DA group called the Jewish Board of Deputies never once through Apartheid issued a single statement to support our black people.” …what again?! How did ‘this racist DA group’ get drawn into this again?

“We love Jewish people, we love Christian people, we love Quaker people, we love Buddhist people and we even love people who do not believe in God - but we do not love racist and oppressive people.” …what, not the Muslims?


“We recognize the good image that the ANC as the ruling party has to maintain through distancing itself from our important campaign; we are not hurt or insulted by the ANC or ANC DSG cde (sic!) Jessie Duarte who is our leader. We love Cde Jessie and we know that she has never compromised in her support for the plight Palestinian people or working class South Africans.


“We see the ANC provincial secretary Cde Songezo Mjongile statement (sic!) as a malicious and factional statement. How can a former COSAS leader who threw petrol bombs at progressive white people, lecture us? He must stop seeking relevance in his factional ambitions through commenting on us and focus rather on why he stopped the thousands of jobs that Seskhona was negotiating from materializing (sic!).

“In light of the Mangaung conference outcomes Songezo continues to lick his wounds and trying (sic!) to appear as disciplined member of the ANC.”

And Cosas accuses Songezo of factionalisation!


The PEC resolved and reaffirmed that the program (sic!) was and is a program (sic!) of the COSAS Western Cape and reject any attempts to confuse the public into thinking that it is an individual’s campaign. We will continue fearlessly (sic!) to role (sic!) out this important conference (sic!). We will soon hold a press conference specifically to address this.”

Issued by COSAS Western Cape PEC chairman Siphakamise Ngxowa and PEC member Siphelo Makeleni.

As is now well known, just a few days later the same COSAS PEC withdrew its hide-the-pig’s-head campaign (while reserving the right to restart it whenever they want to). Their elders told them to stop promoting themselves and rather promote the cause.



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