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    • Paula

    Benjamin Netanyahu re-elected as voters swing to the right

    Apr 18, 2019 Go comment!
    As expected, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has named incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the best person to put together the next Israeli government.
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    • Beresheets-selfie-with-Earth-from-space_SpaceIL-1

    Jews out in space

    Apr 18, 2019 Go comment!
    “We’re Jews out in space, zooming along protecting the Hebrew race.” This was sung by a bunch of tallit-wearing Jews depicted at the end of Mel Brookes’ 1981 comic classic, History of the World Part 1. Flying a magen david (star of david) shaped spacecraft, the Jews dance a hora each time they destroy an enemy spacecraft while singing, “When goyim attack us, we give them a smack and slap them right back in the face.”
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    • victory

    King Bibi here to stay

    Apr 11, 2019 Go comment!
    “This is an unimaginable achievement,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told exuberant supporters in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
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    • JTAElectionDay

    Israeli election day dishes up some hard choices

    Apr 11, 2019 Go comment!
    (JTA) Even by Israeli standards, the country’s latest general elections have been exceptionally dirty, rife with personal attacks between candidates, and fake news.
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    • Paula

    Israelis watch the rising star of Gantz

    Feb 07, 2019 Go comment!
    There’s a popular weekly satirical show in Israel called Eretz Nehederet. In a recent episode, an actor playing Benny Gantz, the former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and newcomer to Israeli politics, is asked how he’s feeling.
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    • page 2

    Israel among top five most innovative countries on the globe

    Jan 24, 2019 Go comment!
    Israel – commonly dubbed the “Start-up Nation” – has jumped to fifth place in the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index, skipping five places since last year. It is officially the fifth most innovative country in the world, according to Bloomberg, an international business news network that calls itself “the central nerve system of global finance”.
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    • Paula

    Israeli elections down to two men

    Jan 17, 2019 Go comment!
    Israeli elections are still three months away, which is a lifetime in Israel. So much can happen between now and then that when election day arrives on 9 April, much of what is written here could be obsolete.
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    • gaza war2

    Israel story based on a fake narrative

    Dec 06, 2018 Go comment!
    The Israel story is “malfunctioning or getting warped in translation”, says Canadian-born Israeli Matti Friedman, who is a senior journalist and author based in Jerusalem.
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    • Rockets, mortars, retaliation, repeat – welcome to the Gaza belt

    Rockets, mortars, retaliation, repeat – welcome to the Gaza belt

    Nov 19, 2018 Go comment!
    Fifteen hours. That’s all it took for Hamas to shoot 460 rockets and mortars at southern Israel.
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    • FreemansNeighboursHouse

    Former deputy Israeli ambassador to SA drawn into Gaza rocket anguish

    Nov 15, 2018 Go comment!
    On Monday evening, the skirmish raging between Israel and Hamas became very real for former Deputy Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Michael Freeman, and his wife, Sigalit. They learned that the home of Sigalit’s mother had been hit by rocket fire, and neither of them was in a position to do anything.
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    • Ilanit1_b

    Ex-South Africans under fire near Gaza border

    Nov 15, 2018 Go comment!
    South African olah, Nava Uner, has lived through two previous Gaza attacks, but this past week was undoubtedly the worst.
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    • Innovations2

    Taking you through some of Israel’s firsts

    Apr 19, 2018 Go comment!
    1952 High-school dropout Stef Wertheimer sets up a small metal shop and tool-making company in the backyard of his home in Nahariya. His company, ISCAR, is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of carbide industrial cutting tools used by carmakers like Ford and General Motors, employing 6 000 people in branches in 50 countries.
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    • KibbutzDegania

    Why kibbutzim are thriving again

    Apr 19, 2018 1 Comment
    If there was ever a quintessential symbol of the Jewish State’s founding pioneers, it is the kibbutz – a phenomenon found only in Israel, and as intrinsic to the fabric of society as the Israeli flag.
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    • JTAnetanyahuKotel2 2

    Bibi defends controversial Kotel decision

    Jun 29, 2017 1 Comment
    Netanyahu says he didn’t betray anyone by effectively cancelling a historic agreement to provide a non-Orthodox space at the Kotel, Judaism’s holiest prayer site, and caving to the interests of his Haredi Orthodox coalition partners.
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    • Facebook swollows Whattsapp

    Israel’s ‘Facebook bill’ could hamper free speech

    Mar 09, 2017 2 Comments
    Israel’s Knesset last week passed the first reading of the Criminally Offensive Content from the Internet bill - dubbed the “Facebook bill”.
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    • Lenk - SABC HOME

    Lenk: Jerusalem will always be Israeli capital

    Feb 01, 2017 1 Comment
    Ambassador Lenk appeared on the popular SABC News morning show, Newsroom, yesterday (Tuesday January 31) and discussed Israel's relationship with the US, the controversy over Donald Trump wanting to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city, and the need for the Holy Land’s Palestinian neighbours to reject terror and return to direct peace talks. Watch the full 12-minute interview and hear Ambassador Lenk’s frank and honest responses – and his open and relaxed demeanour.
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    • Swazi PM HOME

    Swazi, Israeli PMs meet on expanding relations

    Jan 10, 2017 1 Comment
    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu last month hosted his counterpart from the Kingdom of Swaziland Dr. Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini in Jerusalem. The Swazi PM was visiting Israel accompanied by Agriculture Minister Moses Vilakati and the two two leaders discussed expanding their bilateral cooperation in the fields of water, education, agriculture, health and security. Netanyahu said: "We have a solid friendship and a desire to cooperate even more. This is part of 'Israel's return to Africa'. Read what else was said...
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    • Drone4 HOME

    Israel's 'flying car’ one step closer to delivery

    Jan 08, 2017 1 Comment
    From science fiction to reality, an Israeli tech firm is optimistic it will finally get its 1,500 kg passenger carrying drone on the market by 2020.
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    • Telfed Logo HOME

    SA lauded by Knesset on Israel's first Yom Aliyah

    Dec 23, 2016 2 Comments
    Last month Israel marked its first official Aliyah Day, celebrating immigration to the country and the contributions of immigrants to its society. Among observances of the day were celebrations in the Knesset, a programme at the president’s residence, as well as in schools, the army and the police force, as required by law.
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    • JTATobinTrump

    Mayor sees bright future for Jerusalem in Trump era

    Dec 13, 2016 Go comment!
    It's been nearly 50 years since Israel captured eastern Jerusalem, including the Old City, from Jordan in the 1967 Six Day War. For the past eight years, Nir Barkat has been this city's mayor.
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