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Pretoria girl with 7 distinctions off to Israel

  • Tshego
Maragon Private School in Pretoria’s top matric pupil, Tshego Masemola (Pictured), has her sights set on travelling to Israel to do a gap-year of volunteering on a kibbutz. She achieved seven distintions in the 2016 IEB matric exams. “I will be volunteering in Israel in 2017. They call it kibbutzism, where you stay in this socialist living space where one day they may say wash the dishes, and the other day they say you should go work in the factory,” said Masemola. SEE VIDEO of why she chose to go to Israel…
by ANT KATZ | Jan 01, 2017

ABOVE: Tshego Masemola tells why she is looking forward to a year on a kibbutz

The world is her oyster – having just achieved a whopping seven distinctions for her matric, Tshego Masemola could study anything she wants, anywhere in SA. But Tshego wasn’t sure what she wanted to study just yet. She knew she wanted to volunteer at something, to do something useful - and had even applied to teach English in Thailand, but the organisation she applied to said that they don't send black people to the area because of cultural differences.

Tshego1So, when an organisation gave her a flyer at her posh private school in Pretoria, offering a selection of gap-year programmes, she couldn’t resist attending. Masemola made the decision then to volunteer in Israel.

“I really didn’t know what I wanted to do after school and the road show came to the school that spoke about gap-years and Israel looked to be the most interesting,” she said.

RIGHT: Sharp student - Tshego Masemola is on her way to Israel

“Israel seemed like a nice place to gain experience,” she told the media.

In answer to a question, Tshego admitted that she was concerned after last week’s resolution by the United Nations condemning the building of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land as illegal.  

“I saw (US President-elect Donald) Trump talking on the television this morning and I am afraid that they (the organisation she is volunteering for in Israel) can just phone and tell me that I can’t come any longer,” she said. But that did not deter this obviously driven young lady.

It never deterred me from going to Israel, says Masemola.

The future inspires her. “I can’t just blindly walk towards it... I need to actively work on the future I want to have,” she said. (News24 wire)


  1. 4 yitzchak 05 Jan
    Hamba Khahle !
    Look at how Israel can improve SA agriculture.!
  2. 3 Jill 06 Jan
    Well done Tshego!  May you have a lovely and interesting time in Israel  -  its the best place in the world!
  3. 2 diane Barkas 07 Jan
    Sadly the United Nations have never been more than a bunch of Latrine shifters.
  4. 1 Russell Fig 31 Aug
    Way to go baby keep up the good work. You coud be a bridge between the Jewish Community and your black brouthers and sisters who are misled by one side to the Middle East Conflict


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