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    • golan

    Talk of giving back the Golan is a thing of the past

    Apr 20, 2016 1 Comment
    During the five-plus years of Syria’s civil war, Israel has striven to stay neutral - supporting neither the government of President Bashar al-Assad nor the rebels, and certainly not the Islamic State. But on one issue, senior Israeli politicians have gladly taken sides: Israel keeping the Golan Heights.
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    • Berland 16 HOME

    Berland to fight an uphill battle for bail

    Apr 20, 2016 1 Comment
    BREAKING NEWS: In a dramatic pre-emptive strike in the Pretoria High Court this morning, Berland is claiming he was wrongfully arrested, Israel plans an illegal rendition and that his activities are actually based in Palestine! He is asking the High Court to rule that his arrest was illegal and that it should be overturned. Watch this space.
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    • Rabbi Eliezer Berland - HOME

    Rabbi Eliezer Berland under arrest in hospital

    Apr 13, 2016 Go comment!
    The 78-year-old rabbi Eliezer Berland, who was arrested by the Hawks and Interpol in Sunninghill north of Johannesburg last week Thursday, is being held in an undisclosed Pretoria hospital under heavy police guard after having complained that he was not feeling well. He is scheduled to appear in the Randburg Magistrates Court this Thursday in connection with an Interpol warrant for his extradition to Israel to answer to sexual charges there.
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    • Israel cyber hack

    Anonymous’ ‘Hack Israel Day’ could hit world

    Apr 07, 2016 1 Comment
    Israel was expecting to be hit by a massive cyber offensive today. But unlike other attacks (APTs, criminal campaigns, etc.) to hit the nation, this one has been announced in advance. It’s Anonymous’ fourth annual OPIsrael attack, which has been taking place on April 7 every year since 2013. All of the Holy Land’ security agencies have been bracing themselves for the potential cyberattacks today (Thursday). Tomorrow will tell…
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    • Israeli fighters

    Israel scrambles jets after EgyptAir hijacking

    Mar 29, 2016 1 Comment
    Israel’s Air Force scrambled jets as a precaution after the hijacking of an EgyptAir plane traveling from Alexandria to Cairo this morning. The crisis is over.
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    • 9c-Arthur Lenk

    Israel not isolated, Lenk tells Christian Zionists

    Mar 29, 2016 4 Comments
    Israel’s ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk (pictured), told the SA Friends of Israel (SAFI) advocacy conference earlier this month that he had hosted Israel’s immediate past President Shimon Peres in February. The 90-year-old career diplomat and politician, Peres, had come to speak to South African Jewry.
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    • Soweto HOME1

    Time for new Israel-SA relationship, urges Gold

    Mar 16, 2016 1 Comment
    EXCLUSIVE: JR accompanied Dr Dore Gold to the Mandela House Museum in Soweto last Friday. Pictured here is tour guide Ilan Ossendtrywer showing Dr Gold, left, and fellow-diplomat Shimon Shapira pictures he (Ilan) had taken on Mandela’s release from prison – as well as what is believed to be the last picture ever taken of him in public. Pic: ANT KATZ
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    • BDS Bug Out

    Read the reality behind BDS' smug front

    Mar 10, 2016 1 Comment
    An embattled BDS – which had supposedly solicited news website The Daily Vox to ensure daily coverage of their Israel Apartheid Week events around the country, found themselves on the whipping edge of an editorial on the site today after they were asked to respond to two posts on the site by supposed supporters Prof Steven Friedman and Minhaj Jeenah. A clearly panicked series of social responses by BDS management, filled with profanity of the worst kind, resulted.
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    • Peres

    Shimon Peres to speak in Johannesburg

    Feb 17, 2016 4 Comments
    Israel’s most senior living statesman, Shimon Peres, immediate past-president, twice former prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize laureate will be in Johannesburg for one night only, to deliver what could well be a never-to-be-repeated appearance and deliver a speech for the IUA/UCF.
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    • 2-Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

    Rabbi Mirvis has a winner with his ‘Ma’ayan’ course

    Feb 17, 2016 Go comment!
    With all the arguments for women to participate more fully in halachic religious practices, Commonwealth Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has launched a groundbreaking qualification for Jewish women, the “Ma’ayan” course, according to the Times of Israel.
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    • ST Berland 16 HOME

    Did mistake lead to unintended death threat

    Jan 31, 2016 Go comment!
    It was all a mistake, says spokesman for the Shuvu Banim Breslov sect at their yeshiva which is a stone’s throw from the Kotel in Jerusalem. “Yossi” - members only go by their first names - told Jewish Report online that “it was never once written on the website anything on the matter in the name of Rabbi Berland,” he said. Yossi reiterated that Rav Berland never even knew of the content of his blog or website and that accusing him of making “a death threat to Goldstein is an outright lie and it is a blood libel.” The content on the blog has been changed, he says.
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    • Musli Shai

    SA sets alleged Israeli Mobster free on bail

    Jan 29, 2016 Go comment!
    THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED: This week report that suspected Israeli mob boss Shai Musli, who appeared in court on January 18 and released on bail HAS BEEN UPDATED. Israeli TV Channel 10 quoted “sources” and SAPS spokesmen have not responded to Jewish Report Online’s enquiries - but it appears clear that he is free on bail and will be in court again on 1 March for his extradition to Israel hearing. He is wanted there on alleged charges of “assassinations, illegal possession of weapons, racketeering, arson and robbery.”
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    • Deisi IsRaction HOME

    Did SA set alleged Israeli Mobster free on bail

    Jan 27, 2016 Go comment!
    This week Israel’s Channel 10 News reported that suspected Israeli mob boss Shai Musli, who was scheduled to appear in court on January 18 and didn’t, was released on $10,000 bail. The TV channel merely quoted “sources” and SAPS spokesmen have not responded to Jewish Report Online’s enquiries - but it appears that there was, indeed, no hearing on the scheduled date. Channel 10 said that a gang member had agreed to turn state witness in Israel on the alleged charges of “assassinations, illegal possession of weapons, racketeering, arson and robbery”.
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    • Bev texting

    Safe texting while driving: it’s possible

    Jan 14, 2016 Go comment!
    Bev Goldman writes on Israeli innovation with South African applications and marketability – read about an amazing new hands free system.
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    • Rabbi Eliezer Berland HOME2

    Breslov Rev Berland now SA citizen - says son

    Jan 07, 2016 Go comment!
    In what he touted as a “victory over the Israeli legal authorities”, Rabbi Berland’s son, Nachum, announced on Monday that the Shuvu Banim Breslov sect’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Eliezer Berland (pictured), had been issued South African citizenship and “no longer needs to run”. Nachum had been in SA on Sunday to share his father’s 79th birthday – and brought some of Rabbi Berland’s grandchildren with him.
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    • 16 India home

    Egypt has ambassador in Israel once again

    Jan 05, 2016 Go comment!
    A new Egyptian ambassador has taken up his post in Israel, after three years in which there was no senior diplomat leading the embassy (although it had remained open). This was seen as being in reciprocation for Israel reopening its Cairo embassy in September 2015 since closing it in 2011 after it was trashed by demonstrators.
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    • 16-Terror attackHOME

    7 victims in Tel Aviv terror shooting - video

    Jan 01, 2016 Go comment!
    BREAKING NEWS! At least two dead and seven seriously wounded in a suspected terror shooting in Tel Aviv. The shooter fled on foot after a Friday afternoon attack on a pub near popular Dizengoff Centre Mall. The area was full of people enjoying what is a weekend afternoon in Israel. Witnesses reported 10 shots fired from an automatic weapon. A manhunt was launched to find the gunman (picture of IDF soldiers searching). Unconfirmed reports say the shooter was assisted by an unidentified woman.
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    • ISIS leader HOME

    al-Baghdadi: We haven’t forgotten the Jews

    Dec 28, 2015 1 Comment
    ISIS leader threatens Israel and Jews: “Allah has gathered so that the Muslims may kill you,” he says in a taped message released Saturday. The voice has been confirmed as his, say news reports.
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    • top2015 ISRAEL

    US rabbis join Bibi, Livni in slamming radical Jews

    Dec 28, 2015 4 Comments
    US rabbis add their “outrage” to those of Israeli society, politicians & security organisations in slamming release of video taken at a wedding attended by associates of Jewish terror suspects. The revellers at the hareidi wedding wave knives, guns and a picture of one of those burned in the Duma attack that left 3 dead in July. The remaining member of the family is still in hospital recovering from burn wounds. SEE THE 20-second VIDEO & catch up on the horrific story. See why we included this in our Top-Reads of the Year.
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    • Chrismas - patriarch HOME

    'Bethlehem suffocating!' - West Bank mayor

    Dec 25, 2015 1 Comment
    Christian faithful from around the world usually descend on the biblical city of Bethlehem for Christmas Eve celebrations at the traditional birthplace of Jesus. But, while all the normal festivities were there, the people were not. Hotel occupancies dropped as low as 40%. The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, pictured arriving at the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank City of Bethlehem, Thursday. But the town’s mayor, Vera Baboun, says “The tragedy is that … Bethlehem is suffocating!”
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