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    • 5774-Mantashe Gwede

    Zuma, Mantashe send mixed messages on Israel

    Sep 27, 2014 Go comment!
    The schizophrenic relationship between SA & Israel was again highlighted last week after President Zuma & a senior government delegation met the Board & Fed & gave them his assurance that SA’s policy remained unchanged. 3 days later ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe made it clear much had. SA has joined the call for cultural, academic & education boycotts, banned travel for all members of government & officials, won’t do business with Capegate, G4Security & Caterpillar, boycott OT goods & develop comprehensive solidarity during a UN Month of Solidarity with Palestine.
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    • 5774-WSJ HOME

    Chinese seek 'tech investments' in Israel

    Sep 26, 2014 1 Comment
    Moves come amid frenzy of fundraising in Israeli entrepreneurs (up 81% year-on-year) lured by a drumbeat of stock market listings and acquisitions among Israeli tech start-ups. In the first half of 2014, 335 Israeli hi-tech companies raised a record $1,6-bil in capital, according to estimates by consultancy IVC Industry Analytics and KMPG.
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    • Intel Israel

    Intel makes Israel's biggest ever investment

    Sep 22, 2014 Go comment!
    Israel’s ministries of economy & finance on Monday approved $6 bil investment project & $300 mil grant for Intel to upgrade Kiryat Gat plant with world’s most advanced technology for microelectronic component production. The grant to Intel Corp was authorised today (Monday September 22) by the ministry of economy’s investment centre and will be spread over five years and generate employment for thousands of people in the coming years.
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    • Rivlin HOME

    World needs new rules for new warfare

    Sep 22, 2014 Go comment!
    Israeli President Reuven Rivlin tells foreign diplomats ahead of Rosh Hashanah that wars used to take place between countries, but today a new form of warfare, waged between countries & terrorists. As country governed by Rule of Law & recognising International Law, Israel believes the international legal system now needs to provide a comprehensive and relevant judicial response to these new wars. “The international Laws of War can no longer ignore this new situation that is so very different from traditional warfare,” he said.
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    • Breslev - related reads HOME

    Hear the true story 'from the horse’s mouth'

    Sep 17, 2014 Go comment!
    *Yossi from the Shuvu **Bonim Yeshiva of Rabbi Eliezer Berland had a 12-minute long talk with the rabbi’s Israeli lawyer, Sharon Nahari in English after the court case in Holland last Friday. It has been made available exclusively to SA Jewish Report and gives a fascinating insight into the case – all the more so because the more media reports one reads, the more differing stories one comes across.
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    • Berland free.png

    "They have nothing!" says Rabbi Berland

    Sep 15, 2014 2 Comments
    "I'm done with Israel – It is the State of Hamas not of the Jews" said Shuvu Bonim leader R. Berland after being released on Friday. Israeli police were requesting the Rabbi’s extradition but were unable to show an Israeli arrest warrant existed. A prominent Israeli lawyer was sent to Amsterdam by the Shuvu Bonim and he recruited two local lawyers. After his release, Rav Berland had a lot to say to the media, including: “(Dutch) Police said all the complaints about me are 'Bubba Maisas', there is nothing there.” Read what else he had to say and all the latest updates.
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    • Telfed logo HOME

    Lone soldiers find family in strangers

    Sep 03, 2014 Go comment!
    A project that was initiated by Telfed – the association of expat South African Israelis - and Mega stores during Operation Protective Edge saw 1,000 soldiers assisted in tough times,
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    • Israel Economy - HOME

    Shekeled & bound by 12% appreciation in currency

    Sep 01, 2014 1 Comment
    Judging by the actions of the Bank of Israel, Israel’s central bank, the economy is in worrying shape. The bank’s Monetary Committee, at its monthly meeting on August 25, cut its main interest rate in half, from 0,5 per cent to 0,25 per cent - the lowest on record.
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    • 702 - Robbie

    17 Palestinian wounded flown to Turkey Wed

    Aug 13, 2014 Go comment!
    Seventeen Palestinian wounded taken to Turkey for medical treatment today in a collaborative mercy effort by The International Red Cross, Magen David Adom, The Turkish Red Crescent and the Palestinian Red Crescent to assist in getting wounded Gazans to Turkish hospitals for further treatment.
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    • Breslev - related reads HOME

    Israel calls on SA for R. Berland’s arrest & return

    Aug 13, 2014 5 Comments
    After being bounced from the SAPS’ pillar to the Hawks’ post earlier this week, SAJR was able to establish that the Hawks are, officially, “working with the Israeli Government.” R. Berland, says Hawks spokesman Captain Paul Ramaloko, “is a wanted person in Israel. An international warrant of arrest has been issued against him, and his name has been red flagged,” he confirmed. A police task force had attempted to arrest the head of the Shubu Banim Breslov sect, during a wedding ceremony on Sunday. The Hawks, however, got the decoy and not Berland...
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    • MDA volunteer driver1

    “Generosity of SAJR users amazing” says MDA chair Hyman

    Jul 30, 2014 Go comment!
    Z’l Barkai Ishar Shor (pictured), an MDA volunteer driver who died when his ambulance took a direct hit from a rocket yesterday on his way to a call-out, was a qualified surgeon. He is one of the 5 civilian and 48 military victims of the Gaza offensive. SAJR users have donated over R40k through the MDS-SA/SAJR CLICK-ATHON campaign. With a single click, users can donate as little as R18. Read the latest on what’s happening in Israel and how you can help,
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    • Woolies logo

    Woolies rubbish rumours of going Gaza on Israel

    Jul 29, 2014 186 Comments
    Forget the bumph that was spread like a virtual virus on Jewish social media today. Woolworths have come out loudly and proudly apolitical, as always, and have moved to stifle mischievous rumours that they are planning to stop carrying Israeli products. It’s all nonsense, Woolies told SAJR Online today – and they have even posted it on their corporate website to allay any concerns that the community may have. Read the real story. Click the link to their website. Read all about it…
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    • UNRWA - HOME

    Gaza school hit: Was it an Israeli shell?

    Jul 25, 2014 1 Comment
    Worldwide condemnation after rocket lands on UN school last night. Hamas may have been behind the attack, says Israel
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    • Feldman Ben

    "I am definitely gaining more than I am giving"

    Jul 23, 2014 Go comment!
    Volunteering for MDA during Operation Protective Edge – Ben Feldman, a 19-year-old South African lad, tells of his experience. And, with another 3 Israeli soldiers reported dead today and countless injured, with civilians traumatised and injured and the normal day-to-day activity of MDA taking place amidst it all – Ben really is in the thick of it. But when one reads his story, one feels the resilience that makes SA Jewry so very special indeed. This is a great read…
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    • Rabbi Eliezer Berland - HOME

    R. Berland: "Bibi quit, you're not doing anything"

    Jul 23, 2014 9 Comments
    EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi-on-the-run Eliezer Berland is in the headlines again after calling on Bibi to quit. The following day, say his followers, the PM went into Gaza. Read Rabbi Berland’s Prayer for Israel – published for the first time today. Hear him speak on a radio podcast. Listen to why his followers believe he can bring peace to all – and how they believe he is already doing it. What are his immediate plans? Read why he is about to fulfil the mitzvah of Vayivrach Ya’akov…
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    • Dispatches - Rolene HOME

    Dispatches from the Israeli front – Monday pm

    Jul 22, 2014 Go comment!
    "How does one describe a day like (Saturday)? News of the loss of 18 soldiers left us all reeling in grief. We know we will pay a heavy price with casualties in a ground offensive but every soul is precious to us. As a WIZO family, we have lost two of our sons. Gilad Yaakovi, z"l, and Bar Rahav z"l. Gilad was the cousin of our treasurer, Galit and Bar was a graduate of our WIZO Nahalal school. Every Israeli feels these losses personally and our grief is palpable."
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    • mda-interview-yehuda-skolnick-pic-3

    MDA races to emergencies without delaying for details

    Jul 21, 2014 Go comment!
    “Magen David Adom is second only to the IDF for the safety of Israelis,” says Professor Yehuda Skornick, who heads MDA’s international relations department. In this role, he acts as the public face of MDA to the world. He is also Israel’s appointed member and ambassador to the International Committee of the Red Cross. The Jewish Report spoke to him by phone on Monday at the headquarters of the MDA in Israel.
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    • MDA - Logo1

    '13 Israeli soldiers have died today'

    Jul 20, 2014 Go comment!
    At 17:33 Israel time, Magen David Adom (MDA) - the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross or in Muslim countries the Red Crescent - put out the following announcement: “Magen David Adom informs with great sadness that 13 Israeli soldiers have died today. MDA teams took part in their evacuation. Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet.” MDA needs our help, read what you can do…
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    • Anti Israel demo on Mandela Day

    Anti-Israel demo in Joburg attracts 5 000 on Mandela Day

    Jul 18, 2014 7 Comments
    In response to Israel's military incursion into Gaza, an anti-Israel demonstration on Friday in Sandton opposite the Israeli Embassy Trade Office accused Israel of genocide and called for expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and the recall of South Africa's ambassador in Tel Aviv. Protesters called for termination of all trade relations with "apartheid" Israel until it ends its strikes in Gaza and stops oppressing the Palestinians.
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    • MDA at Gaza Crossing - HOME

    MDA’s heroes from the horse’s mouth

    Jul 17, 2014 Go comment!
    Read the emotional report by URI SHAHAM, the bureau chief (and himself a paramedic) of MDA's Director General the Paramedic who was touring the area near the scene of the first Israeli fatality at Erez Crossing. Shamam tells of trying to save the life of the civilian casualty after the young man was critically injured delivering food to the soldiers. MDA REALLY NEEDS SA JEWRY’s HELP – read what you can do…
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