PA embassy’s condolences to family & country

He taught the world the true meaning of a hero. His teachings of bravery and compassion will live on, particularly in the hearts of the Palestinian people.
by Tamer Al-Massri | Dec 08, 2013

Statement Issued by the Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Republic of South Africa to convey its sincere condolences for the passing of the great leader, Nelson Mandela.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to South Africa sends its sincere condolences to the Mandela family and the South African people and leadership on the passing of the great leader and son of Africa, Nelson Mandela.

His teachings of bravery and compassion will live on, particularly in the hearts of the Palestinian people.

Nelson Mandela was a great leader who stood out for his courage and determination to free his people from the injustice legislated upon them during the harsh Apartheid-era with wisdom and care for humanity. He taught the world the true meaning of a hero.

The Palestinian leadership, led by Mahmoud Abbas, is grieved by the loss of the inspirational leader Nelson Mandela and has declared a day of mourning in Palestine. This is signified by the Palestinian leadership’s order for all flags of the State of Palestine to be lowered to half-mast.

As President Mahmoud Abbas mentioned, the Palestinian people are mourning the loss of the great international leader. Mandela’s life and teachings stood and will continue to stand as a hope for the Palestinian people and whose approach to injustice stands as a model to Palestine.

Nelson Mandela was a man with high values and principles who not only fought the injustice of his own people but also the injustice subjugated on those worldwide, particularly on the Palestinian people. Mandela played a pivotal role in the Palestinian struggle for freedom. In his famous quote, Mandela said: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

He was one of the bravest and most important men in the world who supported the Palestinian people in their right to self-determination. His efforts and compassion for the Palestinian cause will be forever appreciated.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in South Africa is sure that the seed of solidarity with the Palestinian people planted by Nelson Mandela will grow on through South Africa at large. The Embassy of Palestine would also like to thank South Africa for its strong position in favour of Palestine and for honouring the Palestinian people with the support from its greatest leader.

The loss of Nelson Mandela reminds Palestinians of the loss of the great Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Both leaders fearlessly defied domination and intimidation from their respective oppressors and selflessly put their lives in stake to defend their people. They were exceptionally brave men whose efforts will not be forgotten.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine once again conveys its heartfelt condolences to the Mandela family, the brave leadership of South Africa, the ANC, the South African people and to the world at large for this painful loss. May Almighty God help ease your and our mourning and may the legacy of Nelson Mandela live on forever.

Tamer Al-Massri, media officer


  1. 7 Annon 08 Dec

    Where on earth is the state of Palestine?

    It seems Mr. Mandela would have been a supporter of such a 'state' by the wording of its embassy.


  2. 6 Joshua Grigst 08 Dec
    Are u the same Annon right-wing zealot who I just ansered elsewhere o0n the site? If there is no Palestinian State there is no State of Israel either - u dum(XXX - moderated -ED)! The same UN act of 1947 that created the State of Israel also created a Palastinian state. You cant have one without the other - as the song goes. I am a Zionist. Through abd through. But that doesn't make me an idiot!
  3. 5 Annon 08 Dec

    This Palestinian state; Where are its borders? Who are it's leaders? What is their currency? Has it got an army? Is it a member of the U.N.? I repeat! Where on earth is a Palestinian state? As for An Israeli state, one has just to look up a book called the Bible. (Num .34,1-15).

  4. 4 Gary Selikow 08 Dec
    Why is SAJR carrying press staements from an enemy entity that has not even recognized Israel's right to exist and supports terror and incitment against the Israeli people
  5. 3 ANT KATZ 09 Dec
    The SAJR has a policy of allowing users to engage in debates from all sides except those who propose the destruction of Israel or Jewish souls. The PA is not Hamas. There is a huge distinction. Israel’s government sees the PA as a potential partner. To the best of my knowledge the PA has recognised Israel’s right to exist.   –SAJR Online editor.

  6. 2 Annon 09 Dec

    Your knowledge of the P.A. is wrong Mr. Editor.

    Their charter does propose the destruction of the Jewish state, and the murder of over 2000 Jewish souls since Oslo has been  sign of their success. So Mr Selikow is 100% correct, and you are 100% wrong. The P.A. is an enemy. Arafat, it's leader, has killed more Jews since Hitler.

    The fact that (foolish) Israeli governments negotiate with the P.A. does not alter the above facts.

  7. 1 Gary Selikow 09 Dec
    They dont recognize Israel's righ to exist as a Jewish State. On PA TV and in schools they decribe Palestine as including 'Jaffa, Lot, Safed and Haifa' And they demand the so called 'Right of Return' to flood 5 million Palestinians into pre-1967 Israel , thus ending Israel's existence and causing a second holocaust.
    They demand the so called 'Right of Return' is conceded before they even talk to Israel


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