Two-Gun Cohen & so much more

Ever heard of Two-Gun Cohen? This iBook on the history of Jews & the impact of Jews on history will fascinate all
by ANT KATZ | Dec 19, 2013

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Introducing Jewish Treats’ brand new eBook, 99 Fascinating Jewish Personalities, available now on Amazon, iTunes and at other popular eBook downloading sites! (For a list of download sites, see below.)

99 Jewish personalitiesHave you ever heard of Two-Gun Cohen? Did you know that the artist Man Ray was Jewish? And what happened to Elisha ben Abuya that the other Talmudic sages began to refer to him as “Acher,” which means “Other”?

Jewish Treats: 99 Fascinating Jewish Personalities is an enlightening and enjoyable anthology of mini-essays about Jews from all walks of life. From the familiar figures of the Bible to little-known war heroes and even modern day novelists, these biographies have been culled from the popular Jewish Treats blog that presents “Juicy bits of Judaism, daily.”

There have been books written on the history of the Jews and the impact of Jews on history, and even the impact of history on the Jews…but Jewish Treats: 99 Fascinating Jewish Personalities is a simple collection of essays on interesting Jews, some who changed the course of the world, some who gained renown only in their own time and a few who might have been forgotten if not for others’ love of trivia.

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  1. 1 John Bernstein 20 Dec
    Morris Abraham Cohen, (Two Gun Cohen) was my great uncle. He was my granny Rose Bernstein younger brother. We lived in Salisbury (Harare) and he first visited his sister there in 1927. He visited us often over the years both there and in South Africa. On a visit to Manchester in 1968, I visited him there. He was still able to relate all those wonderful adventures to me. I have lots of pics and anecdotes about him.
    John Bernstein. 


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