Today’s top picks of Zionist reads from Bev

Bev Goldman posted the pick of the holiday reading on Zionism today as Shabbos and/or holiday reading for JR Online readers. Choose what looks good and print it out – or read online.
by ANT KATZ | Dec 20, 2013

To keep Jewish Report readers current, Bev scans dozens of op-ed pieces in SA and the world media on Zionism so that she can offer us her weekly pick of the best and most interesting, challenging and positive Zionist reading. Bev is also deeply involved in Zionist education.

Today’s top picks from Bev:


  • The unique tragedy of the Palestinian refugees
  • Too much politics and not enough policy
  • “Saudi Arabia will go it alone”, says diplomat
  • Listening to the Palestinians
  • The changing of the tide in the Syrian civil war
  • It’s about the settlements, stupid
  • Boycott of Israeli academic institutions is bigotry personified
  • Forced exodus: Christians in the Middle East

 Bev chooses a broad variety of topics from a wide array of media and writers of all persuasions – her only agenda, giving us choice (see above)! For those who are not au fait with this website, you will find Bev’s latest offerings, posted TODAY, Her recommended reading earlier this week can be found by clicking HERE.

 If, on the other hand, you want to know more about Bev and see other weekly columns of hers, you could go to BEV’S HOMEPAGE, on this website which, of course, is an offshoot of our general BLOGGERS’ & COLUMNISTS’ page.

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