Rhodes University: Not a Home for All

“One of the reasons I wanted to tell the story in my own words was because I wanted to make clear that Rhodes is not an institution full of scoundrels,” Larissa Klazinga (pictured) told the SA Jewish Report Online. “There are a lot of very good people there who stood by me. Someone like Susan (Smailes), who is an attorney, and many others,” she said.
by LARISSA KLAZINGA | Jan 01, 2014

A Progressive Zionist’s Two-Year Odyssey

This not an easy story to write: it’s difficult to pin-point the ‘beginning’ and the end’s a fairly sad one. I suppose the long and the short of it is this: Zionists can’t work at Rhodes University and they probably won’t much like studying there either.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rhodes, allow me to sketch the landscape. The demographic make-up of Rhodes is unlike WITS or UCT. Rhodes has very few Jewish students and even fewer Jewish staff members; factor in the number of those that openly identify as Zionists and you are down to single digits.

Now to introduce myself: while I’m certain we all agree that labels are for boxes not people, for the purposes of this story, permit me to use broad strokes: I’m a hearing impaired Jewish lesbian vegetarian with a bi-racial Xhosa fiancé (nobody panic - she’s converting).

No, I didn’t just make that up. As you can imagine, I have come up against my fair share of discrimination but I do not exaggerate when I confess that until I came face-to-face with what can only be described as anti-Zionism I never really understood bigotry.

My Bombshell

Time for the bombshell as I emerge from the proverbial leftist closet… I’m a Zionist. Okay, that was a poorly kept secret and not much of a shock to anyone that knows me. I’ve been a Zionist for as long as I can remember. I didn’t ever think that it was a controversial position, in fact, much like being “Proudly South African” it seemed like a no-brainer. I’ve had discussions with progressive friends who disagreed with me but the vitriol directed at me over the past two years has come as a shock.


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I am also an old Rhodian and I used to be a proud one. After a brief stint in Gauteng working as a professional activist I returned to Rhodes where I worked for more than a decade conceptualising and organising a myriad of transformation initiatives highlighting gender-based violence, xenophobia, racism and other human rights abuses. I became the go-to person for anyone wanting to organise an awareness-raising event and ironically, I also functioned as the university harassment officer, charged with assisting students facing discrimination and harassment and putting in place measures to counter-act the problem.



Now that I’ve set the scene, let me try to describe the events which saw me walk away from my alma mater and my career at the end of November 2013. It all started in early 2012 when a new ‘awareness-raising’ event reared its head at Rhodes: Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). It was organised by a group of students and staff members ostensibly under the banner of the Faculty of Humanities, with evening film screenings, ’discussions’ and lunchtime seminars hosted in the Politics Department. It was clear that these events were being directed by Boycott Divest Sanctions (BDS).

IAW was underwritten by Rhodes

From the outset two things were evident: first, this event was actively underwritten by the university and second, this was not a debate, this was a diatribe, the organisers would brook no dissent. Within days of the publicity material going out I had two separate incidents of Jewish students arriving at my office in tears after ugly name-calling exchanges with some of the IAW organisers as they attempted to defend Israel.

RhodesLEFT: Rhodes not welcoming to Jewish students

Both students were very upset by the unbalanced nature of IAW. They asked me to try to help present a more balanced view and proposed parallel events under the banner “Balance the Debate”. One of those students, Benjamin Katz contacted SAUJS national and asked for assistance. With their help they printed posters and T-shirts and organised a few events to highlight Jewish history, talk about anti-Semitism and attempt to address some of the misinformation being disseminated by BDS and IAW.

I agreed to help them get the word out about their events and because I realised how much pressure they were under, I agreed to attend with them when I could, and in an effort to constructively engage Ben and his small contingent of student Zionists committed to attending IAW events: their intention was to have the IAW organisers give them an opportunity to state their case and to try to ask the kinds of questions that would open up genuine dialogue. They also suggested to some of the IAW organisers that they host a joint event to encourage debate. These attempts were rebuffed at every turn.

I felt sympathy for courageous Jewish students

As the week of IAW dawned I felt tremendous sympathy for these courageous Jewish students, a tiny minority at Rhodes who confessed to feeling victimised because of their support for Israel but were determined to speak out nonetheless. As one of only a handful of Jewish staff members and the only one who has ever expressed solidarity with Israel publicly I felt compelled to support them. I believed that it was my duty not only as a staff member tasked with supporting students against harassment but also as a person of conscience and a Jew to stand up for what I believe in and to support others who do the same.
Klazinga flies Israeli Flag
RIGHT: Keeping the Israeli flag flying after IAW 2012

With that in mind and after speaking to the Jewish students, I printed an A4 colour page featuring the Israeli flag and the words “wherever I stand I stand with Israel” and placed it on my office door. I did not anticipate that this would raise an eyebrow since I had put up a supportive poster  during the ‘Save Zimbabwe Now’ campaign three years earlier which had not elicited any comment. I realised that I couldn’t actively arrange events in opposition to what was happening because I did not have the support of my line manager to do so, so I reverted to indirect methods of support such as the poster on my office door. I also decided to wear pro-Israel clothing to work, reasoning that I could go about my daily activities while still supporting the Jewish students who were taking more direct action.

I thought, based on previous political positions taken, that my actions were not controversial. I could not have been more wrong. I returned the next day to find the page removed and shoved under my door with a note written on the back by Roger Adams, the Deputy Dean of Students asking me to discuss the matter with him immediately.

I arrived at his office wearing an IDF shirt and was instructed to remove it and not wear any ‘military or pro-Israel’ clothing to work. I was told that using my office to further a political position was inappropriate and I was instructed not to make any public statements in support of Israel.

I asked if that injunction applied to all staff and if it related to activities taking place after hours. I was informed that since I lived and worked on campus, I was never in fact off duty and thus never entitled to voice my opinion on this issue. I asked why other staff members could pin their colours to the mast about Israel but I was silenced and he said they were academic staff, entitled to academic freedom of expression but as admin staff I was not.

Dissent would be construed as insubordination

I felt threatened and censored and when I asked what made this issue different from any other I was given no clear answer. I was in fact given the very clear message that to dissent on this issue would bring the office into disrepute and would be construed as insubordination. I argued as long as I could bear and then left the office shell-shocked.

Anyone that knows me will confirm that I am a stubborn person, so in order to honour my commitment to Ben and the others I took the next day off work, reasoning that this would ensure that I would not be seen to be acting in an official capacity. I attended a ‘discussion’ hosted in the Politics department seminar room led by John Rose (BDS activist and visiting lecturer in the Politics Dept.) and Prof Robert van Niekerk. I sat at the back and wore non-partisan clothing. I confess that for fear of being charged with insubordination I did not speak at all during the meeting. Despite my silence, the following morning I received an email from a Rhodes staff member I’d never met questioning my support of Israel.

And so it began.

The atmosphere on Rhodes campus during IAW 2012 was so vitriolic that it left no room to explore common ground. I spent the week being insulted, harassed and variously described as a racist, in favour of ethnic cleansing, a misandrist, an apartheid apologist and my favourite 'the pied piper of misandry on campus', which, while inaccurate and defamatory (and frankly I still fail to see how that relates to Israel), was certainly creative.

Rhodes tranquilRIGHT: Rhodes is not the serene place this picture depicts

That initial anti-Israel email began a nine month battle to get Rhodes to take action against what emerged later to be a BDS-sanctioned witch-hunt involving senior academics and extending to the head of BDS National. This larger connection became apparent a few weeks after IAW 2012 when I discovered a series of emails between IAW organisers, BDS National activists and Rhodes staff members encouraging each other to gather “evidence in any medium: written, verbal, video… to collect data and people's personal experiences” against me because I was a danger to their agenda.

I mistakenly believed that this matter would be taken seriously so I had meetings with the Director of HR, the staff Harassment Officer and the Dean of Students, Dr Vivian de Klerk, who was the head of my division. During these meetings I was able to confirm that Rhodes has a strong anti-Harassment policy and no policy on staff political activity, leaving me confident that I had every right to speak out in support of Israel. After months of requests and finally with the help of my Union Representative I was able to secure a conviction against the author of the original anti-Israel email in October 2012. To date no action has been taken to address the BDS witch-hunt.

Instructed to act against Israel

IAW 2013 was more of the same, with the Dean of Students Office offering to sponsor IAW events at the invitation of Roger Adams. I was instructed to change the banner (the image at the top of a webpage) of the Rhodes student web portal to an IAW one and a concert organised by the Music department showcasing Israeli pianist Yossi Reshef was picketed.

Realising that it was impossible to attempt a head-to-head confrontation my splendid partner Charlene Donald aided by Christian Zionists put up a series of posters around campus downloaded from a pro-Israel website called ‘stand with us’. These posters unleashed allegations of racism and resulted in angry phone calls from the SRC offices to Charlene, official complaints to the Dean of Students office and an almost gleeful ‘investigation’ into supposed wrong-doing which ended in a Fairness Forum hearing and a decision that the posters were protected by freedom of speech.

I sought the help of the SAJBD and the Zionist Federation early on and with the support of key people such as Leon Reich and Chuck Volpe I was able to raise enough awareness about the problem at Rhodes that a fact-finding visit was planned to coincide with Yom HaShoah. Upon hearing about the impending visit from the SAJBD I was warned by Vivian de Klerk that my participation in the meeting was ill-advised.

Actions to shut me up or forcing me out

One can only conclude that these actions, beginning with Roger Adams’s official rebuke in March 2012 and ending with the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr Mabizela’s statement to the Mail & Guardian in relation to the pro-Israel posters, that “the role and purpose of the Fairness Forum will be reviewed in due course and that action over a student [Charlene] who apparently put the posters up [in support of Israel], and the fact that a staff member [me] was also allegedly involved, shall follow due process", were aimed at shutting me up or forcing me out.

Rhodes - poster blurred HOMEFor months I was silenced, harassed, and threatened with discipline. By June, when none of that was able to wring a resignation out of me, "due process" was followed and I was served with a CHARGE SHEET consisting of 18 separate counts, mostly related to Zionism, some referencing my sexual orientation, and a number that were simply fabricated. These charges were drafted by the University lawyer after a series of consultations with both Roger Adams and Vivian de Klerk. They cited the authority of the Vice Chancellor for convening a hearing and they were signed by the Director of HR.

I was shocked by the scale of the onslaught and the overt mention of my sexual orientation and Zionism in the charges but I was not unprepared. Thanks to the incredible support I received from Jewish community I did not walk into the hearing unrepresented, as de Klerk and co. had hoped. Enter Michael Bagraim and Adv. Izak Smuts SC. Without going into detail, let’s just say that things swung in my favour with remarkable speed after they entered the fray.

Disciplinary hearing aborted

So, what has changed in the ensuing months? To be honest, a hell of a lot! The disciplinary hearing was aborted and at the behest of the University I entered into a confidential settlement agreement. I’m happy with the settlement and don’t intend to breach it, so that is all I can say about that saga. Yay! A happy ending!

Not so fast.

If you had asked me in 2011 if I would have believed that Zionism would be the issue that defined my career at Rhodes I would have laughed disbelievingly. Even more surprising, according to some of my colleagues, this one issue has become the single most contested element of my character. I have been subject to bullying and harassment on a scale I’ve never experienced before. Throughout I did my best to fight for my rights to freedom of speech, belief, association, and religion. I have fought to maintain my health and I have struggled to come to terms with betrayals of loyalty and trust from people I used to admire.

Klazinga - Michael BagraimRIGHT: Michael 'Bags' Bagraim is one of SA's most respected labour lawyers & the immediate past-President of the SAJBD

I used to believe that discourse was possible in an academic setting and that once people started talking they’d see that Zionism and the belief in a Palestinian state could co-exist and in fact support each other. I was wrong. I now know that there can be no dialogue, no understanding, no coexistence when there is fundamental intolerance based on double-standards and bigotry.

I say ‘double-standards’ and 'bigotry' because these same ‘progressive human rights activists’ are rabid in their anti-Israel rallying but completely silent about China’s occupation of Tibet, accepting Chinese state funding of a Rhodes language institute without a peep. They have not organised weeks decrying Turkey’s security wall, Iran’s Islamic state or even marching in support of democracy and an end to human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, our neighbouring country. They only seem to object to Israel, leading me to conclude that their ethics are not universal, the objections limited to the only Jewish state in the world. That makes it old-fashioned, all-too-familiar bigotry. Full stop.

My alma mater now a totalitarian institution

This realisation was particularly hard for me because I was a true believer in the ideal of “academic freedom”. I honestly thought that Rhodes was an institution that created spaces for all kinds of positions to be explored, for people to grow and change, and where ideas were valued. It is a difficult thing to admit to being naïve, but I was. Turns out my alma mater has become a totalitarian institution where colleagues are encouraged to spy on each other, gather evidence and work behind closed doors to get rid of people. It is a university where the Deputy Dean of Students can look me in the eye and tell me that since I’m not an academic I’m not entitled to academic freedom… without flinching or showing any signs that he might be uncomfortable saying it.

Rhodes IAW 2013aI was raised under Apartheid, yet I never really understood what totalitarianism felt like until I was told that I was not allowed to speak, even in private, about a political belief. At Rhodes. In 2012.

The REALLY disappointing thing is that despite a settlement which sent me packing and the Vice Chancellor’s assurance way back in June that an investigation would be instituted to determine how an unconstitutional charge sheet was drafted on a Rhodes letterhead, as far as I’ve been able to confirm very little has happened; no-one has been brought to book; no heads have rolled. Vivian de Klerk remains at the helm in charge of student well-being, though rumour has it she’s taking early retirement next June (coincidence?); Roger Adams leaves with an unblemished reputation headed to UCT to carry on his good work and worse still, two courses filled with one-sided anti-Israel propaganda will continue to feature in the Rhodes curriculum.

The sad truth is that on Friday 29 November I handed in my keys and I walked out of my office for the last time. I packed up my home, removed the mezuzah from the door and walked away from a residence I helped found 11 years ago. It felt like giving up. It felt like I let the bigots win… oh no, a really bad ending… that sucks! But wait, there’s still more!

This story would be incomplete if I failed to mention that ‘Rhodes’ isn’t monolithic. Yes, there are anti-Israel, homophobic bigots in abundance, but there are also some truly amazing people there.

I had the unwavering support of wardening colleagues in Lilian Ngoyi; of senior academics who reminded me never to cave to bullies when I was at my lowest ebb, and of many other current and retired staff members who didn’t know or didn’t care much about Zionism but who offered kind words and encouragement.

I was lucky to have the friendship of the Director of Special Projects in the Vice Chancellor's office who acted consistently with integrity and kindness.

Unashamed Zionists swim against the tide

I also had the solidarity of several academics in the Commerce faculty and of Christian Zionists like the Radloff family who as unashamed Zionists swimming against the academically popular tide, offered gentle reassurances and were brave enough to break rank and take a stand for Israel.

I was inspired by the small band of Jewish students who put body and soul on the line to defend Israel, some at great cost. Rhodes really is where leaders learn, and as a community we ignore that at our peril.

Rhodes LeonLEFT: Leon Reich, a past Mayor of Grahamstown and Rhodes Council member ensured that Larissa's plight was heard by communal leadership when nobody else would

Lastly, this story would be sorely lacking if I didn’t thank the Jewish community, especially, Leon Reich and Jonathan Silke from the Zionist Federation, Gwynne Robins and David Jacobson from the SAJBD, Michael Bagraim and his splendid colleague Izak who were there when I needed them even though I could never afford them, and finally the indomitable Wendy Jacobson and the infinitely wise and generous Chuck Volpe, without whom I would not have survived these two miserable years.

So, what have I learned?

Freedom always comes at a cost and it takes chutzpah to understand that and pay the price. It also takes good friends and the love of a good woman. I head into 2014 unemployed, homeless and endlessly hopeful, reassured that there are still things worth fighting for and people willing to stand with me, and Israel. Am Yisrael Chai!



  1. 30 Victor Gordon 03 Jan
    Madam, you are an inspiration and unique example to all who stand for justice, sensibiliy and the upholding of the principles of democracy. While some of us might be aware of the depth and seriousness of these on-campus activities, few have experienced the sort of face-to-face exposure that you have had to endure. Your fortitude in the face of such adversity in the interests of what you believe and cherish sets the benchmark of what should be expected from all of us who claim to have Israel's interests at heart. We are indeed blessed to have someone of your obvious courage and integrity within our ranks.
    Bless you.
  2. 29 Stan Horwitz 03 Jan
    It is indeed with great sadness that I read this and other related articles. As an ex Rhodes scholar I am particularly distributed that this bastion of freedom of expression during my under- grad days there has changed so "radically".

    During the height of the struggle against Apartheid in the 80's, Rhodes spearheaded freedom of speech and many demonstrations, stayaways etc were organised by the likes of the UDF, NUSAS,BSM and which were supported in the main by SAUJS and many of us as a student body. There were about 200 Jews on cam[us in those days and we had Hillel House as a home on Friday nights after the shull service.

    Many Jewish students protested against the Apartheid "system" of repression and were a 'voice" often being tear- gassed by the cops and having dogs released onto us on campus at Drosty Arch where cops lined the street on the border of our campus. 

    Meetings were held behind closed doors as cops raided the main halls to break up such "freedom of speech" and illegal gatherings.

    In 2013 it is very hard to believe that WHATEVER your view is on Israel, left - centrist or right wing that such prejudice against any alternative views exist.

    I am so sad for what has happened to you and commend you for again showing that Jews will ALWAYS stand up - even when in a minority!!!! Well done to you. Bags is a star as always.

  3. 28 Sipho Radebe 04 Jan
    I feel no sympathy for you and there will no longer be tolerance for the support of the Apartheid state of Israel is a cowardly pariah state and shall be treated as such. Good bye.
    Rhodes Student
  4. 27 Nelly Croft 04 Jan
    Being a Rhodes alumni, I feel that at Rhodes people are way more open minded and accepting than at other universities in South Africa. I feel these statements are over-exagerated and much information has been left out making this article very biased. Rhodes is being put in a very bad light in this article, unnecessarily. 
  5. 26 Ant Katz 04 Jan

    This is authored by and the opinion of a single person. For the full story,
    To read SAJR Online's full investigative story. Drs Badat & De Klerk & Mr Adams
    were all offered an oppotrtunity to comment on, or rebut, claims made.

    Ant Katz, online editor - [email protected]

  6. 25 Jeff Bloch 04 Jan
    Sipho - do you have any idea of the reality of the Israeli Palestinian situation? You sound either misinformed or gullible - which is it?
  7. 24 Alex September 05 Jan
    Courageous artcile but factually incorrect, starting with the first paragraph. Althought, now you kinda know what a Muslim feels like on a daily basis. Sucks doesn't it?
  8. 23 Anon 05 Jan

    Jeff, You will never convince the anti- Israel/Zionist faction of the reality of the Arab Israeli conflict. They will remain steadfast in their hatred of Israel no matter what. That is their 'mission'. Far better if you try to convince young Jews that there is no future or security for them in this (or any other Diaspora ) country in the short, medium or long term.

    People like Sipho, and I'm sure their numbers are growing, will soon say that if Jews in S.africa are so Zionistic, why don't they pack their bags , and go to Israel.

  9. 22 Former Rhodes Student 05 Jan
    As a former Rhodes Student who lived in Larissa's residence, I can say without hesitation that this story is wildly overexaggerated and completely one sided. Larissa's comments, attitude and general treatment of students in her res who were either a) Muslim (which I am not by the way) or b) disagreed with her views on Israel was shameful. She made no secret of her rabid hatred of Palestine, Palestinians and Islam in general and it was an extremely uncomfortable environment. People who disagreed with her were shamed, disrespected and bullied. I have no problem with Larissa having her own views - as we all do - but this article is in no way a fair representation of how she acted in a position of power in terms of these issues. It's better for Rhodes and better for her residence that someone with so much anger and irrational hate has been removed. 
  10. 21 Ant Katz 05 Jan

    Dear "Former",
    Please take note of the comment I posted yesterday:

    This is authored by and the opinion of a single person. For the full story,
    To read SAJR Online's full investigative story. Drs Badat & De Klerk & Mr Adams
    were all offered an oppotrtunity to comment on, or rebut, claims made.

    Ant Katz, online editor - [email protected]

  11. 20 vox populi 05 Jan
    The right to life of Palestinian people must be the only right Larissa's not MILITANT about. Guess it's just not a priority.

    Also, it's totally ridiculous that she was in trouble for her sexual orientation, anyone at Rhodes would know this, but it works as inflammatory spin, doesn't it?

    You are bullies.

    Also, Judaism does not equal Zionism.

    NO to Zionism, Apartheid and Shariah.

    Yes to radical freedom.

    Goodbye, Larissa. I never did like you.

    A Rhodian.
  12. 19 David Abel 06 Jan
    Personally, I think that for someone who was subjected to such sustained bigotry over a period of two years, Larissa's story was written with a self restraint few of her detractors would have exercised in similar circumstances.

    As the editor has pointed out - her detractors should read the "big picture" available elsewhere in the SAJR to be able to make a more informed judgement.

    As far as "vox populi" is concerned, if the virulent tone of his/her "radical freedom" is currently widespread on campus then certainly something very disturbing is going on at Rhodes.

    Finally, this episode has spoiled the splendid memories of the wonderful times I had as a Jewish Rhodes student within such a friendly social, sporting and learning environment unlike any other SA university.

    How sad.


  13. 18 Rhodian 06 Jan
    This is a self-serving and entirely one-sided article. (not an article, an Op-Ed  -ED) Those who know the truth will know that Larissa, for reasons which have nothing to do with her pro-Zionist stance, (...Our "anonymous" rules SEE HERE don't allow personal insults. You are welcome to say this in your own name -ED).  Indeed, the fact that she was kept on for so long is evidence of the university's soft approach towards anyone seen as a minority.
  14. 17 Another Ruth First Student 06 Jan
    In response to former "Former Rhodes Student" I get a sense that you were the kind of person who lived in res for a year then left because you weren't interested in getting involved in anything. Yes Larissa had strong opinions but she encouraged others to develop their own and be able to back them up with fact. I think you saying that she hates Palestinians and Muslims is ridiculous. During my time at Ruth First the warden of Victoria Mxenge house was Muslim and it was my impression that they were good friends so that just sounds like the opinion of someone who had no idea what was going on in the hall, which again makes me think you didn't get involved or spend much time in res. 

    In response to "vox populi" I was in res when she was investigated by the then dean of students and our hall warden Dr L'Ange on completely bogus charges of 'forcing her pink agenda' on girls in res because she was gay and some student who got hours for making noise was bitter and knew they could stir up trouble by play the gay card. People in res that year can confirm that we told Iain to get real and we supported Larissa. I've see her face homophobia first hand at Rhodes and so have other people who were there at the same time as me. If it could happen back then why not now.

    Furthermore the only reason that you have the opinion that Rhodes is a safe place for gay people is because Larissa worked hard to make sure gay students always had someone to turn to for help. I don't know who is going to do that now. 

    She taught me a lot about standing up for what you believe in and I'm really sorry other students won't get the chance to have her as their warden. 

    I'm shocked by this article and hope Rhodes gets a wake up call and realizes they have lost a great person.
  15. 16 Michael 06 Jan
  16. 15 rhodent 06 Jan
    does the jewish community (...Our "anonymous" rules SEE HERE don't allow personal insults. You are welcome to say this in your own name -ED)
  17. 14 Former colleague 06 Jan
    Whether or not one is a Zionist (and I am not), the way in which Larissa Klazinga has been treated by Rhodes University is a total disgrace! The events that have transpired make evident that academic freedom at the university is in jeopardy, and strongly suggest that the institution is being regulated and managed through an ethos of spying, threats and intolerance. The complaint by HR Director, Sarah Fischer, in which Larissa is accused of incompetence is a particularly damning reflection of the institution: it is quite evidently a series of cooked-up-claims which would seem to be underpinned by homophobia. One would have to be very determined to bury one's head in the sand not to recognise that Rhodes University has conducted itself shamefully.
  18. 13 Ari 06 Jan
    Sorry, but your complaints are really petty. Do you know how many universities in this place exclude or are unwilling to cater for us with particular disabilities? Or the fact that due to some courses require more equipment to make them accessible the uni just doesn't have, and makes the disabled student leave the course? Get over yourself, grow up and appreciate the fact you can study without worse barriers.
  19. 12 John St John 06 Jan
    Seems that finding out you're not part of the biggest victim group can indeed be heartwrenching, when you've built your career, sexuality, and life around that feeding trough identity.

    My heart would bleed, if I could summon even the smallest quantum of caring. I can't.
  20. 11 Leon Reich 07 Jan
    The saddest part of this story is that Larissa - an eminently capable woman - now finds herself jobless. She is prepared to take work anywhere in the country and if anyone would like to make contact with her in this regard, feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected]


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