“CT Declaration” to be adopted on Wed

Official programme for 26 Feb sitting of Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation includes the following on the agenda: “Adoption of Committee report on the Solidarity Conference in support of Palestine, Cuba and Western Sahara.” Committee chair promised ACDP’s Dudley opportunity for discussion & Rev Meshoe expected to attend. Meeting open to public.
by ANT KATZ | Feb 23, 2014

Wording not released, but outcome is fait accompli?

Meshoe - Rev KennethSo seriously does the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) consider the risks to bilateral SA/Israel relations at the 26 February sitting of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation, that party leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe (right) is expected to attend it personally.

The open meeting will take place in the Ian Davidson Committee Room GH41, at the Good Hope Building of the National Assembly at 9am. At risk is at least a large chunk of the $1-bil bilateral in bilateral trade between the two countries – RELATED READS BELOW.

Brouhaha over “Cape Town Declaration”

Since the SAJR first reported on the Declaration two weeks ago, an almost unprecedented number of COMMENTS & LETTERS have been posted on the issue.

Dudley - CheryllynThe anti-Israel “Cape Town Declaration” was approved by all committee members, including the DA, with the notable exception of Israeli stalwart ACDP Committee-member Cheryllyn Dudley.

The Declaration was at first expected to have been discussed and ratified by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee last Wednesday – but was then delayed as the wording had to be finalised.

Israel stalwart on the Portfolio
Committee Cheryllyn Dudley, MP

Dudley was promised a chance to present to the Committee by the chair - when the matter arises.

Last Tuesday Dudley told the SAJR Online that she had been advised that “the report is not ready for us to discuss,” and that “the meeting to discuss the Cape Town Declaration is postponed till next week Wednesday 26 February.

There was no official version of the Declaration published by government as it was still a work in progress, and Dudley confirmed to the SAJR Online Sunday that there has been “no sign of the draft report as yet!”

A leaked version of the original 15-point Declaration, included:

  • SA must expeditiously deal with South Africans serving in the Israeli Defence Force;
  • SA must stop all financial transactions with Israeli settlement companies and banks and companies involved in the Israeli settlements.
  • Entrance into SA for Palestinians must be made easier.
  • Conference supports the freedom of Marwan Barghouti and all Political prisoners.
  • Conference supports BDS.
  • Complete military, financial and political sanctions must be applied against Israel.
  • All SA political parties must clearly communicate their stance on the plight of the Palestinian people and make it timeously known in the build-up to 2014 elections.
  • The SA gov’t must campaign for Israel to be suspended from the SWIFT banking network.
  • SA must table the Declaration at the AU, UN and IPU.

Delay may be good or bad news…

“Government is in a difficult space,” said an MP whose information is normally impeccably reliable, but who did not want to be quoted ahead of the debate and elections. “While the ANC is following the BDS line, Cabinet appreciates the value of the $1-billion in bilateral trade between the countries and the real jobs it provides on both sides,” says the source.

So, while the ANC blusters about Israel, the government is happy the way things stand. “That leaves them standing with one foot on either side of the divide,” SAJR’S source. “But now government is coming under increasing pressure from BDS to deliver on the ANC’s promises.”

This may mean that, by the time the Declaration sees the light of day on Wednesday, it will be a watered down version of the one that the conference adopted AND government and still does not impugn healthy trade relations.

Nu, so what does the DA have to say?

Bergman, Darren HOME 2Although, much to the disgust of many among the Jewish Community and large local Israeli contingent, the DA voted in favour of the Cape Town Declarations, long-serving DA Joburg City Councillor Darren Bergman, earmarked for a seat in Parliament after the election, told Jewish Report last week that the DA had not changed its standing policy on the Middle East.

PICTURED LEFT - Darren Bergman

“Our policy is very clear and always been,” he said, the DA supported “a two-state solution with Jerusalem as the capital of both states.” He was unsure how the DA would vote in Wednesday’s Committee meeting, said Bergman, but even with one ACDP vote and two DA votes, the Declaration is likely to be approved in the form in which it is presented on Wednesday morning.

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  1. 2 Gary Selikow 23 Feb
    why is it not surprising that the ANC/SACP regime which fully  support regimes in Zimbabwe, Iran, Sudan , Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Red China, Hamas, Hezbollah which abuse and massacre their own people (and were heartbroken to see Gaddafi and Saddam toppled) should agress the only democracy in the Middle East. ANC foreign policy is to side with evil wherever it is
  2. 1 David Abel 27 Feb
    Probably the most important tool in fighting BDS (the main facilitator of the Cape Town Declaration) is the proper and effective application of LAWFARE. So far the local enemies of Israel have had a relatively free run. Thankfully, that has now come to an end as some of the country's TOP PRO-ISRAEL LEGAL FRATERNITY get into gear with the newly-formed SOUTH AFRICAN LAWYERS FOR ISRAEL (SALFI). SA enemies of Israel take note. 


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