Pesach kashrut chirpathon

2 of the most prolific Facebook chirpers in SA Jewry, Sackstein & Sevitz, go head-to-head in hilarious exchange
by ANT KATZ | Apr 09, 2014

Few among SA Jewry don’t know (or know of) businessman and Jewish Report director Howard Sackstein, UOS CEO Darren Sevitz or the KASHRUT-SA Facebook page. Howard is the proverbial joker and Darren is quick of tongue – and the two often have silly but hilarious exchanges on matters kashrut – or, more precisely, mirth about kashrut matters.

SAJR Online is posting the comments as they were posted yesterday, literally and verbatim.

Sackstein posted the following:

Dear Darren Sevitz I see everyone keeps on posting about KFC I'm not entirely sure why so I popped into KFC earlier this week and nothing was Pessachdik, although their Rounders did look delicious, I hear some of them even have some real chicken in and are very healthy for you??

I am quite perturbed that last year I didn't get a fair price for my Chommetz. This year I have put my Chommetz on hoping to get a better deal - so far no one has bid.

Do you think my is unreasonable or do you think excluding members of the tribe from the bidding process has narrowed my market too much?

I have insisted that all offers come with buy-back options and I am refusing to accept derivatives on the Chomitz.

If I accepted Bitcoins do you think this will help?

What is a fair price considering I am refusing to give up my Whisky and Tequila collection? I hear I may get a better price once has IPO'd - what do you think. Is KFC'd?


To whit Sevitz responded:

Dear Howard, Thank you once again giving me opportunity to assist you with your meticulous observance of the Festival.

IMHO the UOS giving its BD to KFC  would make front page of the SAJR.

The selling of Chametz to a non-Jew has its roots in the Talmud (Pesachim):

"A Jew and a non-Jew who are on a ship and the Jew has chametz in his possession. The Jew should sell it or give it as a present to the non-Jew and then take it back after the Passover with the stipulation that it be given as a real gift."

I cannot understand why nobody has bid for your Chametz. I went to ask the dayanim (who will be effecting the transaction for those who aren’t successful on e-bay), and they suggested you may need to actually get onto a ship, – at least this would be a valid SAIL.

Check it out yourself

Similar interchanges between prankster Howards and the slippery-tongued Darren often appear on KASHRUT-SA. Of course it is always in jest – but it certainly gives the community a good laugh.

Why not join the Kashrut SA Facebook group?

Simply CLICK ON THIS LINK or, for those who prefer the long-winded way:!/groups/kashrutsa/


  1. 2 Akiva 09 Apr
    It's always in jest, but also always in truth, and helps us to better understand our laws and customs, e.g the talmudic quote about sale of chomitz which is genuine even if we smile while doing so.

    I look forward to these posts each week, as do thousands of others as you can see the responses and likes.
  2. 1 Owen 14 Apr
    In my opinion Howard is mocking kashrut and frum people. 


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