Win 2 tickets to Dr Ruth worth R250 each

The SA Zionist Federation and SAJR are offering two lucky SAJR Online users two prime seats at the Brunch with Dr Ruth event to be held on Sunday 22.
by ANT KATZ | Jun 11, 2014

Sexologist Dr Ruth Westheimer is one of the world’s most sought-after speakers – and an absolute hoot as well. If you have already bought tickets, enter anyway and you can treat friends or family.

The only issue is that you have to be fast! This competition closes at noon next Wednesday, June 18. The winner will be announced on the website on June 18 and in the print newspaper on June 19. 

As is the norm with our competitions, entry is by posting a comment below this story. Remember that it is essential for you to fill in your e-mail address so that we can contact you, but it will not be displayed for other users to see. 

The post you have to place is to tell us what question you would ask Dr Ruth if you could. You can use a nom de plume with pleasure. 

The judge of this competition will be the man behind the Q&A session, Howard Sackstein, and the prize will go to the person whose question he feels is the most appropriate or interesting.

Read BEV GOLDMAN’s piece on Dr Ruth and HOWARD SACKSTEIN’s interview to get some good ideas of what questions to post for Dr Ruth. Remember, you only have one week on this one.

CLICK HERE to see the way our competitions work and simply post your proposed question below this story.


  1. 15 Bernice Wilson 12 Jun
    How do I make my relationship come alive again after 31 years of marriage?
  2. 14 Sally Cal 12 Jun
    Why did you get into this line of work? and what is the most surprising question you've ever been asked?
  3. 13 cloud9 12 Jun
    what advice would you give to newly wed women about dealing with their husbands inflamed sex drive?
  4. 12 Maria Botha 13 Jun
    Dr Ruth, I am 81 years old and my husband passed about several years ago. Several men has shown interest in me. Should I choose one and settle down or is it OK to 'play the field'?
  5. 11 George 13 Jun
    How does being a sexologist affect your relationship with your children (in terms of being able to talk to them about sex) and how did it affect your relationship with your late husband?
  6. 10 Roy 15 Jun
    The brain is said to be the body's most important "sexual organ",but Woody Allen(who is Jewish) claims that his brain is ( only) his second favorite organ. Would Dr Ruth reconcile these two contentions.
  7. 9 Barbara 16 Jun
    What is the most important thing that married couples should know about sex? What is defined as a healthy sex life?
  8. 8 PTrick Dickson 16 Jun
    It would be marvellous to go to J'burg to listen to Dr. Ruth. Next weekend, I shall celebrate my 70th birthday, and friends and family are coming. I trust however, that there will be an appreciable audience, and that Ruth will enjoy her visit to SAfrica.

    PTrick Dickson
  9. 7 Dinky 16 Jun
    If you place R5-00 in a jar every time you have sex in the first year of Marrige & you take one coin out from the beginning of the second year. It takes two years to empty the jar. What are the averages after 40 years
  10. 6 Barbara Garnitz 17 Jun
    How can one spruce up their sex life in their sixties.
  11. 5 Gavin Meltz 17 Jun
    How does one start to have an active see life when they are still a Virgin and single at the age of 32 years old?
  12. 4 A Swartz 17 Jun
    As a soon to be married man, what would you describe as a key point in the sex life of a newly married couple that would ensure that both partners can be satisfied and / or fulfilled in their sexual desires?
  13. 3 curious 17 Jun
    What is considered as a "healthy sex life" in a relationship?
  14. 2 HI 17 Jun
    Should the nature of ones sexual relationship with ones partner change over time and how?
  15. 1 stylish 17 Jun
    Is it possible to always keep it " new, exciting and different" in the bedroom when a couple has been together for a long time?


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