You’ve read them, now breakfast with them

You’ve followed them in action online, you know it’s something you enjoy reading, now here’s your opportunity to watch them in action, live, at a delicious Mooz breakfast to boot! Three lucky winners will laugh themselves silly and be the envy of the kosher community - compliments of the SA Jewish Report. Read all about it…
by ANT KATZ | Jun 11, 2014

Imagine a breakfast with the Kashrut-SA duo of Darren Sevitz (UOS CEO) vs well-known businessman Howard Sackstein?

These two are famously and fabulously funny on issues of kashrut (see below) so Jewish Report has managed to get them to agree to share a breakfast at Mooz with three lucky winners.

There are no public invitations. The only way to share a table with these two is to enter the Jewish Report competition. If you win, you will be the envy of the eruv!

Last week Howard was back, wanting advice from Darren on how to kasher his thatch roof with a blowtorch.


DS vs HS chirps reported on SAJR Online:

APRIL 9: PESACH KASHRUT CHIRPATHON Where Howard complained to Darren that he was perturbed that he didn’t get paid more for his chometz. Quick-witted Darren gave Howard a light-hearted roasting… and then some!

APRIL 24: WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU? In which Howard roasted Darren on the Breslovs, whether dagga is kitniot and other diverse issues. The answers were as bizarre as the chirps

These are but a few examples of the light-hearted and quick-witted banter between the two on the Kashrut-SA Facebook page - which really has become the talk of the kosher community.

“Don't miss this opportunity to join in the bizarre breakfast,” says SAJR manager Karen Knowles. “You’ll get great entertainment and a delicious breakfast, compliments of Mooz.”

Qualifying for the competition entry.

All you have to do to qualify for entry in the competition and have a chance of winning one of these three sought-after prizes, is to tell us why you want to go to breakfast at Mooz with Darren and Howard, and register on our Facebook page.

Got it? Here it is again…

  1. Post your answer to the question: “Why would you want to have a breakfast with this zany duo?” below as a comment before noon on Tuesday July 8.
  2. Join the SA Jewish Report FACEBOOK page.

The winners will be announced on Facebook and the website on July 9 and be published in the print paper of July 10.


  1. 3 Lester Niss 11 Jun
    Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky, has been announced as the World's Best Grain Whisky.  Please send your (best, chassidic) inspectors to examine their distillery.  Surely it must be kosher.  They wouldn't dare put grape spirit in it, would they?
  2. 2 Roy 15 Jun
    A delicious breakfast at Mooz makes for the start of a great day. And even better when it features a bun fight between Darren and Howard
  3. 1 Jerry Kransky 18 Jun
    I love the way these guys go at it on Kashrut-SA. I 'like' and share them all the time. Who says Kashrut can't be fun. A tribute to DS for his quick and witty comments which keep the community engaged. AND to HS - where does he come up with his nonsence. This is one breakfast I don't want to miss!


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