Habonim’s 242 Campaign exposed

LAURENCE SEEFF puts forward an impressive argument against Habonim Dror SA’s proposals
by LAURENCE SEEFF | Jun 15, 2014

In May 2014, Habonim Dror South Africa (HDSA) published a visually impressive campaign called 242 (two states for two nations, i.e. Israel and Palestine). The campaign consisted of 5 info-graphics and a short video titled "Why Support a Two State solution."


Laurence Seeff in Israel has drawn up his own counter-document. “This document exposes not only the campaign's fundamental flaws,” writes Laurence, “but also the presumptions, inaccuracies, bias, distortions and false assumptions/presumptions presented as fact to the unwary. The campaign is deceptive and dishonest at best, and anti-Semitic at worst.”

Laurence sets out to prove his case in his own ILLUSTRATED DOCUMENT uploaded for the benefit of SAJR Online readers as a PDF file.


  1. 4 Bewildered Zionist 04 Jul
    It is high time that this community of ours stops funding and stops sending their kids to  a movement which purports to be a "Zionist" youth movement yet cohorts with the enemy. Habonim has had BDS leaders as guest speakers at their camps. Indeed, more than one of their past leaders are today leaders in the BDS SA movement!! (Doron Isaacs et al). BDS is the enemy of the state of Israel and a disguise for the old anti-semitism. The left wing ideology of Habonim falls right into their hands. Playing the so-called "human rights " card and repeating, parrot fashion, what BDS and MRN are saying, is unacceptable for a Jewish "Zionist" youth movement especially in these trying times. Parents, WAKE UP! Send your kids and support ZIONIST movements. Bnei Akiva if you are really frum and Betar if you are less frum. Both with solid Zionist roots and ideologies. 
  2. 3 Daniel Kedar 04 Jul
    Habonim's mistake is that they believe in some kind of sentimental reward system, whereby, if we show positive sentiment towards Palestinians, we will be rewarded with peace and coexistence. They have not considered that radicalism is a major player here. They also fail to consider the inconvenient consistencies that extends itself beyond Israel's borders, as a violent and counter intuitive religious fanaticism.
  3. 2 Bewildered Zionist 08 Jul
    I have received the following by email and I fully endorse these sentiments:

    Dear Community Leaders, Members,  Responsibly parents and our next generation.
    For the past two years, I have sat back and watched various campaigns, arguments and discussions around Habonim Dror South Africa and its relationship with the state of Israel. As a proud Zionist, I can no longer sit back and watch the current leadership’s distortion of a once esteemed Zionist ideology.
    Alan Dershowitz in a debate against Jeremy Ben Ami (Executive director of J Street) argues that just like Jews for Jesus hijack the word “Jew” to mislead it’s followers, that they are part of the Jewish camp so to J Street have hijacked the word “Pro Israel” to mislead followers that they are part of the Zionist movement. There can be no clearer analogy than the J Street Movement to Habonim Dror South Africa.
    I have spent endless hours compiling this video in response to Habonim’s 242 Campaign. The information in this video is based on material published by Ex Habonim leadership which is freely available on the internet. Just to preface this video, Habonim Dror have not invented the 2 state solution, I have been a long time supporter and continue to be a supporter of the 2 state solution, however this 2 state solution needs to be based on a final peace settlement that guarantees Israel’s security.
    Parents, the exposure your children receive today will directly impact their actions and views for tomorrow and determine what type of community we will have. Do not underestimate the importance of the decision to which youth movement you allow your children to attend Please watch this video and share it as widely as possible.

  4. 1 Adam 20 Aug
    It's highly offensive that this previously respectable publication allows this Jewish organisation to be called antisemitic. Don't you have any editors with political depth? Obviously not. Further more you perpetuate the very issue that has embarrassed our community in a global sense which is the obvious limiting to free speech and the right to hold an opinion within our community.  *Suddenly all the conservatives in the room masquerading as liberals turn around and argue I'm limiting their right to vocalise an opinion on the matter.* I'm not but when you continue to label these views as antisemitic when they actually originate out of love for Israel and her people (as one can see from every publication from this zionist movement) then you demonstrate a will to destroy these views and eradicate them from your community. Despicable, really. Where are your values of community unity? They only exist for those with similar views to your own? Well that's not unity.


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