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by ANT KATZ | Jul 11, 2014

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  1. 12 Rosa Smit 11 Jul
    Please accept our prayers and thoughts : many Christians over the world -in South Africa too, are deeply involved in your well being. We teach and spread the word that Israel is the apple of Hashem's eye and that the land belongs only to you! Much love to all of you
  2. 11 Bernard Bicycle 12 Jul
    It appears that Jesse Duarte is misinformed.
    It is unfortunate that a person with, which can only be explained as 'extreme bias' is allowed to make decisions on behalf of South Africans.
    I call for her immediate resignation and re-education.
    She she be brought to court to answer for her crime for inciting hatred against minorities by virtue of her latest misinformed outburst.
  3. 10 Lionel G Thwaits 12 Jul
    Unfortunately the breakout of "war" was bound to happen as the Arabs who are occupying Israeli land really believe that Israel belongs to them and that Jerusalem is their Capitol.Israel has to stand firm and fight it out because the whole World seems to be taking sides with the Arabs.It was however pleasing to hear that David Cameron stated "we are with Israel"
  4. 9 Sigal Zahavi 13 Jul

    My friend who is a very famous Magician in Israel is working on a project for the children in the south and needs help with donations.

    From his site:

    The Hamas stole their summer-vacation

    Stand together with us and join our project,  We need your support!

    At this moment there are tens of thousands of children who are forced to stay and live in the many bomb shelters that are stationed in the South.

    They are children whose summer vacation has been “stolen” from them.

    We believe that you have the ability to help them!

    Beyond the media attention which can help by spreading the good deeds of doing something positive and caring for the children, you will be fulfilling a great Mitzva, as the sages teach us that making another person happy is one of the most important things we can do as a society and as a nation.

    We offer a “Magicians bomb shelter solution” which
    will provide a vast program in which magicians will travel to the South and visit the many different bomb shelters. We will perform and fill the shelters with laughter and joy+ provide each child with several
    magic tricks and gifts.

    The goal of the program is to send a van with 4 magicians, who will perform all together in front of 2,000 children, at 20 different bomb shelters per day.Each one of these days will cost 10,000
    NIS which will include all expenses such as traveling expenses, gifts and magic tricks for the children, organization etc.

    In other words “Making 1 child happy and providing him/her with several magic tricks costs only 5 NIS”

    How many children can you afford to make happy? 

    If anyone is interested in helping, please check it out in this link:

    Thank you
  5. 8 Philip 14 Jul
    It is quite surprising how quiet Mrs Duarte is over mass genocide atrocities taking place in other countries like Syria etc
  6. 7 Choni 15 Jul
    Philip it is not surprising at all. Mrs. Durate, and all like her have a built in DNA which is anti- Israel, no matter what atrocities are carried out elsewhere.
    S.African Jews must learn to accept this fact. You cannot change DNA. Young S.African Jews should live with it or get out. Israel welcomes you.
  7. 6 Itzik 15 Jul
    Why is everyone surprised that the govt have been making antisemitic comments in their media releases and social media? The cycle continues to be repeated as follows: 1)Jewish Communal leaders go all out to honour govt officials and present them with awards/accolades at Jewish communal events. 2) Govt officials say thank you to the Jewish community and then immediately speak out against us at the next opportunity when in the presence of their colleagues and supporters. 3) Jewish communal leaders are shocked and disappointed and insulted at the remarks by govt officials. 4) Months go by until an  unacceptable and pathetic apology is released due to pressure from our Jewish communal leaders. 5) Jewish Communal leaders again seek out their next honoured from the government and the whole cycle is repeated. So we should accept that antisemitism exists in SA and we should not schmooze or stoop them with compliments, awards and accolades. We will not gain more respect from them. In fact they probably laugh all the way home...
  8. 5 Michael London 16 Jul
    What about our aged population? They cannot get out. No country wants them without sufficient financial backing. Those who were in a position to get out must have already done so.
  9. 4 Lisa 16 Jul
    Shocking! All the ideals and principals Madiba struggled so hard for... He must be looking down from heaven with a broken heart. 
  10. 3 SC Weiss 16 Jul
    You know you’re dealing with a paucity of intellect and an excess of propagandistic zeal, when facts are not germaine to the way in which a person choses to label an enemy. Ronnie Kasrils and Jessie Duarte fit this mould perfectly. It matters not whether Israel’s actions deserve criticism or not, nor whether Israel is brutal or not, nor whether its responses are justified or not. As soon as people like Kasrils and Duarte apply the Nazi analogy to Israel, their views have no merit.

    On a purely hard, factual analysis of the Israel/Palestinian situation, Israel’s behaviour in no way whatsoever compares to the behaviour of the Nazis. Of all the conflicts in the world, this one comes nowhere close to a factual comparison. It does not matter not how much you hate Israel and/or Jews. It is false. It has two purposes: the first is to cause hurt, offence and anger. And the only people who you can be hurt in this way are Jews. If the same analogy was applied to any of the other Middle East conflicts, the comparison would be ignored even if those conflicts are more brutal.  The factual dubiousness of it only makes it doubly offensive.

    The second reason for this use is that the Holocaust connotes a victimisation of the Jews that is almost unparalleled. The victim-status of the Palestinians is fundamental to the critique of Israel. So for Kasrils, Duarte and others the best way to deal with Israel is to denude the Holocaust victimhood of the Jews and bestow it upon the victims of the Jewish state. It’s more effective than Holocaust denial.
  11. 2 Choni 16 Jul
    The aged population will stay , but why should the younger generation stay?
  12. 1 montlasky 17 Jul
    Nothing really suprising about the garbage spouted by Jesse Duarte and the ANC. None of them really knows anything at all about the JEWS,  Israel and Zionism. 
    Their constituents know even less, if that's possible. They think that they gain their "knowledge" from listening to their sponsors,the local Islamists, who have an agenda which includes the absorption of the Black majority into Islam and creating a Caliphate in South Africa. They are on their way judging by the number of mosques surrounding Johannesburg and other cities and certainly with their influence in  Government.
    It's as well that we fight them in the press and any other forum they choose but the reality is, their ignorance is difficult to fight. So we must try and relax in the knowledge that plain stupidity reigns supreme which is not to say that the Jews of South `Africa can afford to ignore the situation. We must be on our guard at all times.Sadly, these bald stupid statements in the press can fire up some of their constituents to do silly things.
    We must continue just to be aware.


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