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In her third letter home from Tel Aviv on 12 July, BONITA LYNETTE tells her parents of a conversation she had with the mom of one of her own sons’ friends. “When she told me her son is sitting on the border of Gaza waiting for decisions to be made … my heart & soul went out to her. Bonita’s fist letter had over 1,000 reads in 24 hours on Thursday. READ THEM ALL – EXCLUSIVELY ON SAJR ONLINE!
by BONITA LYNETTE | Jul 13, 2014
12 July - Hi Mom and Dad,

Sitting here on the 5th day of Operation Protective Edge. More than 50 missiles have been sent over today even though the feeling as we woke up this morning. That things are quietening down - was all quiet from 4am but started to come over later during the morning.

Started thinking about the conversation I had with one of S----‘s friends’ mother in the supermarket yesterday. Her son grew up with S----- from the age of four. They were at school together, played soccer together, went through all the ups and downs of their teenage years together and she, his mother, has become a good friend of mine over time. And so when she told me that her son is sitting on the border of Gaza waiting for decisions to be made and to carry out orders, my heart and soul went out to her. He, together with many other of S----- friends are waiting, waiting and waiting. And their parents not knowing what to think, not knowing what to feel.

Another friend's mother told me that her son told her of all the food parcels, cakes, fruit, sweets they are receiving from caring Israeli citizens, while they are waiting and she decided to make up a huge food parcel and give to the soldiers operating the Iron Dome in her area. She wanted to make a food parcel for her son but as no visitors allowed, she decided to do her duty for other sons of Israeli mothers - and handed out her goodies.

“What difference does it make?” she asked: “they are sons of Israel - united we stand.”

Thinking of her own son

I am thinking of you S----- also part of the IDF family and my two nephews serving in different places also involved in this mess and feel nervous inside and truly proud at the same time.

I think of you Dad, growing up with two heartsore grandparents who fled from the Nazi's and had to live their lives for years not knowing the whereabouts of three of their sons, your uncles, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. I think of the day they received a letter from one of the "lucky" ones - a survivor who escaped the Holocaust and didn't have the heart to call personally.

One word in the letter "No one survived." And then I think of our Mighty Nation - we will not give in or be weakened. The people of Israel do not fear the long road ahead. We will do everything we have to, in order to stand up to our enemies and announce "NEVER AGAIN."

Dad, in the names of your family that perished in the Holocaust, I stand here today, proud. Proud to be part of your family, proud to be Jewish, proud to be Israeli and proud of your three Israeli grandsons serving in the IDF - serving to protect our Nation.

We will never be defeated!



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