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In an exclusive interview with SAJR Online Monday evening, ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe refused to take responsibility for the party’s Western Cape social media communications manager, Rene Smit’s posting of a photograph of Hitler with the words "Yes man (Hitler) you were right" & "I could have killed all the Jews but I left some of them to let you know why I was killing them." Mantashe says Smit was not making statements on behalf of the ANC. SAJBD national executive director Wendy Kahn disagrees.
by ANT KATZ | Jul 15, 2014

Relations between SA Jewry and the ruling ANC have hit an all-time low after two explosive events in as many days. One senior Jewish struggle veteran told SAJR Online yesterday: “The ANC has no idea of the extent of the community’s anger right now.”

Yet ANC General Secretary Gwede Mantashe simply refuses to take responsibility for the Hitler poster on an ANC staffer's Facebook page.

The person posted this on her own Facebook page, said Mantashe, and as an organisation of diverse views, the ANC allowed its members to post their views in their personal space.

Rene Smit’s Facebook post (see below) was later removed – but not before being widely distributed. STORY CONTINUES BELOW PICTURE


The Jewish Board of Deputies National Executive Director Wendy Kahn, also in an exclusive interview with SAJR Online, expressed herself thus: “My feeling is that she was making statements on behalf of the organisation,” and that “the party should unequivocally distance themselves from this kind of Holocaust anti-Semitism.”

Came in the wake of Duarte statement

Mantashe says that if a person who has a personal Facebook page, “she has her own page, it is not an ANC page”.

Mantashe Gwede
RIGHT: Gwede Mantashe

 He says that if he writes an op-ed in a newspaper in his own name and below the article is a mention that he is the secretary general of the ANC, the comments he made were clearly his personal comments. “If I issue an ANC media release,” he said," then it is the ANC’s view."

However, despite many opportunities to distance the ANC from Rene Smit’s “Hitler” statement, Mantashe persistently refused to do so.

Similarly, when asked whether he would distance himself from Duarte’s statements associating the Israeli Government with Hitler’s Nazi regime, which was issued on behalf of the ANC, Mantashe refused to do that either (SEE THAT STORY & FULL ACCOUNT OF INTERVIEWS WITH MANTASHE AND KAHN LATER TODAY).

The Board did issue an official media statement yesterday saying: “The SA Jewish Board of Deputies would like to confirm that it is aware of an anti-Semitic Facebook posting by ANC Western Cape Communications person Rene Smit. Ms Smit has posted a photograph of Hitler with the words: "Yes man (Hitler) you were right" and "I could have killed all the Jews but I left some of them to let you know why I was killing them."

“We have written to ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe on this matter and also the very offensive Holocaust remarks made by MS JESSE DUARTE in an ANC statement last week,” said the Board in a media statement on Monday.

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein also reacted to Duarte’s statement, demanding that the ANC’s Deputy Secretary General either “RETRACT OR DEBATE ME.”

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  1. 22 Choni 15 Jul
    The S.African Jewish community is at "war" with the ruling A.N.C. government.
    A 'War" it cannot win. There might be a long line of "cease fires" over the coming months and years, but in my opinion Jewish leaders should see the inevitably of the outcome. All over the Diaspora Jews are fighting a 'war' of survival amongst anti-Semitic hosts. In not one country are Jews even coming close to winning. There is more and more violence against Jews, and worse still more and more assimilation.
    Why should South Africa be different?
    Once again Jewish leaders, especially religious leaders should see the writing on the wall, and urge our young community to 'flee' to a safe place -ERETZ YISRAEL.
  2. 21 Tania 15 Jul
    I think the ANC will be solely responsible for any hate crimes committed against Jewish South Africans. Has anyone notified them of this responsibility towards their citizens?
  3. 20 Nic 15 Jul
    I would love to know how making an anti Jewish statement can be called anti Semitic ? The same as calling anyone who criticizes israel being called anti-Semitic..

    How many of the people living in Israel are actually descendants of the original Semitic people ?

    The Palestinians are the Semitic people..
  4. 19 Zainub 15 Jul
    I am Muslim but I condemn the acts that Hamas have made on the Israeli's. I also condemn the acts that the Israeli's have made on the Palestinians. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind". Please do not paint all Muslims with the same brush (as I have seen many statements above doing so), as I am sure that you do not want to be painted with the same brush as Jewish people who commit murder. I have actually travelled to Israel and Palestine and have witnessed this carnage first hand. I don't want to make it seem that I am siding with the Palestinians, however if you have been there, you will see the unhiame state that 99% of the inhabitants live in, while across the border into Israel, pure opulence is shown. Both sides need to stop the war and start a healing process, however the war will never stop until Israel does not insist on land that does not belong to them. Please read up on your history if you not believe me on this one. Thanks. 
  5. 18 Elaine Fienberg 15 Jul
  6. 17 Sam Weller 15 Jul
    To say I am shocked by the ANC and their staff is an understatement, but yet I am not surprised, the ANC is against Jews as they were sheltered by the terrorists, they believe they owe them the support, once a terrorist always a terrorist, I too have Muslim aquaintences and yes we get along, we even discuss, history, similarities and current events, we are fortunate not to live in a war zone although we not far from it. I wonder what the same ANC would do if the likes of Bananana Bob Mugabe attacked them with missiles and time and time again failed to keep to seize fire agreements, probably lay down and take one for the team, G-d help us all, the taking of life is no lite issue, the holocast was still today one of the worst tragedys of any nation, relegion or race ever, criminal charges should be instituted against the Rene Smit and her employer should also appologize and taken action for bringing her employer into disrepute!!! This is my opinion, take it or leave it, hate speach can not be condoned. Hope this makes sense, not very happy right now!!!!
  7. 16 smelly 15 Jul
    Zainub, I agree with you completely up until the point where you said that Israel doesn't belong to the Jewish people. 

    But it's true that peace will only come when both parties take a step back and exercise some empathy and understanding.

    Israel believes they are 100% correct, but so do Gaza... The truth is that there is so much hate and passion blinding both sides that both sides are doing wrong to some extent. 

    And when people start to hate all Jews based on some actions in Israel, and vice versa with Muslims, it really upsets me.

    I am Jewish, I have a wonderful Muslim friend. We both think the whole situation is so sad.

    The world needs more empathy and love to find peace.

  8. 15 DocJJ 16 Jul
    I count my good fortune that I live in Canada as I could not imagine myself now living in a country managed by incompetent corrupt ANC kleptomaniacs. Another few decades and it will be another Zimbabwe and more intolerable for the jewish population who will again be the scapegoat for this impending ANC made disaster. Hopefully there will be an eventual jewish migration to Israel and North America and all will be happy(avoid europe as it is heading for the same sh-t hole as SA. An ex SA Jew and previously a proud SA but no more.
  9. 14 freda Parkin 16 Jul
    The ANC has forgotten that   The Jews helped them in their struggle to take over this country it is now a case of biteing the hand that fed them..hammas is finding out  what the price iis when you cross the jews they dont forgive and believe in an eye for an eye
  10. 13 Fedup with Rene 16 Jul
    If you have a look at her profile you can see she is one of those people that has absolutely no filter, says whatever comes to mind.... and she is forever fighting 

    Look at the following links.... always a fight 
    On Sunette Bridges Page

    Got hit by a taxi driver, read the comments, you can see her being the threatening type

    YOu should see her facebook page! My goodness
  11. 12 Fedup with Rene 16 Jul
    If you have a look at her profile you can see she is one of those people that has absolutely no filter, says whatever comes to mind.... and she is forever fighting 

    Look at the following links.... always a fight 
    On Sunette Bridges Page

    Got hit by a taxi driver, read the comments, you can see her being the threatening type

    YOu should see her facebook page! My goodness
  12. 11 Ingrid Joubert 16 Jul
    Ezekial 36 v22  to 36  We need to trust that G-d is soverign
  13. 10 Heather 16 Jul
    I remember not too long ago, when Brett Murray painted an image of Jacob Zuma as the infamous Lenin, with his genitals exposed. Mr Murray was expressing his personal opinion (and that of many others) on the moral decay of the President and his governing party. The ANC were insulted and as a result of their humiliation, cried racism and rallied thosands of South Africans (many of them ignorant to the sanctity of freedom of expression) and demanded an apology from the artist, the art gallery curator and City Press newspaper. The scale of the outcry created by the ANC over this work of art, succeeded only in drawing attention to it, with the result of the image going viral on social media. It also drew attention to the ANC's disdain toward freedom of expression, a principal that is protected and enshrined in the constitution. In terms of the complacency and silence from the ANC for the distasteful, racist and inciteful hate speech coming from Rene Smit (an employee of the ANC in the Western Cape), regarding her twisted and morally repugnant comments on Hitler and the extermination of 6 million Jewish men, women and children, I have this to say to Mr Mantash and his ANC cadres. You are a bunch of despicable hypocrites, crying racisim over a work of art, while remaining silent when one of your own displays racisim of the worst kind, towards a minority group of South African citizens. This time it is your silence that brings the sacred consitution of South Africa into disrepute, a consitution designed to protect the minority groups of this county from racism, hate speech and incitement. This is not about what's happening in Gaza, this is about what's happening right now in South Africa! Shame on you ANC, shame on you!

  14. 9 Andreas 16 Jul
    Really as a German I take offence to this, many the Germans must withdraw there investments in Sacco you the Ancient can drive donkeys no more German engineering and lucktury cars. You seam to want to pxxx all nations of but let us criticise you then you have a cadenza, up yours. 
  15. 8 Meveni Andile 16 Jul
    ANC, will often resembles and executes statement that will embodies constitutional values of liberal life of all the tribes and religions of the world popularity, this is its mission and vision and is a champion of this across the globe and is a reason also why is a oldest political organization in historic of politics and remain the same until now. I think the sentiment executed by this person called ANC personnel(Duate..) was unfortunately one and was full of egoistic and lust to be famous through propaganda,myself I support peace and Jewish recommendations in their crying soil, I'm in solidarity with African National Congress, through their efforts to promote human dignity on earth!
  16. 7 Ex-Pat 16 Jul
    I too am a proud Canadian with a government and Prime Minister that has given the Jewish people unwavering support. I believe that ultimately there is no future in South Africa for Whites especially Jews under an ANC government. They too were terrorist at one time hence they will support another terrorist organization like Hammas. My advice to the Jewish people of South Africa is don't wait until its too late to get out; look at what happened to the German Jews who believed Hitler would never follow through with his murderous policies. The ANC will ultimately adopt the same policies as Zimbabwe called Africanization and the Jews may find themselves as scape goats again. If the ANC does not discipline its members its indicative that they agree with has been published and then the only option for now for the Jewish people is to sue them in an open court where hopefully with an independent judiciary redress may be given to the SA Jewish community.
  17. 6 Lelik 16 Jul
    Hateful xxxxxxxxx -ED! Go invent something, love someone, do something GOOD for the human kind.  Create! Not procreate as a hobby and hate the 'non-believers'. Dumb sxxx!!!
  18. 5 Lelik 16 Jul
    This is what we get for helping you in getting your country back???!!! 
  19. 4 witpapier 16 Jul
    Funny how the bad guys always lose... hitler was a pain tappet and killed himself like a loser.... this is shown throughout history..  bad guy gets power, people die, bad guy loses power, bad guy dies...  Israel is the only country in thwe whole middle east that offers true democracy to all its people... palistinian or not... now how do you convince a stoopid person with reason... its impossible.

    The ANC is run by incompetent people that feel so glorified in the new south africa that they lost all sense of reason. Ha ha Lets fight for freedom and democracy and destroy the Apartheid regime... and then whe go and be stoopid by supporting other regimes that like apartheid.... omw... Id prefer a planet of the apes. At least I will expect ape behavior. 
  20. 3 Ruth Katz 17 Jul
    It is common cause the most vicious and violent quarrels are between close relatives; the Palestinians are our brothers and sisters, descended from one ancestor - Abraham.

    Until the Israelis and Palestinians learn to embrace their similarities and not their differences, peace will never come to the area.


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