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What is Israel planning? How are our IDF boys feeling? How are they coping? Are they afraid? – Read a mother’s deepest thoughts…
by BONITA LYNETTE | Jul 22, 2014

In her fourth letter home from Tel Aviv on over the weekend, BONITA LYNETTE tells her parents of the harrowing emotional roller-coaster she has to experience over the past few days. Bonita’s fist letter had over 1,000 reads in 24 hours. See links to all her letters below, exclusively on SAJR Online!

Hi there Mom and Dad, 

Sitting here deep in thought - Motzei Shabbos, 12th day of Operation Protective Edge.

Listening to the droning of the news broadcasts and can hear that another 2 soldiers have been killed by terrorists who escaped through the tunnels and managed to come through to our side of the border of Gaza, 74 missiles being fired into Israel today, Iron Dome managed to intercept ten of them - I can hear the words but my mind doesn't take it in. Inevitable as it is, doesn't make it easier in any sense of the word.

clickathon-square-ad final newThinking back to Thursday night, after ten days of missiles being fired over, pressure and tears, running back and forth to the security rooms, not knowing what to think or feel and doing everything possible to keep some kind of a daily routine. 



Suddenly saw Gaza going into darkness at about 8pm and the whole area up in flames. And the dreaded announcement came through: Israeli Ground troops moving into Gaza. 

My heart stopped beating and my mind went into mode "closedown." In seconds started thinking of all the boys I know that are there.


Started phoning their mothers one after the next. Didn't know what to say when I finally got hold of them - G-D BE WITH YOU!

It was a long night Thursday night. Glued to the TV for any kind of news coming through. What are Israel planning, where are they heading, how are they coping, how are our IDF boys feeling, are they afraid? The TV started playing recordings of the officers speaking to their soldiers before sending them into action. Their messages were awe inspiring and came across with incredible pride, courage and determination. They reiterated over and over again, that the aim of the IDF is to protect our homes and our families, to disable the Danger to the State of Israel.  Of course couldn't stop the tears flowing and didn't shut an eye.

“D” came and lay down next to me on my bed. She started reading a poem that a friend wrote to her: "Why she loves Israel."

Was hilarious and found myself crying and laughing at the same time. And our whole family finally fell asleep all together that night, not feeling able to leave each other’s side.

When “S” phoned me on Friday morning to say, "Ma, I'm on the train on my way home," sounded like music to my ears.

He walked through the door like a ray of sunshine. Positive and proud to be part of such a significant process. He came with a message: believe in our army, believe in the IDF, believe in our leaders, believe in the opportunity we have been given, believe that we are strong and we are going to succeed - BE PROUD TO BE ISRAELI AND BE PROUD TO BE A JEW.

He so happened to get onto the train on Friday morning after 8,000 Miluimnikim were called to the borders. He said that he looked around him and saw soldiers in their 30s and 40s, in uniforms that were pulled out the back of their cupboards, all saying goodbye to their families, on their way down to the Gazan borders. There were announcements going over the loudspeakers - wishing the soldiers good luck and wishing all a Shabbat Shalom. That picture will remain with him forever! 

A special Shabbat

Our Shabbat was such a special one - my husband and all three of my children by my side, thinking and praying for our soldiers in the South. What more could I possibly ask for?

Early tomorrow morning, another emotional farewell - another two weeks without “S” by my side. Another period of worrying and praying for his and all their safety.

Feel thankful that I am responsible for giving my children the opportunity of being part of such a significant process, for giving them a chance to live in a country they can call home, for having the privilege of being able to turn to the IDF when I and my family are in danger, for not being alone, for the knowledge that if I, my identity, my family, my Judaism or my country are in danger WE WILL STAND UP AND FIGHT. We have the tools, the capability, the technology the financial support, the brainpower and the know how to do it. We have also been forced and now know how to pay the price for being Jewish.

Am Israel Chai. Love Always. Forever!

PS: 74 missiles shot over to Israel am, 10 intercepted.

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