See Breslov R. Berland speak live on TV tonight

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Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Barland, head of the Shubu Banim Yeshiva in Israel and presently in South Africa, will address tens, or even hundreds of thousands of Israelis in a satellite broadcast which will be aired wherever there is a satellite connection of Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef’s classes tonight. For followers and SAJR users in South Africa and around the world, it is also expected to be aired live on the internet. Read more…
by ANT KATZ | Jul 28, 2014

This is tonight!

A senior follower of Rabbi Berland told SA Jewish Report today that, “it will also, G-d willing, be view-able through the internet.”

Breslov walking past protest
Yossi* said from the Breslov Yeshiva in Jerusalem that they were hoping that the link to the broadcast would be placed on the website before the broadcast begins: CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE PAGE

PICTURED RIGHT: Many frum families like the one shown here cheered on pro-Israel protesters in Glenhazel last Shabbos

The page also shows a list of some of the broadcast locations in Israel, Yossi told SAJR Online.

The broadcast is scheduled for tonight, Monday 28 July at 8pm SA time.

The story on SAJR Online last week, in which BERLAND TOLD BIBI TO QUIT! was read with great interest by SAJR users around the world. The Prayer R. Berland wrote for Israel, particularly the PDF: IN R. BERLAND'S OWN HAND, was downloaded hundreds of times within hours of it’s being published exclusively on SAJR Online. 

  • *Rabbi Berland’s followers all go by their first names only


Follow the story on Jewish Report Online


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