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A brief run-down of some of the more interesting items of Jewish news from around the world over the past week. These are compiled by SA Jewish Report’s editorial staff for the interest of our readers and website users. All of the source-publications are attributed, so those interested in reading a more complete account of any of the stories can easily go to the website of the original publication and search for them.
by SA JEWISH REPORT STAFF | Aug 13, 2014

The Jewish Chronicle, London, UK:

‘Culture Secretary says Tricycle Theatre “misguided” over UK Jewish Film Festival boycott’


Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, the Tory MP for Bromsgrove, has criticised the Tricycle Theatre’s decision to boycott the UK Jewish Film Festival. He said: “It would be very disappointing indeed if it meant the excellent UK Jewish Film Festival could not go ahead as planned.”


Canadian Jewish News, Toronto, Canada:

‘Anti-Israel protesters gain entry to Federation building’

Police removed about 15 Jewish protesters against Israel from inside Montreal’s Federation CJA building this week, but not before they managed to hang a banner over the lobby reading: “Massacre à Gaza: CIJA is complicit.” The protesters left without resistance.

European Jewish Press, Europe:

‘Jewish businessman in Munich volunteers to support IDF soldiers and southern Israel residents’


Michael Yudanin, a Munich Jewish businessman and president of the European Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry, abandoned his work for a week to personally deliver presents to IDF soldiers and gifts collected by Munich's Jewish community to children in southern Israel.


Arutz Sheva, West Bank, Israel:

‘Hamas detonates IDF dud, kills foreign reporter’

Hamas sources in Gaza report that a dud IDF missile exploded on Wednesday, killing five, after Hamas terrorists clumsily tried to dismantle it. Hamas emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra stated in addition to the five dead, there were several more seriously wounded.


Jewish Telegraph, Manchester:

‘Shops fight back’

The owner of a jewellery shop next to Manchester cosmetics store Kedem, has backed workers calling to end the intimidation by anti-Israel protesters. Manchester City Council's Pat Karney joined them yesterday in a bid to stop the protests, which have deterred customers.


Ha’aretz, Israel:

‘Lieberman: no peace possible until Hamas vanquished’

 Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says no peace deal is possible until Hamas is vanquished. On Wednesday, he said Israel must defeat Hamas even at the price of a further escalation of the conflict with Gaza.


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