Madiba never said this, Yusuf

  • Abramjee Yusuf
We hear Primedia news boss Abramjee (pic) is also in trouble over an unfortunate and untrue anti-Israel post which discredits Madiba.
by ANT KATZ | Aug 15, 2014

In the wake of the brouhaha around Cosatu Western Cape Secretary Tony Ehrenreich’s most unfortunate statements, a regular SAJR Online user - who has asked not to be identified by name - submitted the following for publication.

Abramjee - Mandela Tweet“I have sent this to Yusuf Abramjee's boss, Terry, with the following letter and am yet to get a response,” writes Ms X. “I have also called the newsroom at 702 and was told I should get feedback shortly. But, over a week later, I'm still waiting!” she says.

"Maybe an article in the Jewish Report would help?" asked Ms X.

Should there be any users wishing to support Ms X’s letter to Abramjee’s boss (and we guess there will be quite a few), his e-mail address is: [email protected]

She wrote:


As I am sure you are aware by now, your head of the news department, Yusuf Abramjee, tweeted a quote as if it was Madiba who said it - BUT IT WASN'T! How could he trash Madiba's name like this!

As a journalist there is no way he could have not known that was a fake quote written by Arjan El Fassed. It took me two minutes to figure that out! This is a misrepresentation of the truth from a journalist in a senior position which brings the entire Primedia news department into disrepute.

What makes it even more damning is the total silence by 702, Cape Talk, LeadSA and Primedia! As his boss you have a responsibility to ensure that he portrays the values of your company and (your) silence seems to indicate that you are okay with misrepresenting the truth.

Which puts EVERY bit of news you broadcast into disrepute!

I am not expecting Yusuf to be pro-Israel, I would just expect someone in his position to not be so blatantly pro-one side that he would even resort to putting up false quotes!

Furthermore, when someone in his position makes a PUBLIC statement he is obligated to publicly defend, explain or apologise for that statement.

 Join her protest by writing to [email protected].

On Tony Ehrenreich…





  1. 6 Dr Doom 15 Aug
    Primedia led by Abramjee have shown their true colours with their [Sorry, user such unsubstantiated allegations would be illegal and cut even if you were not Anon – of course you could send substantiating evidence and your name to [email protected] and we would gladly follow it up] reporting over the past weeks
    Their Lead SA campaign is a joke
    Ask them is all their management conduct all their affairs in an honest and ethical way
    The answer is NO
  2. 5 steve marks 15 Aug
    well written
    I support this
    I too will write to terry
  3. 4 Adam Levy 20 Aug
    Abramjee is an egotistical, vacuous idiot. a relic of an apartheid minion parentage.
  4. 3 Craig Nuttley 09 Sep
    I have written my email to Terry. I have included a few facts which you won't publish here, but feel free to contact me for the info.

    Having said this, I have a long histroy of support FOR and, from my view, abuse FROM Yusuf Abramjee and Lead SA. I oppose his views on crime so I was blocked on all social media platforms. I have also been blocked from participating on Lead SA's platform. Why? Because of the article below.

    I started losing a lot of business because of my next article called "Would you do business with a killer?" I have been told it was self destructive. I disagree. I am using my head and my heart. Yusuf Abramjee and all this positivity with no plan is actually doing us more harm than good.

    The constant calls for more money each year for all and every initiative he is involved in get more vociferous each year, but I have never heard him present a plan. He says things like "Let's do something!" and "It's getting worse! Let's act now!" It's nonsense.

    Every year more and more money is pumped into Rhino. Every year the number of poached Rhino increase. Who are we supporting? Where does all the sms and donated funds money go? What plan is actually in place. And why does Abramjee 'lose' sensitive documents which are related to serious corruption and human rights abuses, no matter where they may have occured.

    I used to love the company he works for. Over 8 years now, I have grown to realise that my support for anything Abramjee or Primedia related has been for nothing.
  5. 2 Mishka Peera 27 Jan
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  6. 1 Taren Jonas 07 Feb
    A STORY BY A PLAYBOY...!!by Picasso
    (18 April 2015--FF News) With t h o u s a n d s of emails, letters, and SMS'sto Footprints Filmworks over the p a s t few days, we have decided to interviewone of South Africa's leading playboys who upon calling him, denied the interview,but due to our 'begging-'n-pleading,' finally agreed to the interview that somany people have been looking forward too.He might be your ex-boyfriend, or ex-lover, or a personal friend, yet Mr. XXX sitscalmly in his red andwhite suit ready to take the questions, you our viewers have been askingfor so many many months.In an Exclusive interview on Footprints TV, Mr. XXX says that he s t a r t e ddating at the early age of 16, and today, aged 31, still finds it difficultnot to pass a compliment to a woman."Women are about the details...It's about not being too mushy, or too arrogant,or too 'i want you...' These beasts are in the details...So PAY ATTENTION. Tellinga woman you look nice, or beautiful is so cliche, rather look at the finer details,like how she brushed her hair, or how her skin is glowing, or how her perfume,mesmerizes you." he says.Speaking at the head-office in Johannesburg, Mr. XXX says that in his stardomof dating successful women, he has always put the woman first no-matterwhat."Women hate men who brag, about which women he bedded, or what vehiclehe drives, or what job he has. Women prefer talking about themselves, liketheir hobbies, their to do list, their siblings, their dreams, their passions,their past flames, their 'worst moments,' and about their parents...Never ever, try to ONLY talkabout yourself, because she will loose interest so quickly, you won't havetime to say goodbye."Mr. XXX further elaborates to Footprints in Johannesburg, that men normally preferto settle down after the age of 34, whilst women before the age of 28."Society has changed in so many cults, that women are getting married no-laterthan 28, with men taking much longer to mature. In today's times, the ageof getting married by 18, is so out-dated, as women prefer to see what 'they-like,'instead of listening to the commands of their parents, friends, and siblings."In a separate statement, Mr. XXX notes that he has dated in the reign of81 women, and has more than 600 friends, who speak to him occasionally,about life, and his advice to them."The secret to date many women is have lots of female friends. Have casual discussionswith them about their day, their future dreams, their plans, and casual chat. Women hatea man who constantly talks about sex, or who wants to get into the sack with themon the first date. Dating is about timing and placement. She must be alone, whenshe speaks to you, and occasionally speak about 'naughty-stuff,' but try to get to knowher on a personal level. These days women and men tell the person they "love you,' afterseveral chats over the telephone without really getting to know the person. So the firststep in real dating, is ask questions, get to know the person, get to know what makesher smile, what makes her upset, what makes her tick."When asked by one of our viewers, what does Mr. XXX advice, South African'sto attract the right girlfriend or spouse he answers."Never try to attract someone that is not in your league. If her father is a trillionaire,who expects trillionaire gifts, and you are earning R5000 per month, don't expect itto work, no matter how much love there is. If she is absolutely gorgeous, whereevery man 'wags-his-tail,' her way, and you are probably not the most good-looking,it would be quite difficult to comprehend. Always ask a woman out who is on yourlevel of understanding. ""They say that if you love someone, they should not be able to change you, yetI totally disagree...Love is about changing the person for the better. Yes, theperson cannot change the way you look, but the person can teach you 'new-skills,'the person can teach you how things are done, what works and what does not. Loveis about sharing, caring, trusting, complementing, loving, teaching, embracing,andcommunicating. There is no such thing as 'over-communication,' as you rather speakmore, than less to the loved one." he jolted.When asked by another viewer on Footprints in Johannesburg, Mr. XXX says thatobviously some women are better than others in the dating game, and perhapsthat's how the cookie crumbles."Some women you can get over them in a day, some in a week, some in a year,and some of them you will never truly get over. It's never about money whenit comes to love, because love is so much more spiritual and enticing. The differencebetween getting over a woman in a day, and never getting over her, is about the investmentof time. If she bought you hundreds of thousands of rands worth of gifts, but you neverreally felt the time spent as being loving, you will get over her...Likewise, if you dateda woman that lived in a small home, but gave you all the time in the world,and invested her mind, heart, body and soul into you, you probably will neverget over her."Mr. XXX further states that there are different women for different aspectsof your life."When you were 22, you only wanted to date a woman who was a virgin, whenyou reach 27, your approach changes, you want to date a woman that hassome acumen about life, when you reach 31, you don't mind dating a womanthat has slept with several men, and probably when you reach your forties,you will date a woman who was married before. Such is the cycle of life,and once we accept these barriers, we can only move forward."When asked by Footprints in Johannesburg, for his concluding statements,Mr. XXX states that as human beings we should live in the 'real world,' and noton some fantasy island."God has created like for like, and I firmly do believe in soul mates. I have perhapsnot met my soul-mate as yet, as I believe that I was 'playful,' in my approach to women.To the viewer that wants to attract an awesome girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wifeor long-lasting success, the idea would be to change for the person whom you chooseto attract...If you choose to attract a Muslima who wears scarf all day, grow a beard,if you want to attract a blue-eyed bombshell, start speaking better and improveon your knowledge, or if you want to attract a husband that has a balanced life,read Footprints Filmworks."

    ----------------------------------------Water Crisis 'looms,'                  South African borders...!!by Yaseen Jeewa
    (30 April 2015--FF News) The South African Department of Public Worksand Water Sanitation has received w o r d from government this morning,that the country's 'water supply,' is 98% exhausted and the country couldbe out of water in major cities, communities, as well as rural andsuburban districts."We have confirmation that the water supply is exhausted, and unless westart saving natures precious gift, South Africa, will have to importtheir water supply from neighboring Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Madagascar,and Namibia." reported The Minister of Water and Sanitation.Mr. Frank Mothusi, says that South African's were wasting too muchwater, and although President Zuma had issued a statement inMarch 2013, that the water supply was 81% drained, the usageof water is far too much considering the dense populationof the country."If we do not start using our water supply more wisely, SouthAfrica's natural resource of water could be no more, comeJanuary 2016." he further preached.Meanwhile, residents in local rural area's claim that they have towalk 5KM per day just to get a couple of buckets of water fromthe river."There is no water in our community. The only water supply is fromthe river, 5km from our community, and it takes us about three hoursto transport the water back to our homes. We have cold showers,no electricity, and the river water has so many chemicals and sewagein it, that many of our children get sick from drinking this acidic water."says Miss. Gloria Seboke.Other residents in South Africa, who spoke to Footprints in Free State, saythat there was far too much water being wasted through dripping pipes, excessivewatering of farms, and spillages through businesses.
    "South Africa uses in excess 2 billion liters more per day, per capita...The rainfallperiod only l a s t s eight months through the year, and soon when we openour taps, there will be no water." said Water Engineer Mr. Wayne Erasmus.Erasmus says that that him and his team are working on 'pro-hygienic,' chemicalsthat would allow sea water, or Oceanic water to be converted to normaldrinking water."The United States has invested a sum of $16 billion dollars over a periodof five years, to assist the horrific water supply in South Africa, andif the water cycle does not change within the next few months, orSouth African's don't save on usage, we could see a major crisis,come January 2016."He further elaborates that the 'pro-hygienic,' process was a processof removing the sodium and harmful bacteria from the Oceanicwaters, to enable cleaner and safer purification."We are only in the initial stages of this water purification process,that would take a minimum of two years to experiment. Our watercycle is a disaster, and let's save water, this Summer."

     Mrs. Lameez Ebrahim, a Brakpan resident, says that the quality of the water has went down and down,since the election of the current president."I have a water purification system at home, and in the olden days, when I would purifythe drinking water, little or no chemicals were extracted. Today, our family only purchasesaqua water from the store, because we probably have the worst drinking waterin Africa. I know India has the worst drinking water supply after touring the country,and soon South Africa could match the horrific Indian water table." she echoed.However, everyday South African's say that the disaster that the water supplyhas reached 98% is largely due to the current government and her neglect."China had offered a water cleaning and purification process network togovernment in 1998, where the current president laughed it off, sayingthat South Africa has enough water for the next Century. We are however,faced with a crisis situation where all water must be saved." noted aPretoria resident.Chemical Engineer, Mr. Martin Samuels, says that the process of waterpurification in South Africa is the worst in Africa, and should we notreceive international aid, the water supply chain will be doomed."The reason why South Africa is largely in a demand for water, isbecause of the expensive methods that our South African's useto purify the water. Should South Africa, of taken the deal withChina in 1998, the price of water would off been 1/8 the price."he was quoted as saying.The Council of Water Works in Cape Town, noted that should SouthAfrican's fail to neglect the message of 'saving water,' the priceof 'drinking water,' could go up by 500%, come December 2016."Water is a gift from nature, and although 71% of the world is filledwith water, many residents cannot drink normal river or Oceanic water.The price will increase due to South African's using major tankers to fuelreservoirs of their respective communities."Let us save water today, and support our pledge by being aware notto fill the bathtub too full, not to over water our gardens, and torepair the leaking pipes in our homes.-------------------------------------"MAMPARA OF THE MONTH," APRIL 2015by Aadila Surkot (8 April 2015--FF News) Disgraced Run-away bride, Miss. FaheemaIsmail from the community of Lenasia, South Africa, has the honorto wear the garland of Footprints Filmworks "Mamapara of the month...'Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, local resident, Mr. Zaid Tayob says thathe had attended the wedding of Miss. Faheema Ismail in June 2014, allfor her not to arrive at the wedding hall."Three thousand guests were seated for the ceremony of Ubaid andFaheema in June, and we received notice from the father of thebride that the bride will not be attending."According to a close source to the Ismail's, Faheema had 'fallen-in-love,'with her heart hob ex boyfriend, Mr. Zunaid De Jager."De Jager and Faheema were high-school sweethearts, who had fallenin love, long before she had met, the groom, Mr. Ubaid Daniels. She haddecided not to attend her own wedding after her father had spentso much money on the wedding." rumored a local resident.The Lenasia Chronicle, read on their website that this has been the biggest upset in the community after Mr. Faheema Ismail, has takenthe hand in marriage to Mr. Zunaid De Jager."Miss. Ismail, will now be marrying Mr. De Jager on Sunday. Thishas sparked rumors in the local community about the family politicsinside the Ismail's residence as Miss. Ismail has decided to marrysomeone else within a period of several months."
    Local community residents who spoke to Footprints in Lenasia, saythat the disgraced bride had walked a sorry tale of hurting people,and did not really care about the consequences."She was probably the town bicycle, where everybody got a ride. Shewould often be seen at Trade Route Mall, on different occasions, meetingother men. She had registered on a chat forum, where men would flaunttheir personalities to her, and she would often entertain. Almost in herforties, and never married, she had almost passed her shelf life." whisperedanother resident.Meanwhile, residents in South Africa, say that the rate of divorceand failed partnerships in relationships, is the worst."In the olden days, our divorce rate was at a mere 8% per marriage. Intoday's modern era, we are seeing divorce rates, above 20%."says the Marriage Council of South Africa.When Footprints in Lenasia, called the disgraced 'bride to be,'she said that she was not in the mood to chat to us, and thatwhatever happens in her life is her business."If she cannot be in the mood to chat to footprints, she probablywon't give her future husband to be, a n y mood to kindle." jokeda resident.However, other residents who complained to Footprints in Lenasia, saidthat marriage is a once in a life time opportunity, and she shouldof never led, Mr. Ubaid Daniels, into thinking that there could bea marriage."It is unfortunate that women use men for publicity stunts, deep-insecuritylevels, and the vote of confidence. Come three months down the line,this couple will be divorced." echoed a local Lenasia resident.
    As the preparations loom for the biggest wedding of the community, thisSunday, Mr. Ubaid Daniels, says that he knew that she was a *****, fromthe outset, but thought that things might change after they got married."When I heard she was marrying her old flame, I was in a total shock,because this woman would bend her knees, and do things like no other woman. Perhaps,at times, we as men are the fools. I feel as though a circus is going through my head,and I don't know whether to laugh or cry." he rambled.He further states that although his heart is shattered, he will move on, becausewhen you really feel true pain, true love materializes."Perhaps she was never my Juliet, and I was thinking that probably she wouldbe the one. The Ocean is so full of fish, and I guess my day at the river,will start, come Monday morning." he quirked.South African's in general portray that marriage is a life-long commitment,where you can see the future of your children in your husband's eyes, whereyou guys text each other daily, where you enjoy romantic dates, andwhere true love is achieved."Millions of South African's search for their loved ones through variousmethods, and probably, when you meet the right one, the memory,sticks forever." jolted a Lenasia housewife, Mrs. Sumaya Dursot.Footprints Filmworks would like to officially hand the garlandof "Mampara of the month,' to Miss. Faheema Ismail, for the twoforked approach to marriage."When you love someone, never look back, because love comesonce in a lifetime. We live once, die once, marry once, and loveonce."We wish you the success with your 'new-found,' love,and let's hope this time we don't have a 'mother-'n-daughter,'copy.-----------------------------------------/3oSWELL's Circus COMES TO TOWN...!!by Natasha Christopher Donald
    (22 April 2015--FF News) The Reservoir Hills, Indian community of SouthAfrica will be treated to awesome entertainment, 'magical-moments,'mysterious and mystic tricks and fun for the entire family, reportedThe Reservoir Hills Sun."This weekend the entire family and friends will be joining together inwhat seems to be Brian Boswell's 'greatest performance...' We havenever seen before tricks, new found technologies and the show includestricks by Lions, Tigers, and Bears." the paper further reported.Speaking to Footprints in Reservoir Hills, Mr. Mohammed Sattari saysthat he had booked 21 seats for the show, as his brothers, sisters, theirchildren and even a couple of friends will be joining."I was making a joke at one of my friends, that he looks like half a monkeywith his new beard, and hopefully he could get to meet his far far family."he joked.Mr. Brian Boswell noted that this is a 'once-in-a-lifetime,' opportunity forthe entire Kwa-Zulu Natal, and residents should book their seats, today,or might be sent home at the door."Our circus performances is rated the best in Africa, and rated 81st inthe world. We have employed new dancers, new magicians, new athletesand new animals. This is most definitely the talk of town in Kwa-ZuluNatal." he jolted.Another resident who spoke to The Seaside Express, bragged that she hasbeen dating 'The Hottest Hunk,' of Reservoir Hills, and cannot wait to spendquality time with him.
    "We have been on many dates in the past, and he always seems to makeme laugh. When we attend the circus this weekend, I want him, and himalone. I believe laughter is the best medicine, and he reminds meof a clown, the way he toys with me." she giggled.According to residents from surrounding communities of Reservoir Hills,many residents have stated that Mr. Boswell's approach to entertainmentwas far superior to lower class entertainment."We are paying good money to see the performances on stage, and weare told that this will be the SHOW of the year. I am in my sixties,and I will never pass up an opportunity to mingle with societythis weekend." echoed pensioner, Mr. Yukesh Govendar."A circus is the best place to meet new people, dine your loved one,laugh at silly jokes and enjoy brilliant performances. My seat isalready booked." noted Durban knight, Mrs. Angela Chetty.
    Miss. Zainub Takolia, from the community of Phoenix noted thatshe knows her ex-boyfriend will be atthe Circus, and will travel to The Circus, just to see him."We broke up in December 2014, after he started to go out with someone else,and I still love him. Maybe I could catch a glimpse of him at the circus."The Medical Association of South Africa reported that the best medicinefor a n y ailment is laughter, laughter, and more laughter."It is a proven fact that laughter can cure any depression, heart-ailment,flu, and hundreds of other germ infecting viruses. We advice that youtake your entire family and friends to this show."Dancer, Miss. Nikita Peterson, says that she has been practicing thousandsof hours for this show, and let us pray that it all comes off, come dueday."My team and I have been setting thousands of hours aside, working onnew choreography, new talents, new 'dance-moves,' and new formsof getting a smile out off our audiences. Come this weekend, ifyou are not at the SHOW, you are the most boring person onthe planet."Mr. Brain Boswell concluded his statement to Footprints in Reservoir Hills,stating that it costs R81 per Adult, or R18 per child."If you have an amazing talent that we might use as part of the SHOW,please call me on the advertised number, so that we can introduceyou to the audience. At Brian Boswell's Circus, it's all about growth,and we want the local Durban district to get involved."---------------------------------------Belle Touche                   'officially,'                                  OPENS in The Western Cape...!!by Zachary Smith(1 April 2015--FF News) South Africa's 'most-unique,' restaurant has officiallyopened on the coast of The Western Cape, a stone throw a w a y from theseaside says Managing Director for Belle Touche, Mrs. Adriana Kuiper."We have officially opened Belle Touche to Cape Town's finest quality ofgentlemen and ladies. After doing our research through the country, wehad decided that Cape Town be the official head restaurant for BelleTouche, with other franchise opportunities opening soon." she clasped.In a conversation with Footprints in The Western Cape, she further notesthat this will be the f i r s t restaurant in South Africa to serve meals, notfor the ordinary person."We have saucy snake on our menu, guests can get to try our roasted rabbit,or dangle with a main menu including 'caution-crocodile,' ostrich eggs, 'grilled-frog,'or perhaps even 'decadent-donkey...' These are all legal foods that we supply, andone has to acquire a taste for these rare delicacies." The Western Cape Times, says on their website that the restaurant is the most unique as the company provides to more than 200 dishes,all relating to 'animals,' with unique tastes."Before the restaurant officially opened, I was asked to taste a pieceof 'cuddle cat,' which is made up of the inner stuff of a cat. The tastewas somewhat like chicken, but I guess, Cape Town, is in for a wholelot of surprises through the incentive by Belle Touche." noted Milnertonresident, Mrs. Caroline Van Staden.
    According to the Food ACT of South Africa, the 200 dishes on offerat Belle Touche are all unique in their taste and offering."The saucy snake, which forms part of the starter is South Africa'snotorious cobra, melted in a saucy Indian recipe. We have tried andtested many of the recipes at the restaurant, and all passes ourrequirement."Local Caledon resident, Mr. Shane Jeffery says that this is the latestform of restaurants in South Africa, with these type of restaurantsall over Europe and Asia."I prefer the roasted rabbit, as I think it tastes like something betweena tender steak or chicken. I have heard that they have one of thefinest recipes, and will most definitely indulge to my heart's content."According to other managers of the enterprise, they have formed a uniquelocation with waiters and waitresses serving guests in nothing butlingerie and shorts."This is probably one of the coolest attractions of Belle Touche, as youcan get served your masked monkey by a supermodel, or yourangelic-antelope by a man showing off his packs."
    According to Dr. Eugene Samson, he says, that some of the meals on offer by Belle Toucheare some of the finest with rare vitamins and nutrients."The daily stuff we eat-steak, fish, vegetables, pasta and other dishes fail to havecertain nutrients in it, like the crumbed bear, which has the most amount of calories,per ounce. We take the dessert of bees courve which has the highest amountof Vitamin C, per spoon. These are all rare, but healthy meals, that Cape Towncan look forward too."On the opening day, of Belle Touche, thousands of residents queued outside therestaurant to have a quick taste of their smoked walrus, or juicy octopus."I waited four hours, just to be seated, and when the meal arrived, it tastedbetter than it's description. Maybe sometimes these adverts that we read aboutin the paper, means nothing, one has to indulge to really have a taste."The Kleinmond Times,  added that South African's and African's will getto be the first in line to taste these rare delicacies as no single restaurantin Africa, hosts 200 dishes, accumulating 120 different species ofanimals."Be the first in line to get a taste of one of South Africa's leading restaurants."Mr. Uthman Jalalpor from the community of Rylands says that he does not knowif these meals are halaal or not, but he does know that fish is halaal."My mother-in-law who cooks the most disgusting meals in the world,will be treated to shale shark, or fried shark hakes. This will teach her,when she puts food on the table, to sit with my wife and I, and notrun away. I am not into this type of restaurant, but to bring an angryexpression to my mother-in-law, I would not pass up the opportunity."Belle Touche officially opens today in The Western Cape, and beprepared to be 'dazzed-'n-amazed,' by awesome cuisine, light entertainment,and sexy legs that would let you ask for more...!!
    ---------------------------------"CHAMP OF THE MONTH,"                          APRIL 2015by Naazia Hassen
    (22 April 2015--FF News) What s t a r t e d as a romantic date onApril 22 1965, has t u r n e d into a blissful marriage lasting 50 years,eight children, fourteen grandchildren, and six great grandchildren tothe brethren of Mr & Mrs. Tootla. Celebrating their 50th anniversary at the town hall in Overport, the lovingcouple state that it was hard-work, determination, perspiration, dealingwith each others habits, putting each other first, promoting each other,'sharing-'n-caring,' and understanding that had made them l a s t theinnings of 50 years marriage."The day that I had met Yaseer, was the day that changed my life. Wehad met at a family wedding, and he had asked my parents if hecould get to know me better. Being the old-fashioned type of family,my father had grilled him, and his family, before we could evengo on the first date." noted Mrs. Yasmeen Tootla."When I first laid eyes on her, I knew that she will be my bride,whether I have to climb the highest mountain or eat the mosthorrible meals...It was love at first sight, and six months, aftermeeting her, we were finally married." noted Mr. Yaseer Tootla.Speaking at the celebration dinner held in Overport, local residentstold Footprints in Overport, that they had attended the overcastwedding in Transvaal, where they were served traditional chickencurry and rice, roast chicken and treated to a seven course meal."I had fancied Mrs. Tootla in school, but I guess Yaseer, won thewinning hand." jolted a local resident.Another resident who spoke to the Overport Sun, said thatthe Tootla's were the talk of town, celebrating their 50 yearsof marriage, to friends, families, fans and foes. "The couple have one of the biggest homes in South Africa, where theirdoors are always open to the public. They often share family get-togethersand birthday parties together. Perhaps some families from the localcommunity can d r a w straws out of the hats of The Tootla's."Mr. Tootla who spoke at the anniversary dinner said that 'at times,'he had to cope with his wife's imperative snoring, her age-defining moments,her constant demands, and her willingness to grow."When we got married in 1965, we lived out off an outer building, onthe side off the street. I was earning a couple of pounds, whilst shestruggled with her dress-making business...50 years later, we live on a polishedfarm, have our children who visit us on Sundays, and there is never a dull moment."Miss. Yaseera Tootla, the youngest of The Tootla's says that her father is quite agedreaching 81 in February 2015."My father does not have the strength to throw a basketball with me, or havethe patience to sit with me when I am doing assignments for university. I takehis positive advice in my life, and hopefully one day, when I meet my PrinCe Charming,we will be able to meander a fifty year marriage."Mr. Yusuf Tootla who spoke to The Sunday Sun, noted that his wife hadlived with his parents, and is grateful that his wifeand mother get along."We live in a longhouse with 13 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a lapa, andseveral guests quarters. Very often my mother and wife squabble overwhat to cook for dinner, disciplinary measures for my children, andother facets that make a house a home. Being the eldest son ofthe family, I am forced to rise before Sunrise, and return afterSunset. Our family is never dull as someone is always fighting withsomeone."A local Overport resident who spoke to members of the community, saidthat he has been a friend of The Tootla's since they got married."When she gave birth to her eldest daughter, the couple required myfriendship and humor, to spice their lives up. My wife and I have been marriedfor 26 years, and let's hope we can reach the milestone of 50 years." echoedMr. Martin Williams.The community of South Africa say that The Tootla family has always beenthere for the community by providing healthy donations to The WelfareOrganization of Durban, The Institute for Islamic Services, and The Schoolof Westville."They have always been there, when we required financialassistance."Concluding her statement at the gathering, Mrs. Yasmeen Tootla statedthat 'it was no walk in the park,' reaching the milestone of fifty years,as when they married on 22 April 1965, she had to deal with theconstant pressure of keeping up to the 'family tradition,' being a doctorto her children, saying "I love you,' to her husband daily, mingling withher in-laws, and coping with running the family business."Life is about family. The more family you have the merrier yourlifestyle opportunity. Our advice to the people at the gathering isthat you should l e a r n to praise your husband, be his best friend,spend quality time with him, surprise him at times, and even at myage of 69, you still have to keep the numberin bed going." she chuckled.Footprints Filmworks would like to wish, Mr & Mrs Tootla a successfulanniversary, and CHEERS to another 50 years...!!You have WON "CHAMP OF THE MONTH," WITH


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    RadEditor's bottom area: Design, Html and Preview modes, Statistics module and resize handle.
    It contains RadEditor's Modes/views (HTML, Design and Preview), Statistics and Resizer
    Editor Mode buttonsStatistics moduleEditor resizer
    RadEditor's Modules - special tools used to provide extra information such as Tag Inspector, Real Time HTML Viewer, Tag Properties and other.

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