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    Enjoy the glitz and glamour - at home

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    The clock's counting down to Sunday's annual social highlight of the SA Jewish calendar, the Gala Awards Banquet of the Absa Jewish Achievers, brought to you by SA Jewish Report. This R3 000-a-plate fundraiser is, as usual, sold out, even though the new Vodaworld, venue accommodates more guests. But, users, fear not. SAJR Online will host its biggest-ever live-blog to keep you updated from 16:00, when guests begin arriving – through tlil late in the night. Read more...
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    • 14-Chirp new HOME

    Join the discussions - go on, have yourself a rev

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    Users continue to post dozens of new comments on this website every day – and that’s on a quiet day. Sometimes this stream of user-posted content suddenly turns into a torrent - usually driven by the issues and emotions of the day – and then the hard work starts as SAJR Online moderates every single comment posted.
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    • Bev Goldman - HOME

    Sorry, folks, Bev was on top of her game

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    It was we who erred by not promoted and publicised all of Bev’s hard work during the crucial period of Operation Protective Edge...
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    • Maurice Ostroff- Telfed Honoree

    How media misled the world on Gaza

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    Blogging on the Times Of Israel yesterday, our old friend Maurice Ostroff sets out a complex theory of how he believes United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the rest of the world were collusively misled about the current conflict in Gaza by the manner in which it was reported in the media.
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    Read the Chief Rabbi’s message to SA Jewry

    Aug 18, 2014 4 Comments
    Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein urged all Rabbis to devote their sermons this past Shabbos to the importance of peace and respect in our community. “Let us all come together as one community in the spirit of our world-renowned menschlichkeit and unity and above all let us just remember to be nice to one another,” was the essence underlying of the Chief Rabbi’s message.
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    Tony Ehrenreich's Kristallnacht

    Aug 18, 2014 2 Comments
    Andrew Donaldson on the Cosatu Western Cape leader's "eye-for-an-eye" call against the SA Jewish Board of Deputies and other Jewish South Africans supporting Israel which caused consternation, civil and criminal charges and a referral to the SA Human Rights Commission last Friday.
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