Rabbi Herring: ‘Tefillin and mezuzah issues’

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The Johannesburg Beth Din has followed up a communiqué it issued on May 27, regarding sifrei Torah, tefillin and mezuzoth (STAM) sold by Rabbi Hylton Herring, confirming that Rabbi Herring had agreed to cease trading in STAM.
by OWN CORRESPONDENT | Aug 20, 2014

“We thank Rabbi Herring for working closely with the Beth Din to rectify the situation.

The Beth Din again informed the public that there was a halachic obligation to have their mezuzoht checked “twice every seven years, irrespective from whom they were purchased”.

It said to date Rabbi Herring had paid for all checking regardless as to whether the merchandise had been found to be possul or not.

“However, as from August19,  Rabbi Herring is only responsible to pay the reasonable costs for the checking of merchandise found to be possul from the outset; should the merchandise be found kosher, the cost of checking is to be borne by the customer.

“All mezuzoth and tefillin must be submitted for checking by August 30, after which Rabbi Herring is no longer responsible to pay for checking.

“Rabbi Herring, as indeed any other trader in STAM, continues to bear responsibility for the replacement of STAM that he supplied if found to have been possul from the outset.

“All checking of STAM must take place directly with the following authorised people: Rabbi Rael Drutman 082-347-8744 or (011) 640-1834, Rabbi Chaim Klein (011) 485-4059, Rabbi Gary Braude 079-978-5243, Rabbi Simcha Frenkel 072-655-7715, and Rabbi Dov Kazilsky 071-935-6005.

“Rabbi Herring recommends using Rabbi Drutman, who he has made an arrangement with, to expedite any checking or replacements without additional costs, subject to (conditions set out above).

“Possul mezuzoth that Rabbi Herring has supplied, should be brought to Rabbi Drutman who will verify with Rabbi Herring that these particular mezuzoth were supplied by Rabbi Herring and Rabbi Drutman will then hand over the replacements.

“Any unresolved financial disputes relating to STAM merchandise in genera, can be referred to the Beth Din,” said Rabbi A Klein on behalf of the Beth Din.


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  1. 1 Laurie Berz 24 Oct
    I am trying to contact Rabbi Hylton Herring. Can you please pass my email along to him or forward his email on to me.
    Thank you very much,

    Laurie Berz
    [email protected]


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