Mentalist Gork leaves audience gobsmacked

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Mentalist Gilan Gork amazed the audience at the Jewish Achiever event on Sunday, by locking some predictions in a sealed box at the beginning of proceedings, hanging those predictions above the stage the entire night. At the end of the event, he had members of the audience select random people by each one throwing a paper ball backwards to the next - to whom he posed questions. READ THIS AND WONDER...
by ANT KATZ | Aug 27, 2014

Gilan's 1-2-3 step wonder

Step #1 ABOVE - He locked some predictions in a sealed box at the beginning of proceedings, hanging those predictions above the stage the entire night. 

Gilan Step 2Step #2 RIGHT - Gilan asked random people in the audience what the winner should get as a prize - and he wrote the answers down on a flip-chart.

Step #3 BELOW - Everyone was astounded that when he lowered and opened the sealed box, he had predicted who would win the Absa Listed Company Award as well as the answers that the audience had suggested would make a good prize.

Gork is a renowned and sought-after mentalist who travels South Africa and the world, doing stand-alone shows and appearing at corporate events.

He specialises in presentations of thought reading, psychological influence, predictions and body language. He again showcased his abilities in the most entertaining way and the sophisticated black-tie audience had one question: How does he do it?!

His show went down a treat and fitted in well with an evening of glitz and glamour.

Gork’s impact has seen him as guest star on dozens of prime time TV programmes, radio shows and in the print media. His “Achievers feats” remained a talking point long after the event.

Gilan step 3

Known as “The Master of Influence”, Gork’s talks and master classes are designed to deliver practical techniques which enable people to be more influential, particularly in business.


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