BDS shuts Rosebank Woolies on Shabbos

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BDS-SA is cooing after it managed to get Woollies in Rosebank to temporarily close on Shabbos in the first in a series of planned “Monthly National Days of Action against Woolworths” for importing a very small amount of fresh produce items from Israel. It was one of 40 protests around SA. A flashmob formed outside & moved through the shop singing an adaptation of Trey Songz’ popular song “Oh Nana.” See the video and read the words they used…
by ANT KATZ | Sep 01, 2014

US-based NGO Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel’s SA affiliate, BDS-SA, held protests outside Woolworths stores around the country in what they are billing as a “successful start to Monthly National Day of Action against Woolworths”.

In all, says BDS-SA, over 40 “actions” took place across the country at Woolworths stores on Saturday.

“The Monthly National Day of Action against Woolworths (for having Israeli trade links) kicked-off to a successful start in Rosebank, Johannesburg earlier this morning,” reads the notes to the above video. “A flashmob to the tune of Trey Songz’ “Oh Nana” was perfumed (sic) by students and young activists.” The lyrics of the song were adapted to the following:

Israel - dont TALL“Oh nana

Look what Woolies started.

Oh nana

Why you gotta be so brutal.

Oh nana I aint gonna spend this cash.

Oh nana if you keep stocking from Israel”


“The flashmob was followed by mass pamphleteering and the eventual successful closing of the Woolworths store in Rosebank on one of the busiest trading days in the month for a certain period,” cooed BDS.

“There was one incident of a Rosebank Mall security person pushing over a female activist which led her to fall on the ground,” they say. “However, there was no other violence and the protest was as a whole peaceful.”

 Campaigners Co-ordinator for BDS-SA, Kwara Kekana said at the Rosebank protest that these protests, pickets, flashmobs, till-jamming and other actions would be intensified as Woolworths had refused to meet with BDS-SA in order to resolve this issue of them trading with Israel.

#BoycottWoolworths protests actions were not the problem, Kekana said, “the problem is Woolworths maintaining Israeli trade links”, which he claimed to be “in violation of the international boycott against Israel”.

Asked afterwards what “international boycott” he was referring to, Kekana could or would not say.


  1. 16 Gary Selikow 01 Sep
    BDS are the Nazis of tghe 21st century. Trying to enforce boycotts of Jewish business just as the Nazis did in the 1930s
    wishing BDS total destruction
  2. 15 Bev Goldman 01 Sep
    I wonder how many of these young fervent activists are aware that so much of the technology they use today has come out of Israel.  I wonder how keen they would be to stop using it if they knew.  I wonder how we can teach them about it.  I wonder what they would do without it. I wonder if they know about ISIS, about China's human "rights" records, about genocide in Syria and about Boko Haram in Nigeria.  I wonder if they know how many starving children there are in Alex and Kayelitsha.  I wonder if they know how many of our children don't attend schools, how many of our children have no shoes, how many of our households are run by children.  I wonder if they know of the humanitarian crisis in Swaziland.  I wonder most of all if they know what Israel has given the world, the medical innovations, the agricultural benefits, the  unequalled technology.  I wonder.....
  3. 14 Victor Gordon 02 Sep
    Make no mistake you brave advocates of BDS. This has nothing to do with a few Israeli tomatos marketed by Woolworths. This is an undisguised expression of Jew-hatred and nothing else. You may wish to dress it up as your alleged opposition to so-called "Israeli apartheid"; you might wish to convince yourselves that what you are doing is in the interests of the Palestinians who consume and sell more Israeli produce than Woolworths could ever dream of; despite the outright opposition by none other than Mahmud Abbas who has condemned all boycotts in the interests of his people; despite your misguided belief that you know more about what the Palestinians themselves desire and need , you go ahead with your purile songs and dances while hypocritically using cellphones dependent on Israeli  technology and laptops dependent on Israeli-developed Intel chips. From the comfort of your homes you claim to have all the answers with regard to a non-existant system of Israeli "apartheid" while sprouting c liched slogans that bear no reflection on truth and reality.  With your obvious energy - common to students and activists of your age - convinced that they can fix the world, you could be doing so much good were you to devote your energies where they could be put to real and meaningful use. But that would be no fun as there would be no Jews involved. I am lothe to use the anti-Semitism card but in your case it is fully justified.
  4. 13 John 02 Sep
    Who cares about BDS actions .They are just a bunch of indocrinated fools jumping on a band wagon.
    The good news is that it happenned on Shabbat which is poetic justice or Hashem's handiwork.
  5. 12 RussellGee 02 Sep
    Boycotts are fantastic. The BDS is trying to stop the flow of Israeli food - so what's happened? The European boycott against Russia means that Israeli produce is going to............Russia. The demand is more than Israel can supply. If Woolworths give in to this Blackmail, the next issue, whether it's selling pork or supporting Manchester United will invoke similar protest action. If these Arabs and their rent a crowd would put as much effort into development and creating something positive as they do in trying by all means they are capable of to destroy Israel - they would find the world is a better place for themselves than they understand. Any 1/2 bright individual can see what Islam is doing the world over, in country after country. The inaction by the Government for allowing the disruption of businesses is worrying. This is not freedom of speech. Ultimately the BDS campaign like all the others against Israel will fail too. I urge everyone to support those businesses that are targeted by those with political agendas.
  6. 11 Nadine Lemmer 02 Sep
    They look like the monkeys they are!!!
  7. 10 Vivian 02 Sep
    Now Now, children please settle down. Childish activisim does not work, perhaps it makes them feel better inside, but ineffectual at best. Anything for a headline... it can be done much better. Tit for tat nonsense, resources could be much better spent elsewhere.
  8. 9 Choni 02 Sep
    Whatever our attitude is towards the boycotters, it is becoming less and less easy or pleasant, or comfortable, or safe to be a Jew in S.Africa.
    Young Jews of S.Africa; You don't need to put up with this hatred of Jews, and Israel. Your own country will welcome you with open arms.
  9. 8 Donald Krausz 02 Sep
    I see that the BDS use the word ACTION, same as the Nazi murderers did when going out to slaughter Jews.

    As to the filmed interview in the USA, if I was asked for my reaction to a military boot placed on a child on the ground, I would ask why the  offender is holding an AK 47 instead of the standard Israeli M16. Hamas uses the AK 47. I would also ask whether that picture was an ISIS action,
  10. 7 Elona Steinfeld 04 Sep
    What right do BDS have to storm any store?  Were they given permission? As far as I am concerned the BDS supporters intimated shoppers and staff and should be charged with unruly and threatening behaviour, INTOLERANCE and bigotry. Has anyone laid a charge against them?

    Leader of the SA BDS movement said on TV that they have started with Woolworths but intend taking on the bigger supermarket stores.  Let's see what happens when they charge CHECKERS, etc.

    It is time for our leadership takes a very strong stand against all those who threaten us.
  11. 6 nat cheiman 04 Sep
    these intellectual pygmies are only a threat to themselves. they are virtually uneducated and this
    is one of the reasons they will fail.
    instead of applying themselves to their studies, they
    hang around playing kids games.
    They are nothing short of half wits.
  12. 5 nat cheiman 04 Sep
    BDS should take a look at the Intimidation Act .
    They might just change their tune.
    Or maybe not. Perhaps they don't read too well.
  13. 4 Carol Kahn 07 Sep
    It boggles the mind how immature these "kids" are!! If they just stopped & thought OF JUST HOW MANY of the every day electronic things the use from computer, iPads, iPhones etc etc, health & life saving parts, left saving drugs, that THEY USE - ALL from ISRAEL - but that's okey A how selective they are!!!!! D O U B L E   S T A N D A R D S
    The amazing WOOLWORTHS goods are short term "here today - gone tomorrow!!"  Why worry about the foods stuffs?? NZ34W

  14. 3 Isaac Brajtman 10 Sep
     The problem with Antisemitism is not the Jews ,but the antisemites. 
    These mobs are behaving like the psychopathic mobs in Nazi Germany behaved. Are they naive ignorant students or also psychopaths just following misguided leaders. 
    Remember what happened to the German mobs in the end. In time they will have the same ending Where will find all the virgins when they become martyres
  15. 2 Derek Ziman 23 Sep
    I wonder where the police are when private property is invaded by lunatics with a foreign agenda. What is law and justice in South Africa coming to or is it because the ANC Government is also so anti-Semitic?
  16. 1 Ely Fine 20 Feb
    im not jewish, but I like love them
    i love Israel!
    Jesus my savior is Jewish and so mother Mary
    and so they are the children chosen by God!
    they have contributed to technology and medicine

    only ignorant people full of hatred 
    antisemitism ! Cannot like them


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