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“I was looking at WWI posters at the Washington State History Museum with my kids, & found one in Yiddish. How cool!” says US user Sara.
by ANT KATZ | Sep 01, 2014

The Washington State History Museum is running a featured exhibition called: “Seeds of Victory - Posters of the Great War” which includes this great one in Yiddish titled: “Food Will Win the War” and is the work of Sidney Reisenberg. (SEE ENLARGED VERSION BELOW).

BDS-14 HOMEThis year is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Fist World War, which was known as the “War to End All Wars” and “The Great War”.

Though the peace afterward was short lived, the First World War was a significant conflict supported by the American government through a newly-formed special agency they called the Committee on Public Information charged with the task of creating a propaganda campaign.

The key to this campaign’s success was the war poster – a propaganda tool that could evoke emotion and motivate action.

The exhibition is running until December 7 at the Washington State History Museum.

“Seeds of Victory: Posters of the Great War” is a beautiful private collection of the historical works of art that stirred Americans to volunteer for service, buy liberty bonds, grow victory gardens, live on rations, and support the cause. On loan from collectors Jim and Sheron Givan, the posters illustrate how popular art can inspire a nation and change the course of history.

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Titled: “Food Will Win the War” (In Yiddish), the poster
is the work of Sidney Reisenberg and was done in 1918.


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