Facts on ISIS confuse and confound users

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SAJR users & contributors have been writing on ISIS for weeks – fearing their encroachment towards the Israeli border. Who are they, what do they do and do they really pose the threats that the US media is depicting. “Yes,” said CNN and the NYT quite emphatically yesterday, publishing some startling new information. “No,” wrote The Times of Israel’s Middle East analyst Avi Issacharoff yesterday. Here’s what everyone has to say – draw your own conclusions.
by ANT KATZ | Sep 05, 2014

Will the real ISIS please stand up!

CNN International last night broadcast a fascinating interview with Adam Ellick, a senior video journalist on his September 3 article and video in NEW YORK TIMES “Escaping Death in Northern Iraq”.

ISIS ConvoyBoth the original NYT story and the CNN VID & STORY entitled: “New York Times: A survivor's retelling of an ISIS massacre” are absolute eye-openers into the threat that ISIS poses to the Middle East.


RIGHT: Which is the real ISIS, a ragtag army in Toyotas as depicted by the Times of Israel, ABOVE, or an elite and organised fighting force, as depicted by CNN and the New York Times, BELOW

In complete contrast to the CNN and NYT reports, however, The TIMES OF ISRAEL’s Middle East analyst, Avi Issacharoff, filed a story entitled: How did a few thousand fighters on pickup trucks manage to frighten the world? yesterday.

“While Western media highlights the Islamic State’s gains, and Obama seeks a strategy, the jihadists would be hard-pressed if faced with a conventional army,” Issacharoff says.

“If an outsider read the newspaper and Internet headlines over the past few months, he would think that the Islamic State and its counterpart/rival in Syria, the al-Nusra Front, were planning a mass invasion of tens of thousands of jihadis into Israel, and from there into Europe and the United States.”

Jewish Report readers are capable of making up their own minds. We proffer these three up-to-date stories from three of the most credible news sources around and suggest users make their own assessments.



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