How will we be judged? blogger Howard is most read

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The top read on SAJR this week has been the blog: “How will we be judged?” by Howard Feldman in the wake of the (likely) end of the saga of Rabbi Berland in Johannesburg.. Hot on its heels in the running for top reads and comments category was everything else we have published on the R. Berland saga – and there sure has been a lot of that.
by ANT KATZ | Sep 17, 2014

“And now they have gone. They appeared like an apparition, they unnerved and unsettled us, they angered and frustrated us, and as suddenly as silently as they arrived, so they have disappeared. Our streets of are devoid and they have returned to somewhere. The Breslovers have left our community and I for one, am left wondering as to what just happened and how we fared,” asks Howard in his blog.


 “It has been a period of rumour and smoke, of sting operations and wedding crashes. A period of car chases through our neighborhoods, of accusations of aiding and abetting and of harbouring fugitives.  We have gossiped and been haughty, we have scorned and we have turned away. I have no idea if we have falsely accused. Certainly their leader’s release in Amsterdam has me a little perplexed.

“They arrived on our doorstep ahead of Pesach 2014 and we were caught by surprise. They became the community’s concern and we discussed and pondered, debated and argued, and continued to do so as we were thrown a set of circumstances in which we had little experience. Was it our problem to deal with the indigent and the hungry when the burden of responsibly is already straining our community’s limited resources? What about the criminal accusations, Interpol lists, child brides, border crossing and other activities we heard about?”



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