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  • SAJR Seeya after Shabbos
As regular users are aware, this is not a frum website – but many of its users are. And, in deference to them, no news is ever posted, comments moderated or blogs posted during Shabbos and chagim. Users are welcome to browse through the over 70 000 content-items we have posted over the past ten months; it just means that we don’t add NEW content over this period.
by ANT KATZ | Oct 15, 2014

With out-of-country users representing 33 per cent of all visits, we obviously can’t create a 48-hour Shabbos to include time zones that include users from the Pacific to the Pacific - and so we work on Johannesburg, South African candle-lighting times.

So, users, while you are welcome to browse (some of our longest visits happen during holiday leisure times), post comments and send your submissions to [email protected] - don’t expect any responses until after 19:00 Saturday at the earliest.

SAJR.CO.ZA is truly flattered by the fact that the website passed its 400 000th hit today! We watch exactly what gets read, by how many, for how long and from what country every single day. That is why we say that our users write this website. We see what you read (but not who you are) and then we give you more of what you like and less of what you are not interested in.

The only thing we are doing right, is listening to our users. Most of the innovations to this website have also come from user suggestions.

Happy Holidays all, and we will see you again on Saturday night, Johannesburg SA time.


  1. RadEditor - HTML WYSIWYG Editor. MS Word-like content editing experience thanks to a rich set of formatting tools, dropdowns, dialogs, system modules and built-in spell-check.
    RadEditor's components - toolbar, content area, modes and modules
    Toolbar's wrapper 
    Content area wrapper
    RadEditor's bottom area: Design, Html and Preview modes, Statistics module and resize handle.
    It contains RadEditor's Modes/views (HTML, Design and Preview), Statistics and Resizer
    Editor Mode buttonsStatistics moduleEditor resizer
    RadEditor's Modules - special tools used to provide extra information such as Tag Inspector, Real Time HTML Viewer, Tag Properties and other.


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