Postal Strike - who knew?

  • Howard Feldman blog pic
Howard Feldman (pic) posted his latest blog this afternoon & it’s already the top read today. By far. Read it & you, too, will be hooked!
by ANT KATZ | Oct 22, 2014

Blogger Howard Feldman posted his latest piece “The South African Postal Strike – who knew?” earlier this afternoon and it is already the top read of the day, by far!

Imagine my surprise when I heard the South African post office was on strike. And to make it worse, they have downed tools for the last three months! I am appalled. How could I have missed this? The country must have come to a complete standstill while I was busy on Facebook. The wheels must have come off, mere anarchy has loosed on our world - things must have fallen apart,” writes Feldman.

“So I phoned my mom. She is normally very up-to-date on these matters, and told her what I had just read somewhere on the Internet. 'Nonsense,' said she. 'We would have known.' And then there was a pause. A long pause (which is unusual as she normally pauses just long enough to take a breath). 'But now that I think of it, I haven’t seen an E-toll account' (which she likes to hide from my father, given that there is a “gantry” between her home and Caesar’s Casino). 'Maybe it’s true.'"


Howard is a businessman, philanthropist and social commentator. He is a commodity trader with a secret passion for writing and literature - and has quickly become one of SAJR.CO.ZA’s most read bloggers.



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