Yeshiva YaChad outdoes itself with SP Vid

  • Shabbos Project 2014 Yeshiva
Yeshiva College Boys in Johannesburg posted this Shabbos Project video of ‘Dror Yikra’ (cover of Maccabeats’ adaptation of 'When I'm gone'). It has already garnered over 5 000 views. Yes - it’s that good, get ready to rumble! On Oct 22, YaChad (Yeshiva College Boys High a capella Group) published their video of ‘Dror Yikra’ - a Hebrew cover version of the Maccabeats adaptation of 'When I'm gone' by AP Carter.
by ANT KATZ | Oct 24, 2014

One of the most beautiful customs on Shabbat is to sing Zemirot at the Shabbat table - special songs describing and sensitising us to the holiness and beauty of Shabbat.

It is customary to sing Dror Yikra at the Shabbat day table. Dror Yikra was written by Dunash Ben Laverat (920-990 - mentioned in the writings of Rashi, Ketubbot 10b, and Tosafot, Sukka 31b)

About Dror Yikra - by Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon

Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi writes: “The slaves of time - are slaves to slaves; a slave to G-d - he alone is free.” דרור - freedom - is not the lack of any obligation. True freedom means being free to do G-d’s will, and doing G-d’s will is true freedom. We ask G-d to ensure true freedom for His people; to rebuild the Temple - D’rosh Navi v’Ulami; to give Am Yisrael trees to sit under for shade - Hadas shitah b’rosh tidhar. - based on Yeshayahu 41:19; to destroy our enemies - B’mog Leivav u’Vamgina - He will melt their hearts. The goal is not freedom, but serving G-d. Thus, the message to the Jewish people is that - ‘Dei’ah chochmah l’nafshecha v’hi keter l’roshecha, n’tzor mitzvat K’doshecha sh’mor Shabbat Kodshecha’ - ‘if you are wise you will study Torah, so that it may be a crown upon your head; keep G-d’s mitzvoth and observe Shabbat.’ The goal of freedom is the ability to connect with Torah, sanctity, and Hashem.” 


  • Musical Director: Daniel Tucker
  • Video Production: Ryan Peimer (Flash-forward Productions)
  • Recording: Jonny Birin
  • Arrangement by: Bryan Schimmel
  • Producer: Rav Leron Bernstein
  • Project Manager: Cheryl HH
  • The wonderful Yeshiva College Boys that make up YaChad.
  • The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Tanzer, Chairman, Mr Bender and all the principals, teachers and learners of Yeshiva College



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