Pig’s head incident: BDS implicated by association

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The ugly face of moral turpitude and anti-Semitism manifested itself recently when the Congress of South African Students placed a pig’s head at a Woolworths store in Cape Town.
by Nathan Cheiman | Nov 05, 2014

BDS quickly released a statement to say "BDS is not involved or implicated at all". Notwithstanding that, the BDS directors and senior management are all Muslim; their statement distancing their organisation from this repugnant act doesn't wash with the facts.

Much like the Nazis condemning the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbour, Cosas and BDS are allies - they are in bed together, so to speak.

As partners, BDS failed to act to prevent such an act and therefore are implicated by association. (This is trite law.) It must be clear to all and sundry, that BDS is not against Israel - they are against  Jews. They are not for Palestine either. After all, who says that the Palestinians have a franchise on Jerusalem (and Gaza and the West Bank)? 

History dictates that although many nations occupied the Land of Israel, they were never there in terms of Hashem's promise.

The BDS’ hatred for Jews is based on the premise of their (Muslim) prophecies by their prophet and has nothing to do with the fallacies spewed out regarding Israeli apartheid and occupation.

Many BDS members refuse to recognise that, today, Islamic radicalism results in terror and has become problematic globally.

They refuse to acknowledge that Hamas is an evil terrorist group. It almost seems that the Muslims today, distance themselves from terror, but in essence they do nothing about it.

Cosas, on the other hand put out a statement, after the "pig’s head" incident to say that Cosas "is an organisation and not a bunch of clowns".

There is not much to say about Cosas, other than that they are indeed fortunate that breathing is a reflex action.


Northcliff, Johannesburg


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