Spotlighting nails another anti-Semite

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DIRCO employee, Rudi van Vuuren (pictured), is the latest in a long line of government staffers who have been caught tweeting hate-speech against Israel and Jews.
by ANT KATZ | Nov 14, 2014

Van Vuuren, a DIRCO (department of international relations and co-operation) staffer who has enjoyed diplomatic postings to Helsinki and Damascus, tweeted his gem that was posted yesterday on the SA Friends of Palestine page.

roro3It was spotted by Spotlighting SA and followed up in a detailed NEW BLOG posted today by Rolene Marks. Read it: Beware of swine flu – a contagious disease!

“Hate speech, much like swine flu, seems to be a contagious disease,” posts Rolene.

“This is a disease that is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. South Africa is not immune.

Over the last few months social media sites on Facebook and Twitter have been infested with the kind of comments that would not have been out of place in Germany circa 1938 and many of the perpetrators are linked to government departments and political parties.

“We have had the illustrious Rene Smit, social media manager of the ANC Western Cape branch posting ‘Hitler was right’.” She says, and now this!

Read it:Beware of swine flu – a contagious disease!


  1. 4 Gary Selikow 17 Nov
    Every time you think these scumbags cannot get any lower there they do and make your jaw drop again with their sheer hatred and audacity
  2. 3 Jonnie 28 Nov
    Who cares about these biggots,charlatans,misfits and demagogues.
    One day the Truth will set them free just before their brains implode having been saved by Israeli medical technology

    BDS  =   Belittle Dah Scumbags
  3. 2 david 17 Dec
    Do we really need to publish the rubbish sprouted by the Friends of Palestine and the other moronic bigots like Ismail and Sulaiman --  its enough to make us all gag.
  4. 1 nat cheiman 24 Dec
    This little mouse probably came out of the closet when the ANC started governing. Prior to that he may have been a rabid nationalist who was very close to PW.
    Many nationalists sucked up to the new regime to get cosy jobs. However, he should've stayed in Scandinavia with all the other anti semites


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