UN nixes resolution on Palestinian statehood

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A Palestinian-backed United Nations Security Council resolution setting a deadline for a peace deal with Israel failed to garner sufficient votes for passage last night.
by ANT KATZ | Dec 31, 2014

The resolution, which was voted on Tuesday, was aimed at achieving a full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank by late 2017.

Eight nations on the 15-member council voted yes, two voted no and five abstained. Nine votes were required for passage. The no votes came from the United States and Australia.

Had nine votes been obtained, the United States, which voted against the resolution, was expected to in any event exercise its Security Council veto.


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The full UN Security Council sat last night - GETTY

'Deeply imbalanced'

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, called the draft resolution “deeply imbalanced” and slammed the council for the unusual move of putting the resolution to a vote without any debate.

“We voted against it because we know what everyone here knows as well: Peace will come from hard choices and compromises that must come at the negotiating table,” Power said.

“This text addresses the concerns of only one side,” she said. “It would undermine efforts to get back to an atmosphere that achieves two states for two peoples.”

The deadlines in the resolution, Power noted, “take no account of Israel’s legitimate security concerns.”

The vote took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning South African time.


  1. 6 abu mamzer 31 Dec
    Whoopee!yebo! Shkeach!
    Palestinians duplicity finally exposed!
    Samantha"ämandla" Power.
    Thank you Oz,Thank you Yankee,
    and all the other countries who said NO.
    Put that in your hubbly bubbly,BDS!
  2. 5 Choni 31 Dec
    AbuMamzer, First off, Besides the U.S. only one country voted No - Australia. It is 100% certain that were S.Africa a member of the UNSC, which way it would have voted.
    Having said that, it would be very, very difficult for any 'Zionistic' S.African to be unashamedly proudly Jewish S.African as so many purportedly are, including the chairman of the SAJR.
    (From now on, I, myself will 'support' Australia in any sporting event against S.Africa)
  3. 4 Ant Katz 31 Dec
    Choni, I am not sure I understood the logic of that that comment of yours, I am sure I missed something. But I recently met the Publisher/Owner of the Australian Jewish newspapers at a conference and he is a proud Australian Jew. Does that mean you will not support the Ozzies either?

  4. 3 Choni 01 Jan
    Ant, In the context of the proposed Palestinian U. N. resolution, it would indeed be appropriate to be a proud Jewish Australian, since they voted against it.
    S.Africa on the other hand (had they been able to vote) would,without question, have supported the Palestinians.
    In my opinion, therefore, in this very important issue of loyalties regarding Israel, one would rather be a proud Australian Jew than a proud South African Jew.
  5. 2 Choni 01 Jan
    Hi Ant, In the context of the recent Palestinian resolution that Australia voted against, and in light of past history, S.Africa would certainly have voted 'Yes', then one can see that it is very logical and easy to be a proud Australian Jew, and on the other hand extremely difficult to a proud S.African Jew.
    One could say that this would apply to any issue regarding the Israeli/Palestinian issue at the U.N.
    Also from the perspective of an Israeli like me, and probably many others, it would be much easier to relate to an Australian Jew than to a S.African Jew, regarding loyalties to Israel vis-a-vis, the U.N.
    Ant, I hope you can now understand my logic. As I've mentioned many times before, to be proudly Jewish S.African and proudly Zionistic is a contradiction in terms.
    Thanks and regards
  6. 1 nat cheiman 01 Jan
    At least Israel now knows who their friends are.
    As for Europe, I wish them a Muslim filled new year and as for Belgium, I hope their choccies melt in summer.
    As the US ambassador correctly said. Peace will come from hard choices.For example; Hamas and Fatah must get over wiping Israel off the map. In fact the converse may apply if they don't accept Israel as a partner for peace.The Palestinians must not make the same mistake made by Arafat when he rejected the offer (in those days). The situation for Palestine gets worse, not better. There are many Israeli's who want this Palestinian plague to go away (preferably to another country). Perhaps france Italy and Belgium would like to have them.I am terrified that Zuma will let them in here but I guess many SA muslims are smarter than that, to allow their lifestyles to be spoilt by war mongering Palestinians. 


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