Abbas’ Fatah celebrates with genocide poster

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Just 24 hours after PA submits application to join ICC, Fatah movement of PA President Abbas publishes gruesome image by Arab artist Ali Faour on its Facebook page inciting genocide against Israeli Jews. The poster (extract illustrated – see full poster in story) was published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Fatah’s founding on the terrorist organisation. The anniversary was celebrated at a ceremony in Ramallah this week, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.
by ANT KATZ | Jan 02, 2015

Barely 24 hours after the Palestinian Authority submitted its application to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Fatah movement of PA President Mahmoud Abbas published a gruesome image on its Facebook page inciting genocide against Israeli Jews.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
vows to counter the PA’s moves at the ICC

The image, by Arab artist Ali Faour, was published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Fatah’s founding on the terrorist organisation’s Facebook page. The anniversary was celebrated at a ceremony in Ramallah on Wednesday morning, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

Furman Dean

RIGHT: Faour’s image shows a Fatah flag attached to a gun emerging from a pile of skulls, several marked with a Magen Dovid. It conjures up memories of the corpses which Nazi execution squads dumped into mass graves during the Holocaust

Incitement against Israel’s existence

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW,) an Israeli monitoring group, noted that incitement against Israel’s very existence has been a key theme in Fatah’s celebration of its anniversary.  “Central to the visual images is the map of ‘Palestine’, used by both the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, which includes both the PA areas and all of Israel, thus denying Israel’s existence in any borders,” the group said.

PMW also highlighted the host of a children’s programme  on PA TV who praised a young girl for wearing a pendant shaped like “occupied Palestine, which will return to us some day”.

The PA is focused on joining as many international organisations as possible, following Tuesday’s failed vote on Palestinian statehood at the UN Security Council. Membership of the ICC would, the Palestinians calculate, provide a major opportunity to focus attention on Israel’s alleged “war crimes” while keeping the focus away from the PA’s long record of incitement.

Bibi vows to counter PA’s ICC moves

 “We will rebuff this attempt to force diktats on us just as we repelled the Palestinian appeal to the UN Security Council,” Netanyahu said on Wednesday, insisting the Palestinians had more to fear from the court than Israel.

 “It is the Palestinian Authority that has formed a unity government with Hamas – an avowed terrorist organisation that, like the Islamic State, carries out war crimes  – which should be concerned about the ICC,” he said.

Fatah poster - large

A number of users have written to asked us to show the poster in more detail - so here it is in a larger format


  1. 8 Choni 02 Jan
    Joshuah Broomberg & co. Please take note.
  2. 7 shelly leibowitz/rosenberg 02 Jan
    I hope these idiots's parents & grandparents also take note
  3. 6 david 04 Jan
    will we get comment from the Jews who believe in 'one state' ? --  I think not, because there is no sane explanation or acceptable explanation for this genocide poster by Fatah  
  4. 5 Choni 04 Jan
     David, Here is a comment from one Israeli who believes in one state.
  5. 4 Gary Selikow 05 Jan
    Broombers and JVJP etc do take note, They enjoy these things and want Israel's Jews massacred 
  6. 3 Jason 05 Jan
    Gary, why are you worried? Krengels and Co already reassured us that Abbas and Fatah are our good friends. Nevermind the New Year's card (and all the terror attacks, for that matter). Don't you trust our leaders?
  7. 2 Mordechai 06 Jan
    Jason I hear you loud and clear. The recent history (since the formation of the new Rainbow nation) of South Africa's Jewish leaders shows that they are a spineless and gutless group . Openly support Tutu, some supported Broomberg and co while the silence of others was deafening, the leadership unfairly and openly tore into Prime Minister Netanyahu when he did not attend Mandela's funeral but remained silent when a month later not one member of the government attended the funeral of Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, and in true form the silence of S Africas Jewish leadership was deafening...I could go on and in and on
  8. 1 nat cheiman 10 Jan
    That's why Israel should get rid of its muslim community.
    The West bank and Gaza should be annexed by Israel and the Palestinians given an opportunity to decide if Syria or Jordan is their preference. Italy or France and possibly the UK may consider them. Then there will be no more problems for Israel (other than wiping Iran off the map). Bibi can consult Desai (of BDS fame) and see if he can ask SA to take in a few hundred thousand.
    There are many options available.



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