No Jews in Parkview, please

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Esteemed UK paper: “Parkview is known for its elite private schools, costly houses & gentile high street with outdoor cafés & restaurants”...
by ANT KATZ | Jan 07, 2015

We all make bloopers

The picture atop a story titled “South African man shoots wife dead in local police station over domestic dispute” which appeared yesterday in THE TELEGRAPH in the UK, is captioned as follows: “The leafy Johannesburg suburb of Parkview is known for its elite private schools, costly houses and gentile high street with outdoor cafés and restaurants Photo: Alamy”!

Of course, the word was supposed to be “genteel” and not “gentile” - but, before attributing the blame to the picture editor, the same error occurs in the copy of Aislinn Laing’s story.

The blooper was picked up by SAJR Online regular reader and one of SA’s most accomplished Jewish media-folk, Jeremy Gordin, who submitted it to Jewish Report to share with the community - and the following comment: "The mighty Telegraph, nogal!"

The story, posted on THE TELEGRAPH yesterday afternoon, reads: “South African man shot his wife dead before turning the gun on himself as they stood in their local police station filing domestic violence complaints against each other.

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RIGHT: The picture that was accompanied by the blooper caption

“The 47-year-old man, who has not yet been identified, reportedly asked to go and fetch his reading glasses from the car but returned with a gun and shot his 45-year-old wife in the head, police said.

“He then allegedly pointed the gun at police officers on duty in the station, prompting them to take cover behind a desk, before turning it on himself.

“The shooting took place at 2.50am on Tuesday in the leafy Johannesburg suburb of Parkview, which is known for its elite private schools, costly houses and gentile high street with outdoor cafés and restaurants.

“Contrary to Johannesburg’s crime-ridden reputation, Parkview police precinct saw just three murders in the whole of last year…”

That covers the Jewish interest part of the story. Any users wanting to see it in the original form (supposing The Telegraph hasn’t picked it up and fixed their error) or read the complete story can simply click on the link above.

Thanks for that one, Jeremy.


  1. 4 david 08 Jan
    The only good thing about the incident is that he now does not have to be taken to trial at the taxpayer expense
  2. 3 nat cheiman 10 Jan
    surely an innocent mistake!!!!
  3. 2 Harry Friedland 14 Jan
    By marrying her, he gave himself a sentence for life. By shooting her (had he lived) he gave himself a life sentence - which in the good old RSA where murder is just a misdemeanor, would only have amounted to 20 years.

    What on earth was he thinking???
  4. 1 abu mamzer 01 Feb
    At least the blooper didn't read "genital"!


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