Israel offers consular services in Cape Town

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The Israeli embassy in Pretoria announced on Tuesday that they will be offering many of their consular services from Cape Town now as well as in future. People will be able to take in all their applications for passports, IDs, etc. which will be processed and sent back by mail, they said.
by ANT KATZ | Jan 21, 2015

“We will be able to identify citizens (for passports, ID documents, etc),” Aviad Hefetz, Consul at the embassy, told Jewish Report.

“Our motivation is to improve the services that we provide. If we can aid Israeli citizens and members of the Jewish community who would otherwise have to travel to Pretoria, then that is what we want to achieve.”

Israel Aliyah HOMEThe embassy says they are very excited to be offering these services in Cape Town. “We know that it will ease the lives of those who require our services and save them many thousands of rand as they won’t need to come to Pretoria in future,” said Hefetz.

Jewish Report understands that the services will initially be offered on a scheduled basis and not full-time.

Anyone who wants to set an appointment should send an e-mail to [email protected] and include their full name (and Israeli ID number if they are Israeli citizens or passport number if non-Israeli citizens).

In the e-mail they should explain what services they require. Unfortunately, telephone appointments will not be accepted.

Jewish Report will continue to give further details of these services as they are made available. The service is active already, though, so take up the offer and e-mail your requirements.


  1. 13 Denis Solomons 22 Jan
    I suppose that if you live in the Cape then Cape Town is more accessible than Pretoria !
  2. 12 anon 22 Jan
    What a profound statement from Dennis!!!!
  3. 11 nat cheiman 22 Jan
    Ant I have e mailed you. But to be 100% sure, pse give me yr email address.Nat
  4. 10 Julia 17 Apr
    The embassy says they are very excited to be offering these services in Cape Town.
  5. 9 Michael Rose 07 Jul
    Hi I'm an American student currently spending a summer at the University of Cape Town.  I've noticed a surprising enthusiasm here for the BDS campaign and find it very alarming.  Do you have any recommendations on countering this movement? Thanks, any suggestions would be helpful, I've found BDS to be highly aggressive and inflammatory in its slogans towards Israel.
  6. 8 jude 24 Dec
    hi. i am Jude from Congo Brazzaville i am staying in cape town.i am staying in cape town.i would like just to known where can apply for Israel tourist visa.i and my wife a south African  want to visit israel.South African passport does not need a vbisa to visit israel.
  7. 7 Jarred 30 Dec

    I am planning to visit Israel; however, I have a criminal record (was convicted 17 years ago for a minor offence).  Would it be a problem entering Israel with a criminal record?
  8. 6 Kevin 16 Jan
    Hi  how to apply for a visa if you are not a South African citizen.
  9. 5 Edward 21 Feb
    To G-D of Abraham Isaac and Jacob . i have been fighting for liberty equal right and dignity of my father . now i am tired its time you save me or you kill me your self
  10. 4 Yvonne Greeff 27 Feb
    I am planning a trip to Israel and would like some details.
  11. 3 ROGER HAYON 01 Nov
  12. 2 Ruth 12 Jan
    Do you know where the consulate is in Cape Town?  And perhaps a telephone number to arrange an appointment?
  13. 1 Anna Marais 24 Feb
    I have been trying for weeks to help a young Zambian student who is invited to Israel on a scholorship. He has sent all his paperwork to the Embassy in Pretoria, but with no feedback or acknowledgement of receiving his application. We are at the end of our tether and cannot understand the no response..
    Should I visit your office in Cape Town on his behalf?
    Kind regards
    Anna Marais


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