Waverley Shul still finalising departure of Rabbi Rose

  • Rose
Many congregants of Waverley Shul in Johannesburg, have still to come to terms with the resignation of Rabbi Aharon Rose in November last year
by OWN CORRESPONDENT | Jan 28, 2015

Numerous discussions have been held between the shul committee and the rabbi to finalise the details.

In a notification to the congregants, last week, the shul committee advised the congregants that  “the committee and Rabbi Rose are currently in discussions regarding the terms of his leaving, and we will keep the community advised of progress in this regard.

The committee will initiate a recruitment process to source a suitable replacement rabbi for the upstairs shul. We aim to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

It said Rabbi Rose would still be working with the committee and the community and continue carrying out his various functions until such time that matters had been finalised.

“We will, in due course, provide information regarding a farewell.”

Rabbi Rose, in a letter to the members of Waverley Shul, said: “I cherish the past 16 years that I have been at Waverley Shul. We have worked hard together, and deepened our understanding of Judaism and applying its values and goals in our lives.

“Each one of you is very special to me and I look forward to maintaining the bonds that we have developed during my time here, wherever I may be in the future.

“Mashi and I shall fondly remember all of the simchas we have celebrated together with you, as well as the closeness that we have established during the sad times. We feel privileged to have led this community for so long. I pray that Waverley Shul go from strength to strength in the coming years”



  1. 6 Jason 05 Mar
    They should get rid of the whole committee, before anything else. 
  2. 5 Doron 05 Mar
    Ya, the big shuls are dwindling because the 'old guard'  committees can't give up, and aren't changing with the times.
    The only big shul that is pro-active is Sydenham, because its got a young dynamic committee and Rabbi Goldman never stops trying new things. 
  3. 4 Aubrey Shlugman 09 Mar
  4. 3 Brian 09 Mar
    Why should the committee resign because the rabbi resigned?
  5. 2 Selwyn Lotzof 11 Mar
    I was Bar Mitzved at the Waverley Shul in 1964. Rabbi Newman was the Rabbi. I have fond memories of him and the Shul. What happened that everyone is upset at the board?
  6. 1 Ryan 23 May
    i remember Waverley Shul, they had the most amazing Cantor
    Shlomo Guber, what a tenor


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