Mikvah Maayan Ganim, launches teaching manual

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Two years ago Great Park Mikvah Maayan Ganim, built in memory of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, killed in Mumbai in a terrorist attack, opened its doors at the Great Park Synagogue in Johannesburg.
by OWN CORRESPONDENT | Feb 19, 2015

Voices of concern argued that a maximum of two to three women might use the mikvah and that the cost would not be justified.  At present over 100 women are, in fact, using the facility, Great Park said in a media release.

“Great Park Synagogue community has seen first-hand how the mitzvah of mikvah and family purity has been a catalyst for growth and spiritual development for many individuals and families.”

The shul says that after the initial opening of the mikvah, creative ways had to be found to continue to engage the community in learning about this mitzvah. A website - - was set up and a newsletter was launched to share inspirational thoughts.

“The annual women’s spa-day features prominent speakers, including women in the community who have recently embraced mikvah and many other mitzvoth.

“Many women who previously did not know about mikvah or did not know how it could become a part of their lives, appreciated a short session or two, outlining the basic process required to visit the mikvah. A short PowerPoint presentation was created for this purpose.”

Many women have asked to learn one-on-one. The visual presentation has been a useful tool guiding the discussion about mikvah.

“Thus was born “A Guide to Teaching Mikvah: a Visual Presentation & Teachers Manual” authored by Goldie Simpson and published by Mikvah Maayan Ganim, Great Park. The launch took place last Sunday at the International Conference of Women Leaders and Teachers at Lubavitch Headquarters in New York.

“This publication is endorsed by Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and rabbis and rebbetzens worldwide.”

* For more information, e-mail [email protected]


  1. 2 Denis Solomons 20 Feb
    I am sure that this mikvah will put the Great park Shul on the map .
    A mikvah is useful as a source of spiritual cleansing .
    Stringent conditions and specifications go into the making and manufacturing of a mikvah.
    Some people think that they can just convert their swimming pool into a mikvah but it is not that easy.
    The specifications for a mikvah are intricate and complex .
    But it is really necessary for cleansing of the soul .  
  2. 1 David 02 Apr
    just seen this comment from Dennis --
       "Necessary for cleansing of the soul"  differing opinions say that a Righteous person is not necessarily a religious person who follows the rituals of religion like "Mikva" and attending Shull services. 
      Your soul is pure via your actions and reactions. And who says there is a soul anyway ? Are,nt we all just 'beings' while our carbon outer remains on earth?


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