Hamas over-run with embarrassing questions

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Hamas’ attempt to woo Europeans and English-speakers using twitter backfired on them before they even had the chance to get it off the ground! What a great opportunity this presents for South African Jewry to tweet questions to #AskHamas and let them know what we in South Africa feel about terrorism towards Israel. Loud and proud! And let your fellow community-members know if and how they answer you. Read some of the shockers they have already had, thousands of them, before they even launched the service!
by ANT KATZ | Mar 16, 2015

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Hamas would be well-advised to ensure that they have more literate English-speakers answering the questions they have invited than the person who named their campaign “Truth from the mouth of the horse”! SEE ABOVE

#AskHamas became a laughing stock

A weird and wonderful blog by Adam Taylor was posted on the WASHINGTON POST WEBSITE on 12 March. The blog was titled: “Hamas’s #AskHamas Twitter campaign is being mocked and it hasn’t even started yet”!

askhamas4According to press reports, the media wing of Hamas, the Islamist militant group that controls the Gaza Strip announced a social media operation aimed at Europeans last Thursday - which was to have begun last Friday. 

One of the features: The group would set up an English-language Twitter account (@HamasInfoEn) and allow senior members of the group to take questions via the hashtag #AskHamas.

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, obviously. According to social media analytic company Topsy, there have already been over 3,000 tweets with the hashtag #AskHamas in the first three hours after it was launched last Thursday - and almost all appear to be negative.

Incredibly, the campaign wasn’t even due to begin until Friday.

Check out some of the tweets they have been getting.
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Right now, #AskHamas is going so terribly that one has to wonder whether someone is seeking to discredit the organisation.

askhamas1However, the campaign appeared to have been retweeted by
Hamas's Arabic language account and some high-profile members of Hamas, as well as featured in a number of Palestinian news outlets. There have been no denials issued from Hamas at the time of writing.

If real, the hashtag appeared to be aimed at changing the minds of the group's skeptics. "The campaign is aimed at rejecting the labeling of the Palestinian resistance as 'terrorists,'"

KW Wine sale 2 loresTaher al-Nounou, Hamas media coordinator, said Thursday, according to comments carried in the Turkish press. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel.

#AskHamas may face some difficulty, but it looks like Hamas is really taking some steps further into the social media battle against Israel, which already has a slick and well-publicized Facebook and Twitter strategy. And, given the first tweet on @HamasInfoEn, Hamas understands the risks.


Why not post the questions you would like to send to #AskHamas and we will tweet them all out for you.

Or, better still, tweet them directly and let us know what your question was, whether they answered and what the answer was. 




  1. 13 Lisa 16 Mar
    Did you mean to make Gaza the worlds largest military camp or did it just happen?
  2. 12 Shmuel 17 Mar
    Is Hamas's hierarchy still receiving EU monetary aid and why isn't it being used appropriately in Gaza ? 
  3. 11 Jonni 17 Mar
    do your leaders still live in luxury in The Emirates whilst your people are starving
  4. 10 Solomon 17 Mar
    When you run Beauty pageants do you call the winner " Miss BOMBSHELL "
  5. 9 Sean 17 Mar
    Do you account for your rockets ,rocket  launchers and people on The LIFO or FIFO system .
  6. 8 Peter 17 Mar
    Which ports will you use when you throw the Jews into the sea, Haifa or Ashkelon ??
  7. 7 Peter 18 Mar
    Are there enough Kosher chickens to feather your nests
  8. 6 Harvey 18 Mar
    Are fat suicide bombers accounted for on The Weighted Average Method of Accounting
  9. 5 Samson 18 Mar
    Do you store the the rockets and rocket launchers in Hospital Theatres,Hospital Wards or in the pants of surgeons
  10. 4 Lance 18 Mar
    do you love gays,cartoonists,atheists,agnostics and catholics as much as the Aid you steal from the UN
  11. 3 Susan 18 Mar
    Whilst burrowing underground do any of the children you exploit suffer from carpal tunnel ?
  12. 2 Errol 19 Mar
    Would you like to purchase Israeli designed breathing apparatus for your tunnels.
    We provide huge discounts and a one year holiday in a Russian Gulag

  13. 1 nat cheiman 19 Mar
    Did you got a licence you bunch of halfwits?
    And do you encourage interbreeding?


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