Latest returns give Likud decisive victory

  • Netanyahu wins election1
Official Israeli election returns showed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party heading toward a decisive victory over Zionist Union.
by ANT KATZ | Mar 18, 2015

Election returns that came in just before dawn showed Likud taking 29 seats over Zionist Union’s 24, according to Israeli reports.

Netanyahu wins electionThe results represented a dramatic improvement in Likud’s fortunes just hours after exit polling indicated the party was in a virtual dead heat with Zionist Union.

Exit polls released by three Israeli television channels just as the polls closed at 10:00 pm local time showed Likud and Zionist Union each taking about 27 seats. But as official returns trickled in through the night, Likud saw its position improve significantly.

According to the Jerusalem Post, with 95 percent of precincts reporting, the figures stood as follows:

  • Likud - 29 seats
  • Zionist Union 24 seats
  • Joint Arab List 14 seats
  • Yesh Atid 11 seats
  • Jewish Home 8 seats
  • Shas and United Torah Judaism 7 seats each
  • Yisrael Beiteinu 6 seats
  • Meretz 4 seats.


  1. 2 Paul Karpeta 19 Mar
    The Israeli people have spoken and in a democratic election unlike in those countries in the Middle East who have criticized their choice. BH 
  2. 1 David 24 Mar
    How does a party govern? ? 29 seats does not give a party the right to govern - 25% only limits them to a PM and a few ministers   
    Everything is a negotiation or a compromise, or both.
    That is the definition of 'real democracy' I suppose?
    We still ground our airline on Shabbos and thereby never give  improvement in productivity a chance.
     We still do not have a stand alone economy due to too many priorities that overlap each other, and tug from both sides.
    But as you say Paul , it is better than the alternative in the Middle East.  


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