Abbas refuses tax revenue Israel releases

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The PA refused to accept its frozen tax revenues released by Israel on Sunday because Israel r had deducted some of the money to cover the Palestinians’ debts for utilities and hospital bills, said President Mahmoud Abbas. Israel collects the PA’s taxes and then transfers them. However, Israel had withheld the collected tax revenues since January after Abbas formally applied to join the ICC and other international conventions after the UN Security Council decided to reject a Palestinian statehood proposal.
by ANT KATZ with HAARETZ, JTA | Apr 06, 2015

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas refused to accept its frozen tax revenues released by Israel. Abbas said on Sunday that he had refused to accept the funds because Israel had deducted some of the money to cover the Palestinians’ debts for utilities and hospital bills.

Israel collects taxes for the Palestinians and then transfers it to the Palestinian Authority.

Israel withheld the collected tax revenues beginning in January after Abbas signed requests in late December to join the International Criminal Court and other international conventions as a result of the failure of the United Nations Security Council to pass a Palestinian statehood proposal.

The Palestinians are believed to owe millions of dollars to Israel for utilities provided by Israel as well as for visits to Israeli hospitals, Reuters reported.

Abbas rejected the returned funds saying Israel had deducted one-third of the money owed to them.

We want all or nothing

“We are returning the money. Either they give it to us in full or we go to arbitration or to the (International Criminal) Court.  We will not accept anything else,” Abbas said on Sunday.

The Wafa Palestinian news and information agency reported last week that the PA had told public employees that they would receive only 60 per cent of their salaries for the month of March.


  1. 3 nat cheiman 07 Apr
    Mentality in the same vein as the EFF
  2. 2 David 08 Apr
    Typical reaction from a man whose only interest is anti Israel -- He obviously does not care about the Palestinian people , only the politics surrounding the issue
      He won't receive a part of his salary -- he will take it all - plus --
  3. 1 nat cheiman 08 Apr
    Abbas got his degree in MBA at the same institution as Pallo Jordan.

    These fellows are a dynamic duo (of idiots) 


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