• Ben Levitas

    Cape Fed condemns slaughter of Palestinians

    Apr 07, 2015 7 Comments
    “We are saddened to witness the brutal slaughter of over one thousand Palestinian residents of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp near Damascus, by an alliance of Islamic State and the Jihadist Al-Nusra Front,” writes Ben Levitas.
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    • Ant new colour - HOME

    Disgraceful, dastardly act of Jewish media lies

    Apr 07, 2015 5 Comments
    Accusing Jewish media of intentionally misrepresenting news to suit the politics of their audience, “it is time to call them out”, writes Jewish Report’s online editor, Ant Katz, in a new blog published today. This was “one of the most dastardly acts of media lying by omission that I have experienced in my 30-plus years as a wordsmith. Disgraceful!” Katz. first thought it had been an April Fool's prank: “As it turned out. It was an outright lie,” he says.
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    • Anonymous hackers

    Israeli websites attacked by 'Anonymous'

    Apr 07, 2015 1 Comment
    Israeli website operators & Jewish sites around the world, beware! Cyber hackers affiliated with the infamous cyber terrorist group "Anonymous”, attacked a number of Israeli websites early on Tuesday, with marginal success, according to the Jerusalem Post. The incident was not unexpected as the hackers had issued a warning video last month (SEE THE VIDEO IN MAIN STORY) & it was not the first time that they had "tested" Israel’s readiness to deflect cyber attacks.
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    • Noah Trevor HOME1

    Noah's 'playful' jokes don't offend us - Kluk

    Apr 07, 2015 2 Comments
    A global furore broke out last week over accusations that renowned comedian Trevor Noah (who takes over hosting top-US political satire show “The Daily Show” next month) was anti-Semitic. The Sunday Times interviewed SA Jewish Board of Deputies chair Mary Kluk to hear what SA Jewry felt about Trevor Noah's Jewish jokes and tweets, culminating in their article: “Trevor Noah's 'playful' jokes don't offend us - SA Jews.” Kluk said the body was delighted with Noah's appointment and that he is known for taking on just about everyone - whites, blacks, coloureds, Indians, women and fat people as well as various religious groups. This is a must-read story...
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