Apple buys Israeli tech co for $20m

  • HaZikaron15b
Expect to find yet more Israeli tech in your iPhones and iPads in future. Israeli tech firm LinX - known for developing high resolution miniature cameras - has been acquired by Apple. Most of the world’s tech giants, including Microsoft, Intel, Apple and many more do a lot of their product development in Israel, often in partnership with Israeli tech companies.
by ANT KATZ | Apr 22, 2015

The Israel-based camera technology company sold for a reported $20 million and could help Apple improve iPhone and iPad cameras. 

HaZikaron15 HOMELinX is known for building "miniature multi-aperture cameras designed for mobile devices," indicated the purchase is aimed at improving the iPhone cameras, the Business Insider speculated.

More Israeli tech in iPhone, iPad

The Israeli company also builds such cameras for tablets and ultra-books, so it is likely the technology will also be implanted in the iPad and Mac Books.

"LinX cameras are significantly smaller than any camera on the market today, leading the way to DSLR performance in slim handsets," the company said on its website in a reference to single lens reflex cameras.


Very accurate

"The LinX cameras not only capture 2D images but also acquire very accurate depth information of the complete scene."

Last year Apple bought Israel-based PrimeSense Ltd, a micro-chip developer.

PrimeSense's chips enable three-dimensional machine vision in a move that signalled gesture-controlled technologies in new devices from the maker of iPhones and iPads.

Thie PrimeSense purchase put Apple at the heart of rival Microsoft Corp's Xbox gaming systems.

Apple paid $350m PrimeSense

Israeli media reported at the time that Apple had paid about $350 million for PrimeSense, whose technology powers the gesture control in Microsoft Corp's Xbox Kinect gaming system.

An Apple spokesman confirmed the purchase of LinX but declined to say how much it spent or what the technology will be used for.


  1. 2 Denis Solomons 23 Apr
    Israeli technology is very good !
    The Weitzman institute as well as the Bar-Ilan university are noted places of learning .
    Prime sense and LinX are definitely worthy of acquiring.
    It is a definite coup for Apple !
  2. 1 Denis Solomons 24 Apr
    Israel is at the forefront of tecnology and probably leads the world in IT.
    It is a feather in its cap that Apple has taken such an interest in LinX and PrimeSense.
    iPhones and iPads are very much in demand and Israel has innovative technology ! 


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