NEPAL: 150 Israelis still unaccounted for

  • Nepal15 - tent FULL
Magen David Adom (MDA) was the first international aid agency to manage to get into Nepal with an advance party of 15. They have since sent a further 15. They managed to land at the earthquake devastated Kathmandu airport, says MDA-SA chairman, Mark Hyman, as they chartered a smaller plane which could land. While their field hospital is providing enormous assistance, the huge planes the IDF has sent, have to land in India and helicopter in. Many Israelis use Nepali surrogate mothers, such as the one pictured, delivered by an MDA staffer Sunday.
by ANT KATZ | Apr 27, 2015

The video above depicts the dramatic and terrifying moment when the avalanche hit Everest’s base camp. In all 18 climbers and Sherpas were reportedly killed at the base camp while hundreds of others are trapped higher up the mountain

Israel targets 26 Nepalese babies & their Israeli parents.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES reported today that the Nepal earthquake has stranded many Israeli surrogate new-born babies – a big "industry" between Israel and Nepal.

Nepal15 - 1st IDF plane

RIGHT: Israeli Defence Forces personnel are being flown to India and helicoptered into Nepal

“Israeli special forces evacuated several babies delivered by surrogate Nepalese mothers for Israeli parents – mostly gay couples – from Kathmandu following the deadly earthquake,” said the IBT.

Three new-born babies and eight adults who have sought help from Nepalese women under the surrogacy procedure have already landed in Israel as part of the first group of evacuees. They managed to get a ride home on the MDA planes which had delivered medical professionals to assist.

More babies and couples are set to land shortly as Israel is stepping up the emergency measures. About 25 babies were recently born to surrogate mothers – some of them to Indian women – in Nepal when the massive quake hit the capital on Saturday, April 25. Four of the babies were born prematurely.

One of the babies was said to be in a serious condition over a quake-related incident.

Nepal15 - First MDA plane out Wide

ABOVE: Smaller MDA-chartered planes were able to land at Kathmandu 

As the Kathmandu airport was shut down to anything but helicopters and small planes such as those chartered by MDA, IDF assistance and personnel are being airlifted to India and then flown to Nepal in helicopters. The same passage, only in reverse, is being used to get Israelis and the babies out of Nepal.

Following a request from the Israeli nationals, the justice ministry allowed four Nepalese surrogate mothers, who are currently carrying babies, to be evacuated from Nepal.

BELOW: An MDA field tent was operational on Sunday

Nepal15 - 1st IDF plane

150 Israelis still missing

Israel President Reuven Rivlin said: "Our hearts and thoughts are with the nation of Nepal who are dealing with a terrible disaster, and with our loved ones who are in danger and distress. Israel will extend its hand with a will to aid in search and rescue of the many injured."

150 Israelis were still unaccounted for this morning.

According to the Israeli foreign ministry, there were between 600 and 700 Israeli nationals in Nepal when the huge quake struck.

In recent years, Nepal has become one of the favourite destinations for couples who seek surrogate mothers, though critics have condemned the practice, saying it exploits the poor conditions of Nepalese and Indian women.

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